Importance of life skills

Importance of life skills

Santosh Gairola   By   santosh |  updated :   30 sept 2018
Time is the most valuable asset in the current era; No one has extra seconds for promoting any other without personal benefits.

That is how we humans have become; this is indeed unfortunate but the truth. In such scenarios, it is essential to acquire some life skill examples or at least understand the importance of life skills.

This post will help you to recognize the necessary Life skills. So Let's get started.

The significance of understanding the importance of life skills.

Did you ever feel that you are lagging behind in your life? Everyone has move; nothing is going well in your favor, and you are trying to skip your main task. If it sounds familiar, then don't worry we have a solution for you.

How to get better results in life?

Humans have tremendous capabilities to overcome any difficulty and thoughts are the key ingredients which can change your life, and I mean it.

Whatever, we listen and witnesses through our senses, take an imaginative design in our subconscious mind. Therefore, it is indeed essential to realize what we are submitting into our subconscious mind.

Always remember a negative mind cannot produce a positive result.

Change the way you look at things and situations of your life. Instead of taking the weekend off, work until you can take rest of your life off.

The biggest lie told to you is that you cannot do that. You can change or do anything with greatness lies within you ; but for that, you need to acquire few skills.

What are the essential life skills?

Well, it depends on what you want from life. Firstly plan your life by implementing some Goal setting ; then think how you want to perceive it through your life? Second thing analyze yourself in that context.

For most of the people achieving financial freedom is the ultimate goal whereas for some people achieving better health or building stronger relationship is the goal.

Think about it and decide for yourself. Now you know what you want to achieve in life?

The only reason why many people don't get successful in life because they think too much and never act on their dreams with honesty. Acquiring skills helps people to take actions efficiently.

Important Life Skill

Although different people require different life skills based on their requirements; a few of them are general to everyone.

  • Driving a vehicle.
  • Making Basic mathematical calculations
  • Knowing the art of Cooking
  • Having a clear idea of how the bank operates?
  • Understanding the basic operation of gadgets and the Internet.

These are the uppermost life skills which every human being must learn on this planet. Otherwise, it will be hard for people to cope with the modern lifestyle.

Life Changing skill

There is the various life-changing skill you have to choose any one of them and work on yourself. Individually, I believe the most compelling life-changing ability is to embrace the habit of book reading.

Yes, you heard it right; It is book reading. Everyone knows about the benefit of book reading, but nobody follows it.

That one skill changed my life now I try to finish one digital book every week.

So the question comes How can book reading change your current situation?

Not just reading any book will help you to improve your situation, book related to self-improvement, wisdom, ambition, and the goal orientated books will bring positive change in your life.

you can achieve anything through them, for example

  1. Financial success.
  2. Healthy lifestyle.
  3. Key of Happiness Happiness
  4. Stronger bonds and relationships
  5. The art of communication.
  6. Overcoming setbacks
  7. Leading from darkness to light.

Book teaches all these ideas; you have to choose what kind of skill you want to acquire.

You will learn substantial lessons or principles which has the expertise to take you to the heights. One of the most important things I learned in my life through the book reading is the meaning of financial freedom.

"The More you learn, the more you earn. - Warren Buffett"

Reading the Book summary of Rich dad poor dad changed the way I think and act. It made me realize that what is the mindset of a poor man, an average man, and a rich man.

Apart from that, I realize that the Pareto principle of 80 - 20 rule is positively correct in life.

It explains that whatever we do in our life to achieve the success; only 20% of our efforts are responsible for the victory.

It doesn't mean that someone should not put efforts in the remaining 80%. The rule describes that one should put extra focus at certain points.

Personal experiences are the best teachers in the life. It was 13 of sept 2018 when our web server was affected by the Ransome virus. That time we realize the significance of multiple streams.

Reading a book in that time made me realize that one should not put all his eggs into one basket.

Therefore book reading is the life-improving skill. The qualities of the rich & successful people are that they keep reading books.

The problem is that we spend very less time in self-improvement and waste tremendous time watching Netflix and internet useless videos.

Please don't misunderstand I didn't mean that you should stop using Netflix etc. I suggest that fuel your mind with healthy signs.

Decide for yourself when was the last time you read a book about acquiring a new skill or any self-improvement book. The answer may be No.

If the answer is no; then it is the reason for your current situation. One thing I would like to clarify that by using the term book; I refer to your reading habit, not the physical book. It could be the habit of reading amazing articles on various blogs or even downloading ebooks from Kindle publishing Online store.


In this post, we have shared the importance of life skills. How acquiring the self-improvement habit can change your life positively.

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Last but not the least, please keep smiling and live a happy life. For more such articles you can subscribe to this blog through your email.

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