How to remove fear from mind and heart?

How to remove fear from mind and heart?
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Santosh Gairola   By   santosh |  updated :   25 sept 2018
Fear can exist for a moment, or for a lifetime. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the root of fear and then destroy the concerning reason.

Fear holds your wheel of improvement and creates resistance in your life. This post will help you to understand How to remove fear from the mind and heart?

Fear Nothing, my friend

I know winning your fear is not a quick process, It can take months or even years some time. But by applying the right strategies; you can reduce your hustle time.

Look forward to someone who is your inspiration, I know you can overcome your fear depending on your abilities. People will try to crush you or sabotage you.

Fear nothing, my friend and keep improving on your daily basis; this world would be on your feet once you overcome your fear.

In this context, I would like to share that Sometimes winning or losing doesn't matter, doing what invokes you, matter in life.

My biggest fear was to stepping into entrepreneurship and leaving behind the conventional job of software engineering.

Without any understanding, I stepped into it; now I'm growing on the daily basis. If I can do it, then you can too overcome your fear.

Stand for what you are up to; Glory is forever pain is temporary.

Here is my secret formula for winning fear.

Knowledge + Acquiring skill + Faith + Risk-taking + Time= Conqueror Fear

Understanding yourself will help you to analyze yourself psychologically?

Before learning the methodologies of eliminating the fear from the life, let's know how fear impacts you, physiologically and psychologically.

How fear influence your mindset and body?

  1. Fear makes you mentally weaker and takes away your logistic and rational approach toward solving the current issue.
  2. It takes away your joy of happiness and gives dullness to your face and life which makes you look older than your real age or tensed.
  3. Fear increases uncertainty and anxiety into various aspects of your life which can give you serious health problem related to depression, migraine, blood pressure, heart diseases or panic attack.

Don't limit yourself due to fear.

Every moment of Life is a celebration and making life pleasant is the goal of every human being living on this planet.

It is necessary to understand that fear keeps you away from the joy of happiness. It can cause various issues in your life and limit you to live an average life. It can even make the law of attraction work against you.

Most of the people get frightened of their fears and never try to face them. That is the most self-destructive act that you can do to yourself. It keeps you away from success or a blissful life.

Nothing is permanent in this world, neither your life is unchanging nor your fear. Therefore facing your fear and coming out from them is a mark of a champion. Your courage will help you to realize that there is hidden greatness within you.

How to remove fear from the mind and heart?

As mentioned above, Always keep one thing in your mind that you have the abilities to face your fear and conquer them.

In reality, nothing is stronger than your mind. You only need to take control of your subconscious mind. Winning your subconscious mind helps you to control your fear and anxieties.

There are a few strategies to remove the fear from the mind and heart.

1- First step is to accept the fear

Fear is a mental barrier which triggers your mind that particular situation is out of your control. Hence you start losing confidence. The first condition to conquer fear is to accept the kind of fear.

Fear is of two types; it could happen due to external reason or may be due to internal philosophy.

A person who is afraid of what others will do or think about them is known as external fear. It is a kind of phobia which doesn't allow people to act freely.

Take out this kind of shit from your mind and be fearless. There is nothing wrong with becoming bold by your actions.

On the other hand, the second type of fear is psychological by nature like what will happen if I do that.

Don't overthink anything; if you want to propose someone then do that. What are you waiting for Diwali night?

Anything you ever wanted is on the other side of your fear. Understand one thing fear is something which doesn't have a physical existence.

Therefore suffering from something which doesn't exist in this world is useless, It only exists in your mind.

Real obstacles can be defeated; It is the imaginary ones that are unconquerable.

2 - Acquire more Knowledge

When people know about your fear, they can misuse it against you.

Keep your next move and fear mystery. It is the secret of winning the struggle.

Collecting more Information regarding your fear will help you to win the lack of confidence. Acquiring skill or knowledge is helpful when you are thinking of how to eject fear from the mind and heart?

3- Invest in yourself

Don't surround yourself with toxic people. Keep your thought process clean and learn some fundamental leadership skills to manage people.

Keep exploring your abilities day after day. Try some morning rituals which will help you to defeat your fear and make you feel confident and happy.

  • Waking early in the morning and try some affirmations.
  • You can exercise to activate your sleeping neurons.
  • Meditation is the great way to control your thoughts.
  • Don't over think anything
  • Don't be afraid of anything and Start small anything new.
  • Reading books

4 - Face your fear like a Spartan warrior

Now after having faith in yourself, now you are ready to face your biggest fear. Face them with confidence whether it is anything which seems out of your control right now.

Dress well and present yourself with grace like a true gentleman. Face your demons and defeat them, make them feel that you are stronger than your fear.

  1. Talk with the company boss for the Salary appraisal.
  2. Crack a job interview.
  3. Plan for a startup.
  4. Go for the first date.
  5. Improving relationship or health.
  6. Stand for your life and values.

5 - Failure is the part of the process

There will time come when you may get fail in winning your fear in the initial attempts.

Don't worry about failing; it is part of the success.

There is always a next time, nobody ever succeeded in their first attempt except ISRO (Indian space research organization) for sending Mangalyan in their first attempt in the lowest budget, Just kidding but ISRO is outstanding.

There is no shame in failing. Failure always teaches precious life lessons. Be a leader of your actions and learn to take the risk in your life.

If you get fail in something; You can try again until you win your fear.


In this post, we have shared how can you defeat your fear from mind and heart.

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Sharing is Caring.

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