10 techniques how to manage stress that actually works

10 techniques how to manage stress that actually works

Santosh Gairola   By   santosh |  updated :   21 March 2018

How to manage stress

This post is based on stress management or somebody interested to find out how to manage stress and pressure in such a hectic fast life.

We must learn how to manage stress?

If you are stressed in your life it specifies that your life, thoughts, emotions are not in your control.

They depend on outer circumstance about which you can't do anything.

It is crucial to stay calm under pressure, combating fatigue. No matter whatever you do in a whole day but in the night before going to bed you must be relaxed and happy.

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In such situation, we must learn how to manage stress?

How stress harms you?

Every day we hurry to fulfill various family and social obligations and to participate in numerous other activities with seemingly unrealistic time constraints.

Stress is catastrophic in nature which kills your happiness, your emotions, your joy, and spirituality.

The first thing it does is that it takes away your thinking abilities and makes you impatient.

Such conditions may give rise to serious health issues like high blood pressure, anxiety, and even depression.

Apply effective stress management

So many people in this era are suffering from these disorders mentioned above.

They are looking for a simple but effective answer to finding how to deal with stress and depression?

The most important thing people need to understand is that every lock comes with a key.

No matter how worse may current situation might get seem but with the positive attitude, one can counter all the odds.

Here are top 10 techniques How to manage stress that actually works?

10 techniques how to manage stress that actually works

1 - Identify the real reason behind your stress.

Stress is of many types, It depends on the person mentation values. It could be emotional, economic, or it could be even physiological sometimes.

Try to identify which type of stress is bothering you. If it is emotional and attached to your deepest sentiments.

Then, you will definitely take some time to overcome it, for example overcoming the breakup is hard as well as time-consuming.

If your stress main reason is financial then stop procrastination things and try to interact with the person behind your stress.

Discuss the main issue behind his/her noncooperation and try to fix it. So that he/she could understand your feelings and stress you are going through by their actions.

Sort out these issues with him/her. It may seem difficult but you must do it. Sometimes our fear is bigger than the actual problems.

Mostly importantly next time be careful before taking any such financial risk.

2 Stop comparing your happiness with others

We are living in a world where we are comparing the standard of living as a parameter of happiness.

What is more programmatic in our civilized society is that people have started giving more importance to materialistic stuff.

In reality, nothing is permanent, not even you.

Your pains, happiness, sorrows are all temporary so why to indulge in this rat Race, if everything has to go in vain one day.

You were sent into this world to Perform your Karma selflessly. The reality is Success or happiness follows your karma.

Don't expect anything in return from anyone or Don't compare your happiness with others in any sense. Just live your life and try to make as many good Karma as possible.

3 Learn to Say No to the things and people

Yes, Learn to say No. It may sound little a bit mean but it is also a lifesaver.

Say No to Negatives of social media , say no to the destructive mindset.

Saying No or not taking unnecessary responsibilities is helpful. It can protect you from extra stress.

4 Eat Healthy Organic Food

Being an entrepreneur or a working-class employee, we all deal with our own kind of stress.

Some of working class people are stressed about How to sell a product or some of the small business owners are stressed about How to prevent a small business failure.

In such cases, Food habits is an important factor which plays a major role in managing the stress level.

Like healthy nutrient rich diet will help you to think positively and analyze your progress or state.

Most of us are not aware of benefits of taking organic Food. By saying the organic food here I mean to say fresh Vegan.

A vegan diet is enough to fulfill all body nutrients including protein. Fruit like Papaya can be really helpful.

Going vegan may help you to increase your digestion abilities. It will also help you to grow the feelings of compassion in your heart.

These feelings will definitely give you peace of mind and positive vibes.

5 Sharing your Feelings with love ones counter Stress.

Sharing your stress with loved ones gives healing to your emotional suffering.

Especially when you see no way to come out from your stress. It gives you a sense of emotional support. In such cases, a simple hug can give you so much relaxation.

If you are an alone walker then my friend you must meet someone who could make you special person in their life.

I believe that some sort of magic will happen and The law of attraction will work in your favor.

My best wishes to you go and ask Some good questions to a person sitting next to you in a Coffee Shop.

6 Yoga is amazing when it comes to stress management

Yoga is a Sanskrit word, it means union to the inner consciousness.

Hence Yoga is a simple but effective stress management techniques.

It includes body stretching, body bending, and simple breathing exercise.

The benefit of Yoga doesn't stop here, you can read the simple and effective guide to the introduction of Yoga .

Yoga is an approach to health that promotes a beautiful collaboration between mind, body, and spirit which no other exercise could provide at once.

7 Time Management can help you to come out of stress

Doing things in time can help you to live a stress-free life

Everybody complains about the shortage of time but I personally believe that it is all about priorities.

By applying some sort of time management skills one can save lots of time.

and live a stress-free life.

8 Eliminate unnecessary toxic people from your life

Always try to make the distance from toxic people . They are the agents of negatives.

Eliminate such people they will discourage you, humiliate you. Actually, they are the extra useless burden to your lives.

Instead of giving your valuable to such toxic people, try to give more loving time to your family and people who really care about you.

9 Listen to the melodious music

Listen to the melodious music In the morning or before going to bed. It will make your nerves relax and set a happy mode for u.

You can put on your earphones while talking a walk or while indulging in any physical activity.

We all know the benefit of meditation like it increases the concentration and creativity.

It is always a good idea to listen some soulful instrumental music beat while doing meditation.

You can also give neck and shoulder massage to yourself while listening to your favorite song.

10 Taking proper sleep

By taking 7 to 8 Hour sleep is important to live a healthy life. Without taking a proper sleep you cannot wake up actively.

Our mind can be compared to a computer if it will not get appropriate rest then it will perform like a hung computer.

So taking proper sleep will make your brain work properly and you will be able to give your best. Hence always try to take proper sleep.

It will surely help to minimize your stress.


This post is based on personal experience about 10 techniques how to manage stress that actually works?

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Thanks for giving your valuable time to read the post.

Lastly, keep smiling and stay blessed

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