How to overcome breakup

How to overcome breakup

Santosh Gairola By   santosh |     Last updated :   11 Oct 2017

Getting over a breakup

Hey, Pal Today we will explore how to get over a break up. A love which depends on outer circumstances of the economic dynamics can break anytime.

Friend stop being sad, there is no need to think about a person who broke up with you. Sometimes hottest love has the coldest ending.

Fairy love-story tale is rare to find these days. People are getting smarter day by day but it doesn't mean that you should stop believing in love. Love is the wonderful feeling when it is unconditional.

Human has a tendency to get attracted by beauty and outer appearance but what matters the most is inner beauty. A person with a gray heart cannot give you pure love which is unconditional.

Break up advice

Royal Red is the color of true love which is beyond the time limitation.

True love knows no barrier, it is the sweet feeling in which lovers are ready to give up every thing for each other.

A love which depends on outer circumstances of the economic dynamics can break anytime. If economic dynamics matter with your love story, then my friend you are on a wrong track.

The reason is simple when money comes in between something; It becomes a business.

Whatever it may be between you guys is not love; It may be infatuation.

Over come your breakup depression

Letting things go is never easy especially when you have a mountain of memories. You need to accept it, a breakup doesn't mean that you are a failure in love.


You are strong enough to handle yourself.

Life is beautiful and you should enjoy every phase of it. You can either make your break up as your weak ness or you can make your breakup as your strength. It's your choice totally; so choose wisely.

Top 5 tips - How to overcome breakup?

1 - Stop thinking about your ex.

Free yourself from your ex-partner thoughts. You need some fresh air; so let it come. Plan out some outing program with your bros or friends.

2 - Stop listening sad or emotional music which brings the tear in your eyes.

Batman Joker was right

"Smile, because it confuses people. Because it easier than explaining what is killing you Inside".

There is no reason that you should punish yourself, It quite possible that you may feel that music is the medicine of breaking heart .

Yes, It is but you need to try out some of the fresh beats which make you realize your strength, not weakness.

3 - Stop visiting their social media profiles like Google+, Instagram, Snapchat, facebook, and twitter.

Reading their profiles means you still have some emotions for them. Buddy, you can't go with dual emotions.

Please stop reading their what's app text messages and visiting their fb, twitter profile.

4 - Focus on what you Love.

Sometimes it is good to talk with someone who understands you better.

See their eyes; do something to make them proud of you.

Engage yourself in the activity which can lead you to the positive direction in your life.

For example,

  1. if you are an athlete focus on your sports.
  2. If you are a coder, take your coding skills to next level become a tech god.

Love what you enjoy the most.

Focus on only one thing at that time and keep moving forward on that direct.

5 - Stay more humble and kind towards everyone.

Don't let breakup to change your positive attitude or spirituality in you towards any gender or community.

A bad attitude is the most disastrous thing, that you can happen to you. Stay cool and calm, your calmness and humbleness are important for the healthy mindset.

Don't let anyone change you as a person. Even if you meet with your ex-next time give proper respect to your ex-partner. Stay fit emotionally as well as physically.


Here i would like to conclude How to overcome breakup

You just need a change mate, smile more, eat something healthy and fresh. Fruit is always a better option.

Ok let me tell you one of my secrets whenever I get angry or upset at something; I eat fruits.

Pal, I am a huge fan of Joker philosophy. He portraited the gray feeling so beautiful. I love the way when he said Why so serious?

Life is good my friend, and you are the fire cracker don't stop adding spice in your life. Keep that glow on your face, breakup means a new beginning is waiting for you. Discover something beautiful which already exist.

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