How to control the thoughts?

how to control the thoughts.
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Once you learn how to control the thoughts; you can control your mind processing. If you can control your mind; you can focus it in a particular direction.

A focused mind is essential and critical success factors for achieving something good in life.

We are living in a world which is full of opportunities and possibilities.

By taking the appropriate decision, you can shape your future in less time and enjoy the blissful life.

A focus and creative mind help people to lead their life from darkness to the light.

Therefore, in this post, we have defined the simple methodologies to describe how to control thoughts and feelings.

Understand your mind to control it

Just by controlling your mind you can save your lots of energies and focus on creative things which can result in a positive outcome.

Hence, you necessity discover how to control the mind from negative thoughts?

Putting energies on the right things will further preserve your crucial time.

How to control the thoughts

Being a social animal, you are too concern about money and do not bother about your mindset and thoughts.

That is the biggest mistake anyone can commit. That habit makes you slave of money. Remember brilliant minds never work for money. Money is the by-product of their energies which they have used intelligently.

The people who know how to control thoughts they can attract success and get freedom from all sort of fear and anxieties. It is the only reason you will find every wealthy entrepreneur calm and focused.

It is their calm and focused mindset which gives them inner strength and consciousness which makes them different from others.

Spirituality plays a crucial role to achieve that focused state of mind where you can control your thoughts.

Spirituality gives you the shield which guards your mind by getting feed by useless stuff.

You start understanding what is healthy and what is not for your mental health. Apart from that, Spirituality puts you on the path of righteousness.

Being grateful is essential to progress - Lord Shiva.

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There are a few factors which are useful to control the thoughts.

  • Accept your past and don't ruin your future
  • Give importance to Vairagya (dispassion) over consumption.
  • Make your every morning miracle morning.
  • Think before act
  • Put yourself in the act of righteousness.
  • Keep your faith in the Lord.
  • Absorb only good ideas otherwise your mind will gain negative thoughts.
  • Meditation
  • Smile more and Exercise

By collectively using the tips defined below anybody can control his or her thoughts.

1 Accept your past and don't ruin your future

If you want to get a healthy mindset, stop living in the past.

The problem with most of the people is that they live in the present but keep talking about their past. Past is gone concentrate what is in your hands.

Free yourself from your past mistakes and look for the opportunities in front of you, grab them and lead your life towards happiness.

2 - Give importance to Vairagya (dispassion) over consumption.

Vairagya is an ancient term related to the oldest civilization known as Sanatan Dharma.

Implementing the concept of Vairagya can be a remarkable help to control your thoughts and winning the world.

It is a perfectly rational approach which defines that don't go for the materialistic desires practice inner consciousness. Everything which you want is already within you.

You honestly need to enlighten yourself with right knowledge and mantra.

Therefore Vairagya helps in building concentration, and the law to attraction starts working on your favor.

3 - Make your every morning miracle morning.

If you are a seeker, entrepreneur, and practitioner.

Then, following a morning ritual is a tool for you which can help you a lot to become more productive. Most importantly it will help you to build self-esteem and confidence.

It is the best act of affirmation which can bring significant results in life. Nobody can tell you, what kind of morning routine you have to follow.

It is up to you How you want to make you every morning miracle morning.

4 - Think before act

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You have been told actions speak louder than words, but no one ever addressed that think before unfolding any activities.

Your actions are the powerful signals which you send to the cosmos.

The kind of signals which you send to nature attracts the exact matching result.

Positive kind signals will bring the fortune, but wicked thing will bring unfavorable results.

It is called the Law of karma. It has no menu; you get served for what you deserve.

Keep all these points in the mind, and all these points will help you in controlling your thoughts.

5 - Put yourself in the act of righteousness.

By following the path of righteousness, you keep yourself away with toxic people.

When your company is of positive mindset people, It will help you to think positively in the right direction.

6 - Keep your faith in the Lord.

It doesn't matter whom you worship or which belief system you follow.

Keeping faith in something push you towards a particular path. It gives you experience where you can explore your greatness within you.

When you have faith stored within your mind and heart, it unquestionably helps in controlling the mind thoughts.

7 - Absorb only good ideas otherwise your mind will gain negative thoughts.

This point explains that never keep toxicity in your mind for someone or something.

Drop the idea of taking revenge from someone and forgive them, by doing that you will help yourself.

The human mind works mysteriously; no one knows how it works completely.

Your mind primary task is working for your survival mode. Hence, it operates continuously and acts on the stuff which you sense around.

Therefore, never put pessimistic thoughts into it and absorb good ideas which are helpful for you to win in life.

8 - Meditation

Dear friend, Meditation is the amazing ancient art connected to Yoga also known as Dhyana.

It has the abilities to invoke inactive energy channels within your body.

Therefore it is scientifically proved that meditation is beneficial for your mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Practicing meditation gives you the spiritual button on your mind through which you can control your thought process.

It is advisable to chant the specific Vedic mantra during meditation. Om Namah Shivaya is one such mantra connected to Shiva .

9 - Exercise

Routine exercise helps your body to release essential hormones which give charged to your brain neurons. These newly active neurons help to think freshly.

When you get ornamented with creative thinking abilities; you can control yourself and your thoughts in a healthier way.


On this post, we have shared ideas on how to control the thoughts.

If you liked the post and found helpful; please feel free to share it on the internet.

We will be thankful for your kindness.

Keep smiling and stay blessed.

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