Happy Holi

Happy holi

 By   santosh |     Last updated :   12 aug 2017

About festival of colors - Holi

Holi is one of the coolest festivals of India. It is played by almost every Indian in the country. It is the festival of color, sweets, music, and dance. People from around the globe get attracted by this festival.

They visit India to just join the phenomenal celebration of Holi. This festival now became world's one of the most loved festival. This festival brings various colors in human lives like the colour of love, the color of trust and color of true friendship.

People greet each other visit their family and friends. This is the best time to get crazy and feel humanitarian bonds in the country people colors to each other. Who can forget the taste of Bhaang, a desi Indian coolant but it involves Intoxication in it.

But seriously it is a time when people keep their differences apart and connects with an open heart. It is the beauty of this festival which has the ability to turn a foe into a friend. This festival is all about playing with various colors which fill people with extreme joy and ecstasy.

Indian side of festival | Holi hai

I still remember my school days when I was a ninth grader. It was always two days before the actual Holi when we use to play Holi after school off.

Playing Holi with school friends was one of the best memories I have left in my mind. On 10 March 2017 while driving my car; I saw some school kids playing Holi on streets of my city. They were putting colors on each other by seeing them the whole scene it reminded me my school days.

Indians really believe in simplistic life style. Yet they are also known for the ultra modern life style of modern cities like Mumbai and Delhi. No matter wherever you live; you will always remain Indian with moral values.

If anyone wants to see the real site of India, I would like to suggest them to visit my beautiful nation in the month of March beginning. It is the time when spring season starts and new leaves evolve on the trees and plant. There is certain kind of freshness in the air during the month of March. You will get mesmerized by seeing bees roaming on flowers. It is the time when families come together to celebrate Holi with true Indian spirit.

The best thing about Holi is that you can see and feel the amazing vibrant energy in people when they greet with their family and friends. After all, it is not just about the festival of color; it is all about coming together as a community and celebrating the life.

Holi is also the time when mom’s in every home cook’s delicious Gujiya with other sweets. Trust me it is a delicious dish which almost every family offers to guests during Holi. We even distribute Gujiya to neighbors which define the prosperity and stronger healthy bonds among families in the neighbourhood. It is the base of our Indian society. One night before Holi we gather as a community for Holika Dahan.

Holi hai Courtesy: i.ndtvimg.com

Almost every Indian festival is associated with certain kind of moral values Holika Dahan is also one of them which is an integral part of Holi. People come together in the evening for flaming wooden blocks on fire which signifies the victory of goodness over evil.

Small story

Here is a small story associated with this ritual of Holika Dahan which is still enlightening generations. Once upon a time, a demon king Hiranakasyap booned by Brahma (the creator of the universe) that he cannot be killed by any animal or human moreover that he cannot be killed on day and night or he cannot be killed inside and outside of his room. This boon made him more arrogant and devil. But with the grace of God, he got divine son named Prahlad.

His son Prahlad was one of the biggest devotees of the Lord Vishnu. Hiranakasyap asked him to worship him as supreme consciousness but his son refused to worship him as God. Hiranakasyap went against his own son by punishing him like a prisoner. He treated him with all the cruelty. He became a heartless father and crossed the limit of inhumanity. But his son Prahlad didn’t accept his father as God. This filled Hiranakasyap with more hate against his own son and he tried to kill his own son. Hiranakasyap summoned his sister Holika who has a boon that she could not get burn on the fire. As the aunt of Prahlad, she sat on burning fire holding Prahlad in her lap.

She was sure that fire will not be able to burn her due to her boon. But after some time Holika burned on fire and Prahlad came out of the fire safely. This proves that if God’s boon is used for evil purposes like hurting innocent, it never helps and boon powers get vanish.

Hiranakasyap was shocked to see that he blamed his son for the death of his sister Holika. He asked Prahlad that

“Have you ever seen your God where he lives call him; if you have ever seen him?”

Prahlad said, “ king Hiranakashyap I see him everywhere I see him in trees animals and pillars of your palace.”

Hirankashyap angrily shouted on him

Hirankashyap: “You have you see your god in this pillar, then let me destroy this pillar for you so that I could kill your God.”

He strikes on the pillar with his Gada & destroys the pillar and a man appears from the pillar with lion head named Lord NarSingha avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Hirankashyap asked Prahlad Hirankashyap: “is this is your God an Animal? if yes then I will kill him in front of you?”

A devastating fight starts between Lord NarSingha and Hirankashyap. Lord NarSingha takes Hirankashyap near the door of the room and tells him

Lord NarSingha: “See Hirankashyap I am following the rules of boon; you are getting killed neither inside of your room neither outside of your room. I am sitting at doorsteps, See the time it is evening neither day nor night. I am neither human nor animal.”

Lord Narsingha kills Hirankashyap but his anger gets uncontrollable at last goddess Laxmi spouse of Lord Vishnu appears and ask Prahlad to calm down Lord Narsingha. Prahlad bows down to Lord NarSingha and by seeing innocent Prahlad, NarSingha calms down and lifts Prahlad and loves him and appears as Lord Vishnu.

This short story defines us that how important is that to be a being good. This is the reason why people come together for Holika Dahan and celebrate next day Holi. Who can forget Vrindavan Holi? It is a life time experience which cannot be defined in the words it will surely unlock your spiritual connection to the divine entity. Holi of Vrindavan is the best way to involve in social engineering. Before finishing this post, I would like to wish you all happy Holi.

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