10 Good questions to ask a girl

10 Good questions to ask a girl Courtesy - Pixabay

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10 Good questions to ask a girl

Girls are full of mysteries, So we have framed 10 Good questions to ask a girl which can help you to know her better. These questions will help out the guys to know her better.

Almost every girl knows that beauty is not about having a pretty face, It is all about having a pretty mind a pretty heart and a pretty soul.

Right Combination of all these stuff makes a girl beautiful. Every boy knows how hard it is for them to know a girl they like, It takes lots of time and efforts to know her.

Guys, you need to understand that Girls are usually soft from the heart; They become even sweeter when they fall in love with someone.

You can easily feel that love in their eyes. It is up to you how you win her heart. Every girl has some dreams about her guy you just need to get fit in that dream.

She will hardly express her feelings to you but trust me it is all in her mind. If you get fit on that perspective, she will definitely admire you.

So the question comes to every boy mind how to get fit on that perspective of the girl whom they love so much.

The boy who has the fundamental leadership qualities can easily know how to achieve that.

A boy who has the good leadership skills can rightly apply some of the serious persuasive techniques to know her better. The art of persuasion gives the ability to handle the situation and turn it to their favors.

Most of the Girls like those kinds of boys who are good at what they are doing in their lives. Typically the boy's who get mastery in their field of work.

Best questions to ask a girl Courtesy - Pixabay

There is no rocket science to understand in it that if you are good at something your virtues spread automatically. When your virtues reach to that girl through word of mouth trust me it is the best way to get noticed in her eyes.

If you are really serious about her, you must try to increase your connection with her. But don't get too eager it can also harm your image & don't forget to respect some law of ignorance and silence. It will help you to take the friendship to next level.

If you get easily available to someone then they will hardly value your precious time. Try to make them understood your value too. It is the strong foundation of mutual trust and values.

So think positively everything will be fine in the end.

IF you are an simple guys who believe in living corner of the table. Then in that case here is the 10 good question to ask a girl.

Don't just ask these 10 questions with her. Try to make conversation little bit attractive and make the law of attraction work in your favor.

Here are the 10 good questions to ask a girl

  1. If you wanted to build a second home anywhere in the world. Where would be you building it and why?

    This question will help you to understand her desires and her state of mind whether she wants a change in her life or she is happy with the moment right now.

  2. What is the craziest thing she had done in her past?

    Here is the second question which can help you to know her better. This question will tell you does she like being bold and swaggy? Or she is adventurous and sporty in life.

    After asking such a question be ready to get any unexpected reply from her side.

    She could tell you anything like how she stole her Dad's Car and drive it without letting her father know about it.

    Such question will help you to find out similarities between you two.

  3. Would She like to spend the quality time in a noisy place like musical clubs or she likes to spend it on the beach where no one else could disturb her.

    This question will define the meaning of happiness from her perspective, Whether she wanted to live in a crowded place or in the woods.

  4. Ask about her basic habits which don't have to do anything with her professional life.

    Like if she is an Expert online Entrepreneur, Author, Coach, Consultant Like Meghan Monaghan, CEO of Smart Bird Social Then never ask about how she uses social media like facebook, twitter for her marketing campaign.

    You can ask simple questions like how often she likes to go shopping and what colors she likes the most.

  5. Ask her if she gets 10 million what will she do with this much of money?

    Will she buy expensive cars, gadgets, or jewelry or she will help the helpless people.

    There are also some chances that she might like to invest a big part of the money in stocks and bonds. Even she could think to tell about her saving plans.

    This questions will define what is the meaning of financial freedom for her.

    Check out the post which helped me to understand the meaning of financial Freedom.

    Go find out yourself. This question will also elaborate the importance of money in her life.

  6. If you could have one superpower what it would be? and why you choose only this superpower?

    This question will define her desires and wishes like flying in the sky or shooting fire from eyes. it will also help you to explore here devil as well as angel site.

  7. What is your super secret you want to share with me?

    This is really an important question to ask because it will show her trust in you. When a girl finds someone to whom she can trust; It means she believes in you.

    It is the first positive sign with you because it takes several years to build a trust and minutes to destroy it. Moreover that such questions also help the boy to understand the past of the girl.

    One thing you need to keep in your mind if she doesn't get agree to share some of her secrets with you; it means she has partial trust in you and there is still something which she needs to know better about you.

  8. If it is your last day how will you spend it?

    Well, this questions will define her expectation from life and how she views the life. This question is also somewhere connected to spirituality and peacefulness of life.

    In short, this question can give you the summary of her ideology and her expectations from lives what matter her the most.

  9. Ask about her fitness routine

    Does she likes Gyming or Running? Is she an early waker or Night warrior? Ask about her food habit is she Vegan and what's her thought about Meditation and Yoga.

    This question will define how much health conscious she is. This question which seems to be simple from this point but trust me health awareness play a major role in life.

  10. Ask her who inspires her? Does she have any ambition in life?

    This question will tell you how determined and focused she is in her life.

Talk to her personally

Always try to fill joy, positivity, and smile to her face selflessly without any personal desires.

When you will start doing that you will automatically get fit in that perspective which we have defined above.

Everybody loves a fun loving happy person who is kind hearted and speaks softly. Guys having such persona can easily win any heart and it is also the art of winning people heart.

well, These are the 10 Good questions to ask a girl which will help you to understand her better. We recommend to you not just ask these Good questions to ask a girl over text.

Talk to her personally - It will strength your bond of affection with her..

questions to ask a girl Courtesy - Pixabay

Try to make conversation little interesting by giving light moments in your interaction.


It is always good to have a list of the really good questions when you are thinking to get connected with someone whom you admire and like so much.

On this post, we have framed the 10 Good questions to ask a girl which are common to everyone but you can twist and turn the questions according to your need.

Really nice questions to ask a girl

It is always good to have something creative ideas when it comes to getting connected with special one. It defines your serious interest in them.

Lastly, I would like to thank you for reading the post hope you liked it. If you felt like the post is helpful and worth sharing please do that after all sharing is caring.

If we missed anything please feel free to let us know for that purpose you can use the comment section or get connected to our contact us page.

Enjoy and Stay blessed.

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