Generation gap articles [How to reduce Generation gap? ]

Generation gap articles [How to reduce Generation gap? ]
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This Generation gap articles will describe the various aspect of the generation gap and ways to reduce the problem of the generation gap.

What is the generation gap?

The difference between the way of thinking and operating in particular situations by the people of different age group is known as the generation gap.

Generation gap could be good or bad depending on the circumstances and consequences of the action taken. Therefore, there is so much contradiction in it; and it has become one of the major issues of most of the families.

Due to mismatch of the thinking, an elder brother has problems with the younger brother, or an elder sister has the issues with the younger sister or maybe vice versa.

In most of the critical cases, father and son have an enormous gap of thinking which lead to the issue of the generation gap.

Introduction Generation gap article

Time is changing with rapid speed; nothing is permanent except almighty. The chakra of life keeps rotating, and everything will get replaced by the new one.

Therefore, The ways of people's thinking are getting changed faster; they are becoming more rational with the passing time.

There is nothing wrong in it; getting logical is nice instead of holding conventional approach. The crucial point to notice is that getting rational should mean that you are becoming a better version of yourself.

Becoming a better version of yourself means adapting the traits of heroes in all aspects so that you could contribute to making your family and nation a better place for everyone. Hence, a hero is always calm and caring for others. He acts as the best problem solver with the best analytical approach.

If it is the definition for you to becoming the better version of yourself, Then you are on the right path of righteousness.

Why middle-class families suffer the most due to Generation Gap?

There are various reasons which define why middle class suffers the most due to Generation Gap?

These are the significant reasons explaining the rise of the generation gap into middle-class families.

1 - Putting extra pressure on the kids

Parents need to stop comparing their kids with other kids in their school and colleges.

Every middle-class parent wants their kids to become highly successful in their lives. For seeing their kids getting successful in life; they are ready to give any sacrifices.

It is the reason how the problems of generation gap start; they start comparing their kids with other kids.

Elders, especially parents put immense pressure on their kids to get good marks in the school and colleges without understanding their kid's talent and personal interest.

Most of the parents are not aware that it makes their kid psychologically weaker. Kids start fearing their parents and begin speaking lies with family members.

Don't put marks and grade pressure on your young kids.

Parents must help their kids and put faith in them instead of pressuring them. Keeping faith in kids will help their kids to acquire new talent.

Always remember that your kids know it is necessary to get good grades in the exam.

2 - Inquiring too much question to the kids can also cause the problem of generation gap within the family.

It may weird but today's generation doesn't find themselves comfortable answering every single question. Most of the kids live in their world and deals with many issues and problems which they hardly share with their parents unless it becomes mandatory for them.

Therefore, parents must value their time and not ask the useless question to put an extra burden on them.

Let them breathe in fresh air, have faith in moral lessons that you have taught them when they are too young. Let them make their mistakes and learn their life lessons from them so that they could understand the importance of life skill.

3 - lack of love and support within family members is another cause of it.

Every member of the family wants to live a happy, and prosperous life. Therefore, creating the environment of fear and hatred within a family can cause a generation gap among the members.

How to reduce the generation gap

There are few things which can be done to reduce the generation gap.

1 - What mothers can do?

The role of mother is significant in the family. She is the first teacher of her child. Implant the moral values to the kids so that when they grow up, they keep connected to their moral values.

  • When your kids are in the age group of 1- 6 years treat them as your precious ornament.It is the best age to equip them great moral and spiritual values.
  • When your kids are in the age group of 7- 14 years treat them as your student. A seeker who gets the punishment by their guru when they do something wrong.
  • When your kids are in the age group of 15 to 21 years; treat them as your friend. A friend who understands their problems and helps them to fix it.
  • When your kids are at the age of 21- 25 let them spend their wings and become their mentor if they need your help. Most importantly encourage them, so that they could make you proud one day.

2 - What father can do?

A father is the one whose role is equivalently significant as kids mother. Connect with your kids, so that they could trust you and believe that if something doesn't work well; you are there to help them out.

Connecting emotionally with kids is essential for a happy parenting experience. Never put restrictions on your kids from acquiring obvious talent.

If something they do wrong unknowingly, make them realize their mistake with politeness.

Kids learn their lesson better if parents approach them with love, care, and calmly.


This post is the generation gap article; in which we shared the way how families can reduce the issues of the generation gap?

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