Chitra Home Chowdhury's interview

Chitra Home Chowdhury

Santosh Gairola   By   santosh |  updated :   14 Nov 2019

Who is Chitra Home Chowdhury?

Hello, friends, as a digital marketer, blogger, entrepreneur and Author; I meet many peoples and try to learn from them.

Today, I got opportunity to interview an extremely talented blogger, Miss Chitra. I hope you will learn a lot from this interview. Have a great day all, Keep learning!

1). Hello chitra, please, introduce yourself to my audience.

My name is Chitra Home Chowdhury and I’m a content writer from India. I run a blog named thecheckernews alongside my blogging editorial.

I love cooking, travel, and photography, somehow I like philosophical and supernatural books also and read them. I’m basically from a small town girl with having some big dreams on my eyes.

2). How you started blogging what inspired you to write content for internet

Actually I always wanted to let people know my thought and my opinion regarding many subjects and things and in that case I think the blogging is best way to let people know my thought and my opinion about the world and it is technically inspired me to be a writer.

3). how do you manage time for yourself for writing content

I wake up in the early morning and I also follow the time management theories which is in one hand help me to follow and chase my dreams on the other hand I hardly waste my time which is also help me to write articles.

4). what are your future plans about blogging

In the coming days I’m keen to start a blog about travelling or lifestyle related blog.

5). what are your blog promotional strategies

I don’t really have any strategy, and I just post articles on my site and share it on the social sites facebook and twitter

6). what are your sources of bread and butter through blogging

Alongside blogger, I’m also a content writer and I write content for the Delhi based website Dekh News.

7). What would you like to suggest beginner blogger

Just stay motivated and try to analyze your loopholes and don’t forget to work on that which will help you to be a good blogger in the coming days and it will enhance your creativity too.

8). As a female blogger what opportunity you see for girls

Blogging is I think good job for everybody especially for the young girls and women who can stay in the home and can write articles and publish on their website. They don’t need to go out for physical work to earn money.

9). do you use paid marketing strategy for your blog

No I never used this

10). who are your favorite bloggers

My fav bloggers are my brother Atish Home Chowdhury. I love to read the articles and blogs of the Amitabh Bachchan; through, he is an actor but due to uploading blogpost regularly, I consider him a blogger.

Thank you, Chitra for your valuable time. I enjoyed this quick interview with you, and I hope young girls there will get motivated by reading to your thoughts.

I appreciate you taking time to answer our questions. I wish you great success and happiness.

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