Ultimate guide to benefits of meditation

Ultimate guide to benefits of meditation featuring SadhguruCourtesy - Sadhguru Isha Foundation

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Most likely Yogi's are known for Yoga & Meditation. They are the proofs of Benefits of meditation. In a real sense, they are the Engineers of internal mentation through Meditation.

Misconception associated with Meditation

Meditation is often regarded as religious practice by a large section of society but in reality, it is the process of twisting and stretching your impure thoughtprocess into pure one.

A global survey did by the researchers that if whole humanity starts doing the meditation 80% of crime and terrorist activities will stop automatically.

In this post, we will explore few concepts like
what are the Benefits of meditation? and how meditation affects us?

Let's get started.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is not a new concept in south Asian subcontinents like INDIA and Nepal.

It emerged so much in the current decade.

Since past centuries, Indian people are doing Meditational practices. These benefits of meditation are passed from one generation to another. Adiyogi is regarded as the Primary source of Meditational and Yogic science.

He has not only founded Meditational and yogic science; he is also regarded as the founder of Vairagya . An art of dispassion from Maya which means the materialistic world.

People of India and Nepal are using Meditation for

  • Spiritual Purposes
  • Emotional purposes
  • Physical purposes
  • Cosmic Purposes
It totally depends on you how you want to grasp it.

Meditation is an integral Part of Yoga

Yoga involves from basic bodies stretching exercises to
purifying the internal thought process through Meditation.

Most important thing is that there are the Scientific aspects of meditation as well. Meditation brings positive Physical changes into your body.

Various studies and investigations state that it brings out the positive Physical Changes in your Body and makes you feel more energetic and happy .

One similar research work was done by SARA LAZER in Haward 2011 . She analyzed the Benefits of meditation as follows

Benefits of Meditation

1 - Meditation can Increase your Brain Size in just 8 weeks. She confirmed that your Brain size increase from 2 major portions which includes

a - Left Hippo campus which stores the ability to learn new things and Ability to retain the Information as soon as possible.

Left Hippo courtesy - bipolarnews.com

b - Posterior Cingulate Cortex which works as the creator of new thoughts in your Brain.

2 - Benefits of Meditation doesn't stop here. It also helps you to reduce your cell volume from AMYGDALA which is responsible for

  • creating the feeling of Fear
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Lacking Peace of Mind

3 - Meditation helps you to control your Animal behavior and It also counters your feeling of Depression.

A study is done in 2015 which revealed that Meditation stimulates your brain mystic part known by the name of Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex. It is responsible for your will Power.

An investigation is performed in which few alcoholic people are put together in a Meditative group and another group was passed through a 12 step of the program to overcome alcoholic syndrome.

After a year it was observed that 20% of people out of 12 step program restarted alcohol consumption whereas only 8% people from Meditative group restarted alcohol consumption.

4 - Meditation improves your Health

In a research, it is found that Meditation improves our health by reducing our blood CRP LEVEL. It is a reactive protein whose amount is directly proportional to our heart proper functioning.

a) It reduces chances to get heart disease.

b) It helps to control blood pressure in a static level.

c) It also helps you to improve your genetic level. A research is done by Noble prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn who proved that in our chromosome; we a have a proactive protein complex known as TELOMERS which is responsible for aging actor.

Lower the length of TELOMERS more rapidly you will get aging.

Mediation helps to increase the length of TELOMERS which reduces the factor of aging in your body.

5 Benefits of meditation for students.

A research was done by Davidson in 2004 in which he mapped the brain of sages and saint by putting electro sensors belt on their head.

He concluded that from the head of these sages who meditates for long hours realizes 30% more gamma waves.

These Gamma waves are responsible for
  • Self-control
  • More intelligence
  • happiness
  • Creativity
. He also concluded that Meditation is one of the best exercises for students. There are more hidden Benefits of meditation for students.

6 Meditation makes you feel Happier.

Meditation gives you the feeling of Blissfulness Which ultimately makes you feel so good about yourself. Some studies also state that it brings natural glow in your face, so that might be great beauty tips to all the ladies out there.

Why should you Meditate?

The human mind is the greatest tool designed by nature, It can do what other living beings can't-do. Meditation gives you a button to control your mentation process like a switch.

Let's understand what I am saying. I love listening Radio in my free Time. I hope you to enjoy it sometime while driving your car or at Something.

We can tune any musical channel on radio and if RJ song is boring or doesn't make us feel good we can flip the channel. Same thing goes with our mind, Meditations helps us to control our thoughts and mindset like switching on and off Radio button.

It means you can get supernatural power to control your mind like they do in X-men movies; like not your mind controls you. Meditation gives you strength to control your emotions, stress. Anxiety and Concentration.

Human mind and heart keeps working 24*7. It keeps producing new thoughts and emotions for you whether you are sleeping or awake. You have no control over these thoughts but after practicing Meditation you can get control on your thoughts and Emotions. This is what meditation does for you.

How to Meditate?

You can meditate in any place but it the very important to know the proper way of meditation. Benefits of meditation will work only if you apply the practice properly and most important phase of meditation is posture.

A) Position - The Best posture to do Meditation is the Padmasana.

Padmasana is the primitive posture to open your body Chakras (Human Chakas is known as Kundalini - the hidden energy source in our navel part). Our body comprises of Chakras.

Once Sage Dadhichi explained all the human chakras to Devi Parvati.

Devi Parvati is regarded as the spouse of Lord Shiva .

Those who don't know about the padmasana it is the posture of sitting in which you put your legs in the cross position like one leg above the other with straight backbone and closed eyes. Your face should be facing the forward direction.

Your hand resting on your thighs performing the mudra. [Example of simplest mura - Open your palm and connecting your first finger with your thumb ]

What to do after closing eyes.

Well, this is really an interesting thing to know because there are various aspects of meditation like spiritual, emotional and physical and you pass through each of them one by one.

There are several spiritual benefits of meditation which helps you to connect with the divine consciousness.

But firstly you should just perform simple breathing exercises for 5 to 8 minutes. Simply observe your breathing and inhale & exhale your breath. Notice the transition between inhaling and Exhaling. Focus on just one thing that is your breathing nothing else.

What will happen next to you?

In starting of meditation various random thoughts will come in your mind. Like issues related to your professional career or issues related to your personal life.

It could be any positive thought or it could be any negative thought. It is quite possible that if you are going through bad relationship phase in your life. It may be possible that you might think about getting over a broken relationship or something like this.

While Meditating, Slowly - slowly you will make these random thoughts to stop and get control over your mind.

This is the main purpose of meditation to get control over our mind random thought process.

This is the cyclic process in which random thoughts will keep emerging in your brain and you will get back your lost focus while performing breathing exercises.

What you get in result from Meditation

According to researchers, you will get control on your random thoughts within a time frame or 20-30 Days. You will feel more focused with new creative ideas emerging on your mind and the best thing about meditation is that it takes only 15 minutes in a day.

Benefits of daily meditation

Our desire, emotions, stress level, Depression everything is based on your thoughts. If you could control your thoughts; you can lead to more happy and purposeful life. It will improve your health condition with better results in your thinking abilities.


Meditation brings positivity in the person by making him feel good and happier for themselves. Meditation has various spiritual, emotional and physical benefits; which brings out the more focused mindset with new creative Ideas.

Meditation also includes the improvement in the physical aspects of health like

  • Reducing stress
  • Controlling blood pressure
  • Slow aging,
  • Reducing the chances of heart and other diseases by improving the cardiovascular and immune system and so on.
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