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Joshimath Uttarakhand

In May 2017, I got blessed to take a trip to beautiful city of Joshimath. It was truly fantastic and ecstatic experience.

Joshimath is truly heaven on earth, filled with beautiful natural resources.

joshimath picture

The city of Joshimath is also known by the name of Jyotirmath.

Joshimath height

The City Located at a height of 6150 feet from where you can easily view the site of snowy Great Himalayas.

joshimath image

The beautiful city of Joshimath belongs to Chamoli district of Garhwal Uttarakhand India

The City is known as the primary pilgrimage in Sanatana Dharma.

Joshimath is one of the fourth Pithas or Mathas established by Adi Shankaracharya. The Matha has the temples of the Rajrajeshwari Devi & Badrinarayan.

City of joshimath

In the pious caves of Joshimath, Adi Shankaracharya performed his penance and established Joshimath as Shakti Petha.

Jyotirmath Shiva temple

You can easily feel the element of Shiva on Joshimath Fresh air while looking at the white Himalayas. So, I decided to visit Jyotirmath shrine.

I arrived Joshimath approx 5:30 Pm via road journey.

There are various traveling companies which provides the low costing trip service to Joshimath. You can use any one of them to reach here.

joshimath Chardham way

Millions of tourist visit the Chardham every year. Now govt is constructing the all-weather road for Chardham route which includes Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri.

joshimath tour

I must appreciate the govt effort for making roads wider and safer for the tourist.

joshimath trip

We did our lunch on the way to Joshimath. I had Aallu Paratha with the little curd and fruit juice.

It was a tasty meal and I was hungry, so I enjoyed one extra Paratha. That time I was careless about my calories.

My journey was pleasant and enjoyed the mountain site filled with various fascinating trees and plants.

Awesome joshimath

Joshimath temple

When I reached the Jyotirmath matha shrine, I came to know that city has a divine tree known as KalpaVrisha.

joshimath KalpaVrisha

The tree is the oldest tree in India with the age of 12000+ years.

I visited almost all temples one by one on the Jyotirmath and took the blessing from the Gurus and pandits of the Jyotirmath.

This picture showcase the beautiful compound of the temple.

joshimath Shivalaya

The camera is prohibited to take in the temple so I maintained the custom by switching off my all gadgets.

It is really wonderful to see the true beauty of Sanatana Dharma which is free from all kind of political views shown by news media.

Santosh in joshimath

After reaching back to home, I enjoyed some snacks over the roof of the home while taking the light sunbath.

joshimath mountain ranges

In the evening I was advised to see the awesome mountain range. So this time I took my camera and gadgets with me.

I took my way towards Jyotirmath temples, where I meditated little bit upon Ram Naam . After some meditational practice. I felt the inner peace and positive vibes inside me.

joshimath sacred city

Joshimath sightseeing

Then I moved on, After reaching the top of the Jyotirmath I saw a mesmerizing view of the Hathi Parvat.

joshimath natural resources

It is the mountain which looks like a huge Elephant.

Simply amazing and truly beautiful. Sometimes words are not enough to praise the beauty of nature.

Later on, someone told me about Sleeping Beauty mountain.

joshimath sleeping beauty

It is another mountain range which looks like a beautiful lady sleeping on her bed.

One can clearly see her, hair, head, face and other attributes resembling with a lady, relaxing on the bed.

joshimath natural resources

This made me realize how beautiful is our India.

joshimath India

The land of more than 22+ languages and several faiths working with the shoulder to shoulder as one great nation.

jyotirmath way

Dear friends, you must take out some of the time from your busy schedule to look at the other dimension of life which is so pure and beautiful.

joshimath natural beauty

While passing from there, I was looking at trees and birds sitting on them. I thoroughly enjoyed bird watching for few minutes and many times got mesmerized by their melodious voices. One of the major sources of the attraction for the city is Vishnu Prayag. It is 13.5 Kms from the Joshimath.

Lord Ganesha art work on Joshimath temple door Lord Ganesha

Sage Narada Meditate upon Lord Vishnu here. That's it how to place is connected to Lord Vishnu's name. Vishnu Prayag is one of the Panch Prayag (five confluences) of Alaknanda River and Dhauliganga River one of the major tributaries of river Ganga .

Next day, I planned to visit Narsingh or Narshimha temple. What I noticed is that temple states the beauty of the Indian architecture.

joshimath new NarSing mandir

When I entered the compound of the temple I started feeling the presence of divinity all over there. Temple is surrounded by the beautiful views of the great mountain.

joshimath Mandir compound

I entered the temple and worshipped Lord Narasimha with full devotion and reverence on him. After my prayer offering to the lord, Pujari Ji gave me some Prasad of lord Narshimha or Lord Narsingh.

joshimath temple beauty

It was really a divine journey which not just gave me peace of mind but made me realize how much beautiful is India.

joshimath narshimha temple

In my journey, I meet various international tourist, I had a great time while interacting with them all.

Due to bad weather, I didn't enjoy the Joshimath Auli ropeway and returned back to my room and waited for the sun to shine once again.

In the evening while sitting next to the window I was enjoying the fresh breeze and cup of a coffee. There was no traffic horn, and not any other any kind of disturbance.

joshimath temples

I was really feeling good and relaxed but I knew that many things remained unexplored there and Joshimath has so much more to offer me.

Conclusion of Joshimath trip

Joshimath is sacred city situated in the lap of Chamoli Garhwal Uttarakhand.

joshimath matha

The City is known as one of the fouth mathas established by Adi Guru Shankaracharya.

Tourist can explore the wide range of mountains like Hathi Parvat, Sleeping beauty, Narsingh or Narshimha temple, Jyotirmath and Vishnuprayag which is almost 25-30 km away from Joshimath

Next time I will surely enjoy the Joshimath Auli ropeway.

If you're in a holiday trip mode then, in that case, Joshimath could an amazing option available to you. People are good and sweet here.

joshimath Narsingh temple

Lastly thanks for giving your valuable time to read the post related to my trip to Joshimath.

Please feel free to share the post with people who are planning to visit the holy city of Joshimath.

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