What is Key to happiness?

Key to happiness

Inner Peace and positive mindset is the key to happiness.

Have affection with satisfaction for a happy life.

Do good Karma and make everyone life beautiful.

Enjoy every moment. Live your life like this moment will never come back again.

If you love someone. Go and tells them how you care about them don't let any stone to be unturned.

4 key to happiness

Never have any negative feeling for anyone. If somebody is making fun of you. Let them do that you just keep focusing on your dream. Like Mahatma Gandhi said

First, they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. - Mahatma Gandhi

It is the only key to happiness.

Don't lose peace of your mind

Peace of mind is the valuable gem never lose it. It is hard to get back if lost once. You can do small - small things to improve your spiritual and physical health like

1- Eat organic food only

Say no to Drugs, Non-vegetrainer. You don't know the power of vegetarian food.

2- Have faith in higher authority -

Faith gives strength and positivity, You can call him God or Avatar of God. You can trust him on his shapeless form or in a shape manifestation.

He will be available to you in exactly that same form. if you have reverence for him.

Point to note that Having faith on supreme consciousness doesn't mean to become extremist.

Faith simply gives you a platform to connect with others and spread the goodness, Humanity among other.

For example, I have great faith on Shiva but I don't see him as God. I see him as my divine father, teacher and my guardian to whom I can express my feelings and thoughts.

It doesn't make me extremist. It simply makes me more spiritual person.

3 - Use meditation & Yoga

Mediation & Yoga is one of most beautiful gift ever received by the humanity from ADIYOGI .

Ultimate Guide to Benefits of Meditation

If you are not using it you are missing so much from your life.

4 - Wake up early morning at 4 am

Don't just try actually wake up at 4 am and do some running or physical workout to increase your metabolism.


The main key to happiness is you must have inner peace and have affection with satisfaction.

Smile more and stay connected with family friends or the people who inspire you the most. Last but not the least thanks for reading this post.

Please share it with your loved one and don't forget to browse more post given below.

Santosh Gairola

Santosh Gairola
Hi, I'm Santosh! I create articles based on motivation, Spirituality, Happy life style, and wellness.

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