why Shiva smoke Marijuana (chillum, Ganja, weed )

why Shiva smoke Marijuana (chillum, Ganja, weed )

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why Shiva smoke Marijuana (chillum, Ganja, weed )

Shiva is Auspicious and highest form of supreme consciousness. This post will help you to understand why Shiva smoke Marijuana (chillum, Ganja, weed ).

Well, to understand the answer to the above question you must understand Shiva first.

Now the question comes how to understand Shiva?

It is the simplest as well as hardest thing to understand in this materialistic world.

The one who gets the answer to the question finds the path of Moksha.

Shiva is the base and root of the Vedas and Upanishads which defines Shiva's both Nirguna (shapeless) and Sarguna (shape) forms.

Shivlinga is the manifestation of his Nirguna Swaroop shapeless form.

Shiva the ultimate truth, eternal, omniscient, guiltless, unborn who is full of all virtues, absolute Param Brahma - Bhavnatham (the one who understand feelings of everybody).

Dayanath (forgiver shiva) meets his devotee in exact same guise in which they worship him.

The whole process of creation, preservation and destruction lies on shiva pervasiveness .

"Jiski Jaise Shardha Bhakti Hoti hai Main use usi swaroop mein milta hoon - Shiva " Tweet this Tweet this

By taking his name all the sins get destroyed. Western world only projects Shiva as destroyer whereas he himself is creator, preserver and destroyer.

Shiva is too dear to Lord Vishnu (Preserver) hence Shiva is known as Vishnu Vallabha.

Both Vishnu and Shiva share a beautiful bond of great care and affection with each other. Both are इष्ट (diety) of each other.

There is one major truth that Shiva never worshipped anyone whereas Lord Vishnu worshipped Shiva in almost every avatar.

But Shiva loves to recite and chant Ram Naam. Name of Lord Rama is too dear to him and there is a reason for it.

Lord Rama is known for his simplicity and innocence similarly Shiva is known for his simplicity and generosity hence known as Bholenath.

This is the common thread between Lord Shiva and Lord Rama. Rama worshipped Shiva as his major diety ( इष्ट ) all his life.

There will be no Shiva without Vishnu and no Vishnu without Shiva. Once Shiva projected his half body as Vishnu and half body as Shiva. Both are one the bipolar flux of same energy.

All three traits Rajas Tamas Sattva are from him. When you try to explore Mahadev Shiva as the manifestation of Energy, Shivshakti or Urza, you get Shiva's Rudram form.

Rudra is always considered as angry form of Shiva but in reality Rudra (रुदन रोकने वाला ) means the one who wipes out the tears.

Bhootnath Shiva lives on the Rudram form on Kailash abode of Shiva with his family which is located in China.

There are so many facts and stories associated with Shiva's Kailash Parvat.

On the respect for human beliefs; China govt banned the Kailash Pravat ascent expedition.

Now Coming to the main question why Shiva smoke Marijuana (chillum, Ganja, weed ).

There is a misconception in people that Shiva likes to get intoxicated.

Shiva smoking

No, we must understand that Shiva is free from the wheel of time, Karma, breathing, hunger and weed etc.

When Lord Shiva is depicted as smoking 'chillum'/'weed' it has a spiritual and philosophical meaning.

Mahadeva never endorsed the consumption of any tamsic food & drink substances. In fact, it is against Shaivism.

Offering Bhang to shiva symbolically means you are offering your evil side to Shiva and saying him

"Oh my supreme Lord of Lords Mahadeva Neelkantha. I offer all my intoxication and bad karma to you.

As the whole world knows that you are sin destroyer do make me free from my past sins like you freed the who world from the cosmic poison Halahal."

Shiva is always a giver who never ask anything in return blesses chastity, knowledge, health, wealth, and success.

When Bhang is offered on the festival of MahaShivratri it has other intentions than intoxication.

Most people don't know that Bhang has a close relation with Ayurveda. (Science of Vedic healthcare)

There are so many benefits of Bhang intake

Bhang Courtesy - wanderlustvlog.com

  1. Bhang intake helps to heal the sickness of Glaucoma (मोतियाबिंद)
  2. It works as an ayurvedic medicine which also heals epilepsy.
  3. Consumption of Bhang when health issues are related to the neurological or nervous disorder.
  4. Limited Consumption of Bhang helps to improve the digestive system.
  5. Bhang also helps to deal with skin related issues by purifying the skin. This Ayurvedic coolant which acts fastly on sunburn.
  6. Bhang helps to reduce anxiety, depression and heals muscles pain.
  7. Bhang helps yogis, sages and saints to boost their meditational power to get connected with supreme consciousness. In short with Shiva.
  8. Consumption of bhang cures the issue of the headaches
  9. Bhang gives positive triggers to your brain which enhances your senses like listening, touching etc
  10. Intake of Bhang also helps to cure the breathing problem like Asthma etc.

According to Ayurveda, Bhang is beneficial when it is consumed at a limited base. Excessive use of bhang can be injurious to health.

So offering toxic substance like Bhang, Dhatoora to Shiva means offering your poisons to Shiva in the form of toxic substance and getting free from disorders like depression, anxiety, fear, jealousy, rudeness.

Shiva as the destroyer of all kind of sins accepts his devotee's poisons like he accepted the cosmic poison Halalhal and bestow the blissfulness and prosperity in the form of health, knowledge and wealth.


On this post, we have answered why Shiva smoke Marijuana (chillum, Ganja. weed ).

It is actually a kind of prayer in which devotees of the Mahakaal offer's their poison to Shiva and get's freedom from all sort of impurities and bad karmas.

Shiva is kind, guiltless and known for his naive and honest nature. He is unique and different master of all three realms still known as a supreme Vairagi.

I bow down to Shiva. Om Namah Shivaya

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