why shiva is known as lord of lords?

why shiva is known as lord of lords

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mahadev is known as the lord of lords?

On this post, we are answering the question why Shiva is known as the lord of lords?

Shiva is the spouse of Shakti. The one who is always calm and DhyaanYuktam (meditating).

Let's explore various aspects and qualities of Lord Shiva

There is no need to define that Shiva is the primary form of divine entity in Sanatana Dharma.

The civilization which is older than 10,000-years worshipping him as Sarveshwara (Everything).

Shiva is an integral part of Trinity which includes Brahma Vishnu and Maheshwara (Maheshwara means Shiva)

Why is Shiva different and unique?

Sanatana Dharma is known for having millions of gods and goddess. Each one of them has their own significance.

For example Qualities of Lord Hanuman are simply mesmerizing.

One can learn so many life lessons from Hanuman who is also known as Maruti.

Lord Hanuman is an exemplification of selfless devotion for Ram Naam.

Following the virtues of Lord Hanuman, has the ability to make someone's life pleasant and blissful.

Hence Sanatana Dharma is only religion in the world which has no founder. Its root is so deep like an ancient Kalpa Vriksha. (Wish filling tree)

Just by moving to few miles from one location to another the deity get's changed but belief system remains the same.

In honor and reverence of their particular deity, people worship all of them with same common faith as they worship their own deity.

The people who have the depth knowledge of Dharma see's every deity as the manifestation of the one shapeless supreme entity.

Worshipping any deity means worshipping a pathway which ultimately gets dissolve in that supreme consciousness.

The example could be understood as a flow of the river which ultimately gets merged at the ocean.

Among all the deities, Trinity is the topmost layer of divine dimension

In which Brahma is Creator, Vishnu is Preserver and Shiva is the destroyer.

Some believe that Shiva is most powerful in Sanatana Dharma where other argues that Lord Vishnu is most powerful.

In reality, the comparison between Vishnu and Shiva makes no sense. Both Vishnu and Shiva are the two forms of the same energy flux.

Actually, Shiva is Vishnu and Vishnu is Shiva. Hence collectively known as Harihar.

Once Shiva projected his half body as Lord Vishnu and Half body as Shiva.

There will be no Shiva without Vishnu and no Vishnu without Shiva.

Shiva is Vishnu Vallbha means the one who is most dear to Vishnu.

The real fact is that Shiva never worshipped anyone, but Vishnu's every avatar worship shiva for seeking strength.

Who could forget the greatest warrior sage Parashurama , one of the best disciples of Shiva and sixth avatar of Lord Vishnu?

Here for you, it becomes important to understand whom does Shiva meditate?

Vishnu appeared first from the infinite cosmic pillar (Sadashiva) which is known as Sadashiva. Then Brahma appeared from navel part of Vishnu.

When Both Vishnu and Brahma argued with each other that time huge infinite fire pillar advised them to find the edge of the pillar.

Vishnu accepted his hard luck of not finding the end of the pillar but Brahma lied to Vishnu in return Sadashiva put a moratorium on Brahma worshipping because he lied.

Later, Both worshipped that shapeless infinite null and requested that shapeless entity to take some physical morph so that they could have an iconographical image of that shapeless existence.

The shapeless entity defined the respective duty to both of them and later elaborated that I will take physical form as Rudra.

There will be no difference between my shapeless morph and iconographic form.

After than Shiva appeared from Sadashiva and took his place on Mount Kailash.

Hence Shiva is auspicious, immortal, unborn whose start and end is undefined null.

Vishnu and Brahma reached mount Kailash to greet Shiva as Rudra form of Sadashiva.

Shiva accepted the responsibility of the destroyer of Darkness and evil.

In that way, Vishnu and Shiva are the same energy of one Supreme entity. But Brahma appeared from Vishnu navel part.

So Lord Vishnu appeared first from infinite fire pillar (Sadashiva) then Brahma from Vishnu's Naval part. Lastly, Shiva took morph of Mahadev from his infinite form of Sadashiv.

Hence Shiva and Vishnu are unborn and omniscient and worshipped as an elementary form of divinity.

Whereas Brahma is not worshipped as equivalent to Shiva and Vishnu. There are limited (approx 9 ) temples of Brahma.

Most famous one is in Puskar

Many high intellectuals whether they understand the Vedic culture or not they keep arguing with each other regarding Shiva / Vishnu superiority in strength.

Such comparisons are done by naive people who don't understand the personification of supreme consciousness.

It doesn't matter whether you worship Shiva or Vishnu, Ultimately you are worshipping one supremacy.

There are so many reasons why Shiva is known as the lord of Lords.

Shiva is the loving husband of goddess Parvati who is the manifestation of energy.

shiva parvati

So, Shiva is Adi Purusha means primary male energy and Goddess Parvati is first primary feminine energy.

Both Shiva and Parvati are an integral part of each other.

The untold aspect of Lord Shiva

Reality is Shiva is Vairagi who has never presented himself superior.

Once upon a time Sage Narada reached mount Kailash and asked a question to Shiva.

Do you know my lord on earth your biggest hater Prajapati Daksh always use inappropriate words against you why don't you do something about that?

Shiva replies to Narad that if somebody has a problem with me it's their problem, not mine. Let him live his own perception of life.

I cannot hate him back, I m free from all kind of deformation.

This simple statement defines why Shiva is called Mahadev?

Hence Shiva never showed any sign of his superiority among Trinity and remained a cosmic yogi.

मैं तोह वैरागी हूँ न सम्मान का मोह न अपमान का भय? - Shiva " Tweet this Tweet this

Still, Lord Vishnu every avatar including Ram & Krishna worshipped him as ultimate sentience.

Shiva's outer appearance is tempting.

Shiva is super strong, tall, dark and Handsome and has a strong masculine physique known for holding a trident in his hands.

Almost every girl admires the qualities of Shiva as husband and wants to have a husband with virtues of Shiva.

Shiva parvati

Like Superstrong and super reliable etc.

One of the fascinating term associated with Shiva is Aghori

Shiva the lord of Aghori

Shiva is Lord of Aghori's hence Shiva is the greatest Aghor, the word Aghor is always misunderstood by people.

The word Aghor itself defines that the one who is not extreme or dense. It is the reason Shiva is being worshipped by everyone.

There is another misconception in people, they thinks that Shiva smokes chillum.

When a Shiva devotee offers toxic substance and Bhang to Shiva, it means they are offering their pains, agony and evil side to Shiva.

It is a kind of prayer to Shiva in which devotees ask Shiva to -

"Oh my supreme Lord of Lords Mahadeva. I offer all my intoxication and bad karma to you. Please consume it and make me free from my painful burden of evil sides"

In return, Shiva accepts his devotee's offering and make them free from disorders like Egoisms, eroticism, Anger, attachments etc.

Shiva is a meditating yogi who always being a giver. The one who never asks anything in return blesses chastity, knowledge, health, wealth, and success.

Once on Parvati request, Shiva defined the secrets of success to Maheswari Parvati. By following those secrets one can achieve any goals in life.

Adiyogi has the long matted hairs, where holy river Ganga resides in his hair coils.

The one who uses the Rudraksha beads as his ornaments and doesn't like to wear silk or golden attire.

Boothnath the man with a blue throat who likes to sit on cremation ground surrounded by ghost and apparition.

Maheswara, The owner of Panch Mahabhoot and Siddhis Shiva's name is moksha giver and easiest way to purify soul and Karma.

Peoples get purified by just chanting his Panchakshari mantra Om Namah Shivaya.


on this post, we have defined why Shiva is known as the lord of lords?

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