whom does Shiva meditate?

whom does Shiva meditate? Courtesy - The immortals of Meluha

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whom does Shiva meditate?

Many people out there are curious to know whom does shiva meditate? Well, it is not the simple question to ask; there are so many hidden layers of this questions and replying it is even more difficult.

For understanding the answer to the above question. Firstly you have to understand the meaning of Shiva. Doing it is the most difficult task in the world.

The one who gets the answer to it gets the salvation or Moksha. Shiva is the eternal Yogi; the most influential determination of cosmic phenomena.

So the two questions become obvious to be asked

  1. If Shiva is omniscient supreme consciousness then whom does Shiva meditate?
  2. What is the reason behind Shiva Meditation?

According to Sanatana Dharma Truth is one sages say it differently.

On this post, we are going to open each and every layer of the question in the simplest way.

let's talk about the Shiva then get into Shiva Meditation and all.

Shiva is Eternal and complete (Sampoorna) in himself commonly known as ADI-PURUSHA, Who has many manifestations whose charm is cosmic.

He is the one who holds River Ganga on his head and known as Gangadhar. The Common man doesn't have the abilities to experience that divine entity.

He is as small as the size of quantum atom similarly he is beyond the size of cosmos whether known or unknown.

Forgiving his iconographical representation he continuously manifests in such a way so that common minds may have an idea of his existence.

The kind of reverence you have for him, he will meet you in exactly that same guise. He is not just lord; He is Lord of Lords Hence known as Mahadeva .

The one who is the destroyer of Darkness and evil.

He is Rudra exterminator in nature to those whose spread hatred among people; still, he has gone through every phase of human life like an ordinary man.

He is the only God who is known for living on earth in mystic form. Phenomenal Mount Kailash is shiva abode.

The founder of vairagya Yogeshwara Shiva lives in the freezing condition where his matted hair locks flow behind his shoulders. His trident holds his pellet drum.

He is Hard from the outer dimension; who likes to smear ashes on his bodies; wears the garland of Rudraksha and wrap himself with animal skin.

There is the mark of Tripunda [ Three horizontal lines ] on Shiva body which defines that he is master of all three realms and cyclic process of creation, protection, and destruction is evolved from him.

No one has the abilities to define his charm of Shiva. The same time no one has the capabilities to make him open his eyes without his permission; when he is in his penance (samadhi - the Highest level of Meditation).

From here Let's talk about his Meditation

Whom does Shiva meditate?

whom does shiva meditate Courtesy - SHIVA as Devon k Kev Mahadev

In reality, Shiva Meditates upon himself.

It doesn't matter to him to whom he meditates; as I have mentioned above he is complete in himself and he never worshipped anyone else.

The biggest problem people have is that they try to judge everything by their own perspective without getting into the bigger dimension.

He is not distinct from the Truth, He is the ultimate truth then how can he worship himself.

Lord Shiva shares a heartwarming bond with Lord Vishnu -

There will be no Shiva without Vishnu similarly there will be no Vishnu without Shiva. Both are the flux of the same dimension which is Bipolar in nature.

if someone worships Shiva, in reality, he is worshipping Lord Vishnu. Same way Vishnu devotees are worshipping Shiva, Once Shiva depicted Vishnu as his half body part.

Hence Shiva is known as Vishnu Vallabh which means Shiva is most dear to Lord Vishnu . Both are God as well as the devotee of each other.

In contemporary form, Shiva and Vishnu are both evolved from the same Nadh. It is a cosmic vibration of truth which belongs to SADASHIV.

Hence Shiva is SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDARAM which means Shiva is Truth and truth is Beautiful.

Lord Vishnu and Brahma evolved from SadaShiva and as per orders from SadaShiva they accepted the corresponding responsibilities of creation by Brahma and preservation by Vishnu.

On request of Vishnu and Brahma Sada-Shiva stated that he will take Rudra avatar at the snowy mountain of Kailash, Himalayas. He also stated that there will be no difference between my Rudra avatar and eternal form of SadaShiva, Both will be one.

In that way, Trinity came into continuation which consists of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh.

Shiva is also regarded as Maheshwara which means Maha Iswar (eternal God).

Hence it is the reason Shiva is worshipped in formless forms. His Shivlinga is the manifestation of his formless entity, as well as Shiva, is also worshiped as Rudra avatar.

Shiva has great affection with Ram Naam.

Shiva is known for his naive behavior and innocence. Due to his simplicity, he is known as Bholenath which means the guiltless. Shiva this quality makes him different from others.

Similarly, the avatar of Lord Vishnu Lord Rama is known for his simplicity and innocence. Lord Rama accepted the exile of 14 years to fulfill his father vow.

This quality of Lord Rama proves his simplicity and defines why Lord Shiva admires him so much that Shiva took the 11 Rudra avatar as Lord Hanuman to Serve Lord Rama as his biggest devotee.

I told you it is the beautiful relation between Shiva and Vishnu. This is the basic similarity between both of them which makes them follower of each other. Shiva loves to recite and Chant Ram Naam.

Small Story

Once upon a time, when Shiva was Meditating and Goddess Sati wonders whom does shiva meditate? She observed that a teardrop is coming from Shiva's eyes.

So curiously she asks the question To Shiva.

Sati: "Swami why teardrops are coming from your eyes? whom do you meditate?"

Shiva replied To Sati that He saw a future event which made him feel Sad.

Again On Sati Continous request Shiva replies

Shiva - "In near future, Lord Vishnu will take a human avatar as Lord Rama. In his Human avatar, Lord Vishnu as Lord Rama will get apart from his spouse Goddess Sita.

Sati I was feeling Lord Rama agony which was making me feel sad."

Sati doubts about Rama abilities as human avatar of Lord Vishnu. She thinks that if Rama is the human Avatar of Vishnu so he must be knowing about her.

So by using her Yoga Kundalini Shakti, she reaches to the future. Just by seeing Goddess Sati, Lord Rama recognizes her. Lord Rama worshipped Goddess Sati as ShivShakti

This makes Goddess Sati felt embarrassment to doubt on abilities of Lord Rama whether Lord Rama is the human avatar of Lord Vishnu or not.

This is the context where time travel is defined in Shiva Leela.

Why does Lord Shiva always Meditate?

We all know benefits of Meditation; It gives peace of mind and helps us to make us feel calm. Mediation is the medium to open your subconsciousness mind.

Practicing Meditation will help you to fix your anxiety and depression disorders. It also sharps the memory and clears the buffer.

Shiva is Bootnath the real ghost rider who has tremendous power which he uses for benefit of mankind. Shiva is the depicted as the Meditating all the time.

For Shiva, Meditation is the medium to put a close eye on everything in the cosmos. Meditation is the channel which calms Shiva. It opens door to individual so that they could easily reach to him or connect to him through Yoga Shakti.


The question whom does shiva meditate? is not easy to reply to someone. it is rooted deep in the complexities of Vedic history.

The major thing is that Shiva has never worshipped anyone, yet he likes to recite and chant Ram Naam.

A person who chants Ram Naam can easily get Lord Shiva.

So it is really a great habit to chant Ram Naam while Meditating Who knows when Umapati Shiva may get impressed easily with you if you continuously chants Ram Naam.

Try yourself for just 25-30 days and start seeing the miracles of chanting Ram Naam.

On the other Side Chanting the name of Lord Ram can give you serious benefits which can make you realize The benefit of Chanting Ram Naam.

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