what is the name of the snake around Shiva's neck?

what is the name of the snake around Shiva's neck?

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what is the name of the snake around Shiva's neck

On this post, we are answering what is the name of the snake around Shiva's neck?

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What is the Lord Shiva snake name?

Vasuki is the name of the snake around Shiva's neck.

Shiva's snake, Vasuki is regarded as the king of entire serpent community.

Vasuki is believed to be thousand headed giant snake who can choose any number of heads according to his wish.

Out of so Many great devotees of Shiva, snake Vasuki holds a major significance.

Vasuki has a precious gem on his head. The shine of the gem is so shiny that it can light entire place even in the darkness of night.

According to the ancient wisdom when It rains in Swati constellations the snakes who are older than 100 years swallow the drops of Rain.

Only those cobras are blessed with the special stone, these stone are known as Naag Mani or Cobra pearls.

In Mahabharata, Snake Vasuki awarded the strength of 10, 000 elephants to Bhima.

Why does Lord Shiva wear the snake Vasuki around his neck?

Vasuki is regarded as one of the devotees of Lord Shiva. Shiva never compares his devotees based on their Karma and traits.

It is the reason Ram Naam and Ravana both belongs to Baba Bhootnath.

For Shiva, there is no difference between Bull Nandi and Snake Vasuki. He treats them equally.

Both shares the same bond of emotion and devotion for Mahadeva. Time to time both showed their concern towards Shiva wedding.

Shiva is famous for his kindness and compassionate behavior who is always aware of his devotee's reverence for him.

One of the major Story related to Shiva wearing the snake Vasuki around his neck is legendary.

At the beginning of the creation, Lord Brahma assigned the lowest realm Patal Loka to the snakes.

They were not allowed to come on the surface of the earth whereas Snakes were restless inside the Patal Loka.

Goddess Shakti dissection with Shiva turned him into supreme Vairagi.

In that period of time, Shiva totally detached himself from the cosmic interference and he was not showing any interest in anything.

This situation was disturbing the entire cosmos due to which Brahma and Lord Vishnu were worried.

By taking benefit of the situation, snakes Chanted Om namah Shivaya and started coming on earth surface.

Brahma noticed Snakes appearance on the earth surface and complained about it with Lord Vishnu.

After understanding the issue, Lord Vishnu ordered his vehicle Garuda (Eagle) To attack the entire snake community.

Garuda starts attacking snakes and killing them . Lord Vishnu's vehicle Garuda was so strong that snake seeks help from their king Vasuki.

Vasuki comes on the earth surface and orders Garuda to stop the cruelty of killing snakes.

Garuda informs Vasuki that he is following his Lord Vishnu's order. A fierce battle gets started between Vasuki and Garuda.

Vasuki was the king of the serpents similarly, Garuda was the king of the Eagle community.

A devastating war between eagle and snake community get started.

Garuda's were so strong that Snakes were getting killed by them. After seeing the strength of snakes going down.

Vasuki seeks help from Shiva. Entire snake community takes refuge of Lord of Lords (Mahadeva).

Finally, Shiva appears there to protect his devotee Vasuki. By seeing Shiva, Garuda gets afraid.

By seeing no signal of his survival, Garuda seeks help from Lord Vishnu.

Lord Vishnu appears there to protect his devotee Garuda.

Now Shiva was protecting his devotee Vasuki and Lord Vishnu was protecting his devotee Garuda.

Lord Vishnu praises the simplicity of Shiva as Bholenath. Shiva accepts the warm wishes of Lord Vishnu.

Lord Vishnu convince Shiva that Garuda will not attack snakes further. Since Vasuki was hurt by Garuda so Shiva gives shelter to Vasuki on his neck.

Shiva is known as Vishnu Vallbha which means the one who is too dear to Lord Vishnu that without him Lord Vishnu doesn't accept anything.

It is really a beautiful relation between Shiva and Lord Vishnu. Both are collectively known as Harihar.

They are one but works differently in their own dimension. Shiva and Lord Vishnu never interfere with each other's work.

There are so many interesting facts associated with Shiva and snake Vasuki.

Some of them are defined below.

  1. The 3 Coils of Vasuki on Shiva's neck represent all three dimension of time, Past, Present, and Future.
  2. The 3 coils also reflects that Shiva is master of all three realms and owns all 3 traits which are Rajas, Tamasic, and Satva
  3. It also symbolizes that Shiva is beyond of Kaal Chakra and wheel of Karma.
  4. The Coil of the snake Vasuki on the neck of Shiva also represents the Kundalini Yoga Shakti.
  5. It is the energy which resides in every human navel section in the inactive form.
  6. You can invoke such powers through meditation and Yoga Kriya which is stored in the coil form of Cobra Vasuki inside your Nadi's.
  7. There is another theory that defines that Shiva drank the cosmic poison Halahal for protecting the universe which came from cosmic ocean crunching.
  8. At that time snake, Vasuki also drank poison with Shiva. By seeing the reverence of Vasuki Shiva gave him the special place on Rudra's neck.
  9. The impact of poison was so strong that it turned Shiva's throat blue. Hence Shiva is also known as Neel Kantha (Man with a blue throat)
  10. Goddess Parvati stopped the inflow to Halahal in Shiva's throat. The coil of Snake Vasuki helps Shiva by holding Halahal in Maheshwara throat.
  11. The head of the snake Vasuki is always depicted towards right side which symbolizes that every human should indulge themselves in act of righteousness.
  12. Snakes are the representation of fear, anger, and demonic stuff. Snake Vasuki on Shiva's neck means who so ever take refugee of Shiva, gets freedom from such disorders.


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