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Lord Shiva is known for his third Eye. Many people are curious to know what is Shiva's third eye? and what does Shiva's third eye represent?

Auspicious Shiva

Firstly let's understand Shiva first then we will talk about what is Shiva's third eye?

Lord Shiva is really different and winsome from so many aspects. There are so many interesting facts about Shiva which defines that there is no one like Shiva in entire cosmos.

Shiva who is the loving husband of Goddess Parvati and most dear to Narayana. The charm of Shiva is charismatic and highly spellbinding.

Shiva is Nirguna and depicting him is really beyond human consciousness. Shiva is regarded as Mahadev, the lord of Lords.

How can ordinary people define the charm of Vishnu Vallabha who lives in the highest 16 dimension?

No one in the universe lives in 16 dimension in which shiva lives even Lord Vishnu lives on 14 dimensions.

This could be understood by this example, we humans live in 3 dimensions. By activating kundalini yoga shakti humans can switch to 4 dimensions and beyond.

Shiva is the manifestation of Shapeless Omkara and Master of panch Maha Bhootas hence regarded as Bhootnath.

One can stabilize panch Maha Bhootas [5 elementary elements air, water, fire, soil, sky] by Chanting Pancharashir Mantra Om Namah Shivaya in order to attain Siddhis.

Shiva is extremely powerful still Mahadev is known for his simplicity as Bholenath .

Iconographic morph of Shiva.

Shiva is regarded as Hindu god of destruction by the west but hardly they knew that Shiva is beyond darkness and Light.

Shiva is the one who looks vigorous from the outer perspective and in contrary to outer dimension soft from the inner perspective.

These lines define him perfectly.

Naagendra-Haaraaya Tri-Lochanaaya Bhasma-Angga-Raagaaya Mahe[a-Ii]shvaraaya Nityaaya Shuddhaaya Dig-Ambaraaya Tasmai Na Kaaraaya Namah Shivaaya

Adi deva is Jatadharaya which means he has the thick matted hairs where the holy river Ganga resides and the beautiful white crescent on his forehead.

The one who wears the garland of snakes. Shiva always depicted as wearing a snake on his neck.

Shiva is Aadi Purusha, the man with a blue throat, it is the reason why he is known as Neelkanth who smears himself with cremation ground ashes on his body.

In between the lines there came a word Tri-Lochanaaya means the one who has the third eye.

Time has arrived to answer what is Shiva's third eye?

So, what is referred to the third eye is Gyan Chakshu which handles the operation of sixth sense. This third eye is related to Agna Chakra which is stored on our forehead.

Our body consists of 72000 Nadis and 7 important body Chakras. Agna Chakra is major in them. It controls the flow of Shakti ( energy) .

Activating this Chakra is known as Third Eye. Every human being is blessed with the third eye but we are not aware of this kind of science which really exist.

In humans context, the thing we are calling the third eye actually doesn't have any physical existence; it is intangible.

It is stored inside us and connected to our spine and pineal gland.

We need to understand one thing that we already have two eyes which are used to see outworld. They give us outer vision but what about our inside or our inworld.

The third eye helps you to roll in your inside vision, means you can heal your internal organs improper functioning without using allopathic pills.

You will be able to see everything; something which is clear to human dimension and which is not clear to the human dimension.

In that way, you can turn your vision inward or outward on your will. You will find Shiva inside and outside your body

In other words, you will be able to heal your illness by yourself and control the functioning of your body in outside as well as from inside.

Now it makes sense how yogis can increase or decrease their body's food consumption rate etc?

By activating your Agna Chakra you will become limitless and your perception level will get enhanced.

Normally when we talk about Lord Shiva's third eye? we hear the story that beam of intense fire comes out of Shiva's third eye which can destroy the whole world.

Yes, it is Shiva is extremely powerful but we need to understand one thing that Shiva is also extremely so calm, peaceful always meditating.

If you are interested you can read, whom does shiva meditate?

Shiva is Adiguru and Adiyogi. Shiva's third eye is the medium for lot's of devotees to get connected with Shiva.

This ecstatic connection helps devotees to live a mortification life where outer conditions doest matter but person is completely conscious and enlightened.

This gives freedom from worldly bonds and put you in the path of Vairagya and righteousness.

This is an ancient science which Yogis are using. You might have heard yogis in the Himalayan region living from last 300 years or talks something like that.

Yes, it is possible to even live more than 500 years for them. The third eye helps them to control their telomere growth which is responsible for aging.

Attaining that state is called Samadhi in the yogic culture. It is the state where yogi can connect with Shiva and have complete peace of mind and eternal joy.

what does Shiva's third eye represent?

Shiva's third eye is physical as well as spiritual. This third eye on his forehead defines that Shiva observes and govern the whole cosmic phenomena with his third eye.

One of the major things is that Shiva, all three eyes represent all three traits Sattva, Tamas and Rajas are inside him.

Shiva's third eye is also mentioned in Puranas where he burned and turned Kaam Dev (deity of eroticism and pleasure) into ashes.

If you are interested in knowing why Shiva turned Kaam dev into ashes by his third eye fire beam. You will be requiring to know how Goddess Parvati won the heart of Shiva?

So if you are still thinking what is Lord Shiva's third eye? or what does shiva's third eye represent you need to understand ancient Vedic science or yogic culture.


On this post, we have shared what is Shiva's third eye? and what does Shiva's third eye represent?

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