Shiva hindu god

shiva hindu god

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Hindu God Shiva is regarded as Mahadev which means supreme lord of lords. Hindu civilization follows the concept of trinity which involves Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh. Mahesh is another name of Hindu God Shiva. Being an individual I share a special bond with Lord Shiva.

There is so much we can learn from Shiva . Shiva is known for his innocence. He is the one who never cheated or tricked anyone.

Baahubali gave the tribute to Shiva

Before getting starting Let's Check out this amazing Video from Baahubali - The Beginning.

The music of this song is taken from Shiva Tandav Stotra composed by demon king Ravana in reverence of SHIVA.

Description of video

Spine gets automatically at its full stretch When Shiva's name comes out. It connects me to my inner dimension. This video defines the Charm of Hindu God Shiva.

Guru tells Shivdu (Shivdu - Son of Baahubali played by Darling Prabhas) " the person who takes a vow to worship Shiva has to Jal Abhishek (Water consecration) on Shiva in a natural way by walking distance and bringing river water."

So to worship Shiva, Shivdu mother takes a vow that she will offer Jal Abhishek (Water consecration) on shiva. Every time she brings water from near river, she gets more tired.

Shivdu says to his mother that, Mother please leave this vow of (Water consecration), it's too tiring for you. But she refused to listen to him. So Shivdu does something beyond imagination.

He lifts Shivlinga on his shoulders and put it under waterfall. By doing so everyone gets delighted and hail lord shiva.

Bollywood and Indian Cinema keep giving tribute to Lord Shiva but if you ask me which Tribute I like the most. I will definitely say; it is given by Bahubali.

Bahubali captured Shiva Element so beautifully in the movie. You must watch it if you haven't seen it yet. The majestic voice of Kailash Kher gave serious goose bumps when Prabas lift Shivlinga on his strong Shoulder to put it under water fall.

This is the best tribute ever given to Lord Shiva in Indian Cinema. In this tribute, Shivdu played by actor darling Prabhas who lifts Shivlinga (symbolism of Lord Shiva) on his shoulder and put it under the waterfall. As a viewer that epic scene gave some serious goosebumps to everyone, probably the best way to worship Shiva. I would like to congratulate director and super Prabhas (Actor of movie Baahubali) for executing this marvelously.


Shiva hindu god Charm

Shiva is Unborn, greatest Hindu god of destruction. Immortal, Supreme consciousness. Words are not enough to define the persona of such divine entity.

Now such great entity can not be held in thoughts by our limited mind.

As per great scholar & sages, they tried to invent iconography of a formless limitless, transformer, transcendent absolute Brahma so that our limited mind could grasp attributes of Supreme consciousness.

They told the world that shiva hindu god is simplest of simple God called Bhole-nath. On the other side, he is Supreme Guru & master of the universe. Shiva is the spouse of goddess Parvati collectively ShivShakti . Still, he is known from name of a Vairagi . Shiva has many iconic attributes. But here we tried to put only a few of them. I hope that it will help you to understand his guise better.

Shiva Hindu God Smeared with ash in his body:

(Bhasma-karaya) In a big rock Smeared with ash, this ash in his body has a philosophical view which defines that death is the ultimate reality of life. A person who ever took birth has to die one day, Means nothing is permanent in this world, not even this world last Long.

Matted hairs:

Jatadharaya So these matted hairs actually denote desire of living beings. These matted hairs are tied in a knot, This hair knot defines us that we should control our desire. Great scholars also told us that, Holy river of Ganga flows from his matted hairs lock.

Jata dharaya

Eye of wisdom:

(Trilo-Chanaya) In his iconic form, he has the third eye in his forehead. Shiva always has a close eye on this cosmos. This eye is known as the eye of wisdom.

Eye of wisdom hardly opens but when he opens his third eye, the person in front of him gets completely destroyed. In Puranas, stories are found how he destroyed The Kama after opening his eye of wisdom.

Crescent: Chandra was married to daughters of Daksha but he loved only Rohini. He ignored his other wives. When King Daksha came to know about this. That Chandra the Moon god loves only Rohini and ignores other. He cursed him to fade away. Chandra went to Bharma and Bharma advised him to worship Shiva. Chandra Worship for 6 months.

Being Simplest of the simple god Shiva accepts his apology to giving his love only to Rohini. Shiva advised Chandra that it is not right to ignore Daksha curse completely. Shiva wore Crescent on his head making him grow for 15 days after the decay of 15 days. This delighted everybody in this world. The place where Chandra worship Shiva is known as Somnath. That night is celebrated as MAHASHIVRATRI


Master of universe Shiva is draped with animal skin, sitting atop a rock in the Shamshan cremation ground and enjoying bhanng and Chilam ( चिलम ) is one of the act which defines about Dhuni the inner peace, Shiva is absorbed in his meditation amongst the Aghori ascetics.

Shiva Hindu God of destruction shared the knowledge of Ved and Tantra to his primary seven ascetics. Which later got spread in this world. These ascetics knew as Sapt - Rishi.

Blue neck:

NeelKanthaya He is the one whose neck is BLUE. His devotee calls him Neelkantha ( Man with blue throat). Legend told us that once he swallowed lethal poison, Halahala, during the Cosmic Churning of Ocean (Samudra Manthan).

He gifted the elixir to the Devas (Demi Gods) and Demons (Rakshash). Shiva never Discriminate between Devas( Demi Good) and Demons. He treated them equally. So it is said that Ram(King of Ayodhya:: Known for his kindness and love for humanity) and Ravan (Demon King: most powerful demon who got killed by King Ram) both belongs to Shiva.


There is so much to learn from Shiva and I have great reverence for Shiva. You cannot bind such an entity in the words who founded Vairagya or dispassion. Lord Shiva is famous for his innocence. Sometimes when I see snowy mountains it reminds me about the abode of Shiva where he lives with his beloved wife Parvati.

I hope I tried my best to present an image of Shiva. If you liked the post, please share and like our facebook page which is given on right sidebar. Thanks for your valuable time.

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