Secret of success by lord shiva

Secret of success by lord shiva

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7 Secret of success by lord shiva

There are few secrets of success by Lord Shiva. One day Goddess Parvati asked Shiva about 7 secrets of success.

Firstly understand what is the meaning of success?

Success is the most loved word when it comes to achieving something. It defines wining something crucial in life.

It is a signal to the human soul that they have accomplished something extraordinary and whose result is enjoyable to them.

Success may have a different definition for everyone. For someone, success may mean projecting themselves a winner in the society.

For someone, it may be getting the inner peace and enlightenment whereas for other's it may be earning huge money and living a helpful and blessed life.

Similarly, I have a different meaning of success. I personally believe in living as a free spirit and become a giver in life.

Feeling of being a giver in life, it makes me feel delightful and a sense of success for me. Yes, It is part of some kind of Vairagya.


secrets of success by Lord Shiva

Every one of us is blessed with greatness within us . Shiva enlighted my path time to time which helped me to overcome my fears, anxieties and hankering.

By simply following Shiva's teaching and chanting Om Namah Shivaya remarkably helped me to move forward in life.

Shiva has so many winsome qualities which have the ability to make his world a better and beautiful place to live.

I have great reverence for Shiva and it is not because he is the supreme consciousness and greatest transformer or omniscient.

It is because his simplicity and guiltiness nature invoked a sense of attachment with him. His Vairagi morph touched my heart.

For someone, he is Neelkantha (man with a blue throat) or for someone, he is Bholenath ( Easy to please ) but for me, Shiva is someone who listens to my unspoken words while meditating upon him.

That supreme divine entity helps me to clearly visualize the ongoing situations and make better decisions while leads to the path of success.

Now coming to 7 Secret of success by lord shiva

Once upon a time on Kailash Parvat , when the beloved
spouse of Shiva, Goddess Parvati asked a question to Shiva.

"Oh great lord Please elaborate what is the Secrets of success? - Parvati "

Shiva replied to Parvati

"Dear Parvati, there are 7 secrets of success, applying these principles anyone can achieve the great success. I will tell you one by one. "

1 One must have a strong determination towards their goal

Parvati one must have a firm determination towards his / her goal.

Dear Parvati, it was your strong desire due to which we get together once again.

Once someone has made his / her mind to focus on something then they must pursue their efforts in that direction.

2 - Don't Let society to impact your decision.

Parvati when you try to do something which is important to you then don't let society to impact your decision .

The quality of a true gentleman is that he see's the thing differently and knows what he is doing.

Society is a group of people which can either say good or may say bad things about your actions and decisions.

Too much good things can grow the feeling of egoism whereas too many bad things can grow the sense or inferiority in you and put you down.

3 Always put your guru first without any doubt.

Gauri, It is very important that one must always put his guru in the first place. Guru's teachings are always auspicious and caring towards his / her disciple.

Guru is the first source of light for the students. one must always be thankful towards his /her guru.

Without giving the respect to guru one cannot get the grace of success.

4 Balance your mind.

The fourth point is really important dear. One must balance his / her mind thoughts. The human mind is categorized into three parts.

  • Conscious part
  • Sub Conscious part
  • UnConscious

Conscious part is the most active part of the brain where a great number of brain neurons are active.

It helps to make instant decisions by taking care of every point and conditions matters to your decision.

SubConscious part is the partially active part of the brain. It does not actively participate in decision making but it helps the Conscious part of the brain.

UnConscious part is the least active part of the brain which doesn't show any interest in making decisions.

It stores the information for the longer period of time and manages the information collected on those brain cells

Regular practice of Meditation can give you serious benefits to invoke your subconscious part of the mind with other hidden benefits.

5 - Develop the process of self-control

A person should always apply the concept of self-discipline to avoid procrastination.

Applying self-control grows the trait of fundamental leadership qualities to that person.

Self-control is just a small term but it can give you great benefits like you can become an early morning person by just putting little efforts and self-control.

Slowly - slowly these qualities become the most persuasive techniques of the person which can help someone to achieve the success. Hence applying self-control is really important.

6 Have a balanced diet.

After having a healthy mindset you will be requiring a healthy body. For which you can take the balanced diet full of proteins and mineral in your meal.

One can take anything for the meal but there is a huge misconception that vegan diet lacks the required nutrients and minerals .

One can become Vegan and enjoy all the nourishment required by the body as the balanced diet.

7 There is no 7 secret of success.

One need to follow only these 6 secrets defined above and always remember that there is no other 7 secret to success.

After listening all the secrets of success Parvati gives thanks to Shiva for filling her curiosity.


In this post, we have shared the secrets of success by Lord Shiva.

These 7 secrets of success by Lord Shiva are the basic but fundamental secrets. One can follow these guidelines to achieve massive success in life.

Thanks for giving your valuable time to read the post.

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Please keep smiling and stay blessed.

Sharing is Caring.

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