How Shiva mesmerized Sati on their first meet? - Shiva Story

How Shiva mesmerized Sati on their first meet - Shiva Story

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This post is the fifth part of the Saga. See the story index right side named SATI JOURNEY TOWARDS SHIVA.

For a better understanding of the story we recommend you to read previous part of the story - Sati and Shiva which is related to Sati birth later How she came to know about Shiva? However, you can continue from here only. This part of the story will clear few things like

Shiva story - Summary

Shiva appears in Yagya everyone gets delighted. Shiva makes Daksha realize the secret of his origin. This leads to lord shiva and Sati love story.

As defined in the Previous post, Sati meditates upon Shiva on the order of her angry father Daksha. Daksha tries his best to create the wrong image of Shiva in front of her most beloved daughter.

But sage Dadhichi helps Sati to bring out the real and beautiful image of Shiva by presenting her Bilva leaf and suggesting Sati to meditates upon Shiva with true devotion.

Shiva appears in the Yagya as per request of the sage Dadhichi and Sati.

Prajapati Daksha

In that auspicious moment when Shiva appears in front of everyone in Daksha Yagya, everyone gets blissful. This was the first time when Sati sees Shiva. Sati was completely spellbound by the charm of Shiva.

She was constantly staring at him and unknowingly went too close to see the persona of Shiva.

Shiva opens eyes and looks at Daksha and others. Everyone present there gives salutation to Shiva.

Sage Dadhichi feels so blissful when Shiva appears there; he chants “Har Har Mahadev”. Only Daksha was there, who was not delighted by Shiva presence.

Shiva asks Daksha

Shiva: “What made Prajapati Daksha remember me today?”

Daksha: “It was my desire that my subjects and my daughter should also see who you are?

Your subjects believe that it’s very easy to please you. Because neither there is any rule mandatory for you nor do rituals hold importance in your worship.

That’s why they refer you as naive BHOLENATH. The one who pleased easily. Fools Do not realize that Shiva reality is a complete opposite.

Right from the day of excluding my father from worship, rituals his rightful place and decapitating my father Brahma fifth head and up to entering this Yagya place, today as this time all your moves are premeditated.”

This is the beautiful part of the Shiva story where Shiva left Sati mesmerized on their first meet.

After seeing Daksha going out from his limit Dadhichi tries to stop him by saying

Dadhichi: “You forget your manners and sense in the same time Prajapati Daksha, you forgot that the one you display your arrogance is the supreme lord himself. You are just an ordinary.....!”

Daksha: “I am not ordinary; I am the son of Brahma. If Brahma has created this world then I administer over it. I’ve made the earth fertile; organized it; made it worthy of life.

Had I not bound these people by rules then who would have worshipped the sages and Brahmins. I am the one who has elevated this world through the knowledge of Yagya and science of rituals. I’m not ordinary sage Dadhichi.”

Sati looks in eyes of Shiva and Shiva gives a simplistic smile to everyone and replies to Daksha

Shiva: “For whom Daksha? Who have you done all this for? Administration of the world! You made this earth worthy of life by establishing rules.

It’s the responsibility of a Prajapati. You have been recognized because of it. Then what favor have you done? And on whom? On the subjects? What subjects Prajapati? Look around you The sun, these trees, earth, air even the animals contribute every day to maintain the balance and keep creation going on.

Have you ever heard any of them announcing their greatness? Son of Brahma! You are wise, you are knowledgeable. What you need, is to look within yourself, where every answer of your question lies. I am a Vagabond. Neither do I have endearment with my praise nor do I fear embarrassment.

Neither anyone my foe, nor my friend. Neither is anybody my own, not a stranger. Neither do I take anything from this world, nor do I give. But whenever tyranny is unleashed in name of dharma becomes the basis for differentiation. I will surely vanish it”.

Daksha and Shiva

Everyone folds their hands and get bend down on their knees except Daksha whereas saints started dancing on the beats and start chanting Shiva mantra.

Sati was constantly staring at Shiva. She was listening everything Shiva saying there. She was wondering if the man standing in front of her eyes is supreme consciousness; Why he has simplistic and calm nature?

Why is he wearing animal skin, not the golden robe? Many questions were coming on her mind. She feels certain kind of attraction with Shiva, Sati brain, and heart was mesmerized with overall phenomena.

Shiva disappears after that and everyone once again gives salutation to Shiva whereas Sati keeps starring Shiva. She runs toward Shiva and tries to stop him from disappearing but Daksha stops her.

She forgets that she is Dakshayani (Daughter of great king Prajapati Daksha).

After stopping Sati Daksha walk out from the Yagya place. Later that, her other sisters argue with her that she injured their father dignity in public. Sati seeks to get an apology from her father for hurting his emotions.

Daksha punishes Sati by giving her task to write 100k times the name of Lord Vishnu on petals of lotus without any food for next consecutive 7days.

She was only allowed to eat fruits in that 7 days time span. Sati accepts the punishment given by her father Daksha and decides to collect all Lotus flowers from jungle ponds.

Meanwhile, Daksh expels the community of sculptors who helped Sati to put Shiva symbolism in that Yagya. Sage Dadhichi interfere in between when Daksha punishes the entire community of whole sculptors.

Dadhichi asks Prajapati Daksha not to be so cruel towards the sculptors. But Daksh asks him not to interfere in a king’s decisions.

After the expulsion of sculptors’ community, Sage Dadhichi accepts them in his Shiva devotee community. At this point, an extremely exhausted Sati returns from jungle to the palace and faints in front of Daksha.

Daksha orders everyone not to help Sati in the given punishment. Sati’s mother Prasuti accepts the Daksha decision with heavy hearts. Prasuti worships Lord Vishnu to help Sati secretly.

On the other side, Sati takes bed rest due to weakness and wounds in her feet and while in deep sleep suddenly sees a vision in which she sees Shiva performing a cosmic dance in the sky near the moon which leaves her mesmerized again.

Shiva dance

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