Om symbol meaning

Om symbol meaning

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Understanding Om symbol meaning

Understanding Om symbol meaning will help you to get connected with absolute Brahma (Supreme Power).

On this post, we are commemorating the glory of Om sound in a delightfully easy way.

Understanding the significance of Om symbol

Om, Auṃ, ॐ (Devanagari)

The sound of Om is pervading and referred as the Pranava (प्रणव) which is regarded as the shakti (energy) of the entire universe.

OM is the first Nadah which came before the existence of the cosmos. Hence it is universally independent vibration, which controls & run the entire cosmic phenomena.

Om doesn't have any physical existence; it came out from the elementary syllables. It can only be experienced.

The vibration of Om can be experienced only if person's mind and heart are in complete state of peace without any external desires.

Om is complementary to Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. Chanting OM means chanting Trinity at once. It is the reason Om is included before every Mantra for example.

  1. OM Namah Shivaya
  2. Om Namo Narayan
  3. Om Brahmanaye Namah

Om is a soul and karma Purifier. Chanting the sound of Om is helpful in erasing the negative thoughts from the mind.

All kind of sorrows and agony starts disappearing after the chanting of Om vibration.

One should not misunderstand it with just connecting to only Sanatana Dharma. It is sacred to so many religious belief like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism.

The significance of Om symbol has been first defined in the Upanishads which elaborated OM as omnipresent sound from which all other vibrations and objects have emerged.

The symbol Om is the combination of 3.5 Sanskrit syllables Ah-Au-Oh-Mm.

1 The origin of AH happens in the navel part of the body which is Brahma place on the body.

2 Au happens in the heart which is the Vishnu place in the body

3 Mm starts from the Throat where Mahadev resides in the body.

In that way, Trinity resides in our body and tri goddess Saraswati, Laxmi and Parvati help them respectively.

(a) First part Ah, vibration is for creation.

(b) second part Au Vibration is for preservation.

(c) third part mm, Vibration is for purification of the mind and soul.

(d) last but not the least part half which represents Voidness or nullness inside us where trinity exists and works jointly.

OM is a Nirguna representation of supreme Consciousness who took shape of infinite fire pillar (lingam or Sadashiv) and known as Omkara.

Om is considered as the first sound that came out from the five-headed SadaShiva. Creation of the universe started after that.

Hence, Om represents the Nirguna ( shapeless ) form of supreme Consciousness and om is incomprehensible by nature.

The Moment when you breathe air in your lungs at that moment, Om is in you. When you stop breathing it; you are inside Om.

We are Jiva and sound of OM is the representation ParBhrama (supreme divinity). For the human race, Chanting or meditating upon Om is a medium to get connect with Parmatma almighty.

The thing which is visible is the sriti (world), the thing which is not visible is OM. All three dimensions of time Past, Present, and Future are inside the sound of Om.

Even Time and space resides in the vibration of OM. The sound of OM is a matrix which contains all words, all sounds in human language.

According to Yajur Veda 40:15

“At the time of departure from this world, remember Om, the Lord, the Protector”.

According to Mundaka Upanishad

‘Om’ is compared to a bow; the atman to an arrow which targets supreme consciousness.

(Bhagavad Gita 8:13).

“Uttering Om, the single-syllable Brahman, meditating on me, departing thus from his body, he attains the Goal Supreme”

(Rig Veda I.164.39)

"He who knows not the eternal Syllable of the Veda [Om], the highest point upon which all the god's repose, what business has he with the Veda? Only its knowers sit here in peace and Concord"

The secret knowledge of Om is passed from generation to generations orally. One of the interesting facts is associated with Shiva here.

There is no need to define that Shiva is immortal, omniscient, shapeless supreme consciousness.

Once upon a time when Shiva was getting married to Goddess Parvati.

The sage who was performing the wedding rituals on that wedding, due to curiosity asked; who are the ancestors or father of Shiva?

Bholenath didn't speak anything, Then Sage Narada came forward and told that Shiva is unborn whose start and end is unknown.

Narada defined that Shiva is someone who doesn't have physical existence. Something which doesn't have any physical existence is actually Shiva.

In that way, Rudra is Nirguna Brahma (shapeless) who manifested him from Omkara. Hence Omkara is the ancestor of Shiva.

Lastly, Narada concluded his talk by chanting Panchakshari mantra Om Namah Shivaya.

Somehow old yogis knew that cosmos is not stable. It keeps expanding in an unknown dimension and keeps a resonating sound of OM. It is believed that Sun to makes the sound of Om.

In 2013 American space research agency NASA confessed that sun makes a sound of Om they called it Interstellar Plasma Music.

Benefits of Chanting and meditating upon the sound of Om

Meditating upon Om purifies the state of mind and soul. It frees you from worldly disturbance.

Chanting Om while meditating enhances your positivity and takes off the negative vibes of the area where the practitioner is meditating.

Yogis prefer to meditate upon Om for attaining of Siddhis or activating Kundalini Yoga Shakti.

Hence Chanting Om Auspicious for your psychological and physiological health.

If Yogis will chant Om while meditating then the benefit of the meditation will be huge.

Here we are sharing some of the benefits of chanting Om

  1. Om is not just mind and soul purifier, It purifies the environment around the chanter.
  2. Chanting Om enhances your concentration level by invoking your subconscious mind neurons. Regular Chanting of OM improves your immune system and neurological disorders.
  3. The Chant of Om creates a sensation in the entire body and your all vocal cords and important junctions get activated by chanting this ancient Hymn.
  4. Chanting Om cleanses human's 72,000 nadis or channels in the body.
  5. Chanting Om makes you free from anxiety, depression, unbalanced blood pressure which ultimately stabilize the heartbeat
  6. Wearing Rudraksha bead near the heart and chanting om 108 times is really beneficial. It does not only heal the chanter's body but does benefit to those who so ever come in contact with him
  7. Chanting Om can make singers feel the improvement in their singing abilities; as it activates all inactive vocal cords. It is the reason classical singers have amazing command on their vocal cords.
  8. Chanting om enables you to control your emotions and enhances your third eye capabilities.
  9. Chanting Om increases the feeling of compassion, sympathy. Which ultimately works as greatest anger management tools
  10. Chanting om puts you in the path of righteousness and Integrity.


On this post, we defined the Om symbol meaning in a simple way.

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