What is the meaning of kalpas?

What is the meaning of kalpas?

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Let's understand kalpas

In Sanatan, Dharma Kalpas is the long period of time. One Kalpa is equivalent to one day of Brahma after that Brahma goes to sleep.

We all know that God is eternal and kind . Only is he free from the wheel of Karma and time. Time is the valuable gem which keeps moving at its speed.

On this post, we have tried to present an outlook of the Kalpas the Vedic time cycle.

For getting started, Let's understand the meaning of Kalpas which constitute of 1000 MahaYuga.

So the question comes what is Mahayuga?

Mahayuga is the combination of 4 Yugas

1 Satya Yuga, 2 Treta Yuga, 3 Dwapara Yuga, and 4 Kali Yuga.

They keep repeating themselves in a cyclic process.

In Sanatana Dharma MahaYuga contains 4 Yugas

  1. Krita Yuga or Satya Yuga
  2. Treta Yuga
  3. Dwapara Yuga
  4. Kaliyuga.

Let's get into little deep

1- Krita Yuga [ Time Frame - 172 8000 years ]

Krita Yuga is also known by the name of Satya Yuga.

In Krita Yuga or Satya Yuga, there was the complete absence of Dark Ideology.

Satya Yuga was purely Vedic and divine era. Satya Yuga was yuga of truth and perfection, People were trustworthy, There was no disease, no chaos.

It was Yuga of no religion, people used to follow only Vedic customs.

The weather was pleasant with no natural calamities.

Everyone was happy and commonly aware of The Meditational practice and Vedic knowledge. Cows were worshipped all over the world as motherhood symbolism. There were pure dairy products.

It was the time when humans had humanity, empathy, compassion, and they used to be the worshipper of nature including rivers, mountain.

Humans were Gigantic with an average height of 30-35 feet.

They were powerful who had the power of displacing the solid rocks alone. They were handsome, honest, youthful, vigorous, and virtuous.

It was the Era when Lord Vishnu took Primary Avatar like
  • Matysa
  • Hayagriva
  • Varaha
  • Narshima
to preserve the mankind from all types of evil.

2- Treta Yuga [ Time frame 1296 000 years]

After the Krita Yuga or Satya Yuga, Period of Treta Yuga began.

There were 75% positivity and 25% Evil and dark ideology. People were still trustworthy with kindness in their heart.

People were living peaceful lives and knowledge seekers are everywhere. People were blessed with compassion in their heart.

Due to 25% of Darkness War become frequent among kings of different states.

Whether begin to change and ocean, deserts were formed. People began to speak lies for their personal benefits.

It was the time When Lord Vishnu took 3 major Avatar
  1. Vaman Avatar
  2. Parshu Rama Avatar
  3. Lord Rama Avatar.

Sages were busy in chanting and Reciting Ram Naam.

In Treta Yuga humans average lifespan was 10000 years and their usual height was 20-23 feet.

3 Dwapara Yuga [Time Frame 864 000 years]

Dwapara Yuga was the third yuga in a row of Sanatana Dharma.

It was the Dynamic era when people started adopting Tamasic qualities. Diseases started happening to people.

Darkness influence increased and reached up to 50% Which balanced the weigh of truth and lie. Now truth and lie both own 50- 50%.

Half percentage of people remained worshipper of cow and Vedic culture whereas rest 50% started getting indulged into the dark ideology or tamasic deeds.

Trust, Respect, Love started getting faded slowly. People were less stronger and less handsome than previous Treta Yuga. The glow in people faces starts getting disappear.

Average human lifespan was 1000 years and people height reduced to 10 feet.

In Dwapara Yuga Lord Vishnu took avatar as Lord Krishna.

4 Kaliyuga [Time frame 432, 000 years]

Kaliyuga is the age of Darkness. It is the fourth epoch in the continuous row of the Sanatana Dharma.

Kaliyuga is the current Yuga which is going on.

People indulged themselves in materialistic things. They forgot the value of compassion and Vairagya.

The value of truth decreased tremendously. Now truth remains only 25% and Darkness is over 75%.

Natural calamities are more often now. People started following the Tamsaic activities proudly.

Humans started destroying nature and natural resources like air, water, land.

Pollution and diseases start spreading.

*An honest and kind person is disrespected everywhere.

Definition of love is changed to lust.

People became weaker and average height gets decreased to 5.5 feet. As I have mentioned above that Kalyuga is the age of Darkness still truth exist but it is only 25%.

What is Kalpas?

MahaYuga is the combination of 4 Yuga as mentioned above

1 The Satya Yuga, 2 Treta Yuga, 3 Dwapara Yuga, 4 Kali Yuga

hence known as MahaYuga.

Mahayuga is also known by the name of Chatur Yuga.

Most important thing is that combination of 1000 Mahayuga Makes a Kalpa.

100 Kalpas makes the life duration of Brahma.

Brahma (The Creator of cosmos) Lifecycle

One Kalpa is one day of Brahma (the Creator of the universe) after that Brahma goes to sleep.

When Brahma goes to sleep the Pralay begins and Lord Shiva the Hindu God of destruction takes care of Destruction. In Sanatan, Dharma Destruction is important for the new beginning.

It is like cracking of the egg shell so that newborn chicken could come out from it.

This is Why Shiva is the primary divine entity in Hinduism with Lord Vishnu. Along with Brahma, they constitute Hindu Trinity .

Now, this is only one day of Brahma whereas Brahma has 100 long years of life.

After that Brahma dies and more devastating Pralay (Destruction) takes place. Shiva looks after all that.

After so many Kalpas the process of creation takes place and Brahma takes Birth again.


So it can be clearly understood that Kalaps is nothing but a cyclic process of Epochs which repeat itself in a Chakra(wheel).

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