Is parvati and sati same

Is parvati and sati same

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Is parvati and sati same

Is Parvati and Sati same? Or did Parvati knew about Sati? This post will give you well-attested answer to the defined question.

Yes, Parvati and Sati both are the spouses of Lord Shiva. Parvati is the second spouse of Shiva whereas Sati is the first spouse.

Now the question arises that are Parvati and Sati same?

Yes, Parvati and Sati are same, both are the divine entities of the common supreme sentience known as AdiShakti or Adiparashakti.

Let's understand what I mean here by Adishakti.

Adishakti is the supernatural shapeless supreme consciousness who is actually the other dimension of Sadashiva.

In simple term, Adishakti and SadaShiva are the two names of the same vis hence collectively known as ShivaShakti .

Shiva and Shakti are the inseparable cosmic couple in which Shiva is the male element and Shakti is the female element.

In that way, Shivashakti becomes the nullable voidness which could be understood as Ardhanarishvara.

It means both are the Bipolar flux of the same quantum thermodynamics.


Here is the answer to the question is Parvati and Sati same

Once upon a time Brahma and Vishnu worshipped the shapeless (Sadashiva) and requested them to take some iconographical shape.

So that they could have a logical image frame of the divine entity.

On request of Brahma and Vishnu, shapeless Sadashiv told them that I will take a morph as Rudra Mahadeva who will live on the Mount Kailash.

There will be no difference in between my this Sadashiv form and physical form (Rudra). Further, that shapeless energy gave few orders to Brahma and Vishnu.

Brahma you will work as the creator of the world and Vishnu will be preserver, Whereas I will take care the responsibility of the ultimate Destroyer.

After that Sadashiv took the shape of Rudra or Mahadev on Kailash Parvat .

Brahma and Vishnu visited Kailash to meet the physical form of shapeless phenomena and to worship him.

In the meantime, Brahma expressed his inabilities to create the world without energy and requested Shiva to give him his energy as a boon so that this world may come into existence.

Shiva as the simplest god with limitless qualities accepted the Brahma requested and presented his energy to Brhama for the creation of the world.

After returning from Kailash and reaching to their prescriptive realms Brahma and Vishnu took over their responsibility but Shiva turned to Vairagi (dispassionate) .


Unknowingly Brahma separated Shiva and Shakti with each other. After getting separated from Shiva, shakti lost her memory and didn't recognize Shiva as her spouse.

This broke shiva internally and he indulged himself in penance and vairagya. When Brahma came to know about the Shiva dispassion he felt guilty.

With Lord Vishnu, Brahma tried so hard to make Shiva came out of ascetic lifestyle but failed miserably but he continued the creation of the world.

Ultimately Brahma ordered his son Daksha to worship the goddess and accept a boon from her to take birth as his daughter so that he could make her marry with Shiva.

As per order from his father Brahma, Daksha did the hardest penance upon goddess to get the boon from her.

In that boon, the goddess has to take birth as his daughter so that he could make her marry with Shiva.

While Daksha was performing the highest austerity towards goddess but on the other side hankering of the Brahma was increasing day by day.

In that time Brahma had five heads. Brahma was trying everything to make Shiva come out of vairagya.

Due to certain kind of anxieties Brahma was looking for the instant result so he started rebuke Vedas from his fifth head.

His four heads were praising Vedas whereas his fifth was rebuking them. Brahma was doing all these things to make Shiva come out of penance.

One day when Shiva was meditating in a cremation ground, came to know about Brahma fifth head which was rebuking Vedas. This filled shiva with extreme anger.

Shiva tried to control his anger but at last, decided to decapitate Brahma's fifth head. Shiva lifted his trident and aimed at Brahma fifth head which was rebuking Vedas.

Meanwhile, Lord Vishnu appeared and requested Shiva to calm down and forgive Brahma.

Shiva told Vishnu that Vishnu your every word is precious to me but today I cannot forgive Brahma's fifth head. His mistake is unforgivable; I have to punish him.

After this short conversation, Shiva decapitated Brahma Fifth head. On the other side, Goddess blessed Daksha with the boon and agrees to take birth as his daughter but on one condition.

The condition was simple that Daksha will never insult Shiva at any cost. As soon he will ever insult Shiva; she will return back to her realm.

Daksha Accepts the condition and after few years a beautiful girl takes birth to Daksha house. Sage Narad gave her name Sati.

Sati was highly intelligent and gracious girl of Dakaha. She was the daughter of Daksha hence known as Dakshayani. Sati was the dearest daughter of Daksha.

She was the cheerful girl who came to fall in love with the supreme Vairagi.

It is the love story of a princess who enchanted in love with Shiva.

On the other side when her father came to know that Shiva decapitated Brahma fifth head.

Daksha took it as an insult and became the greatest hater of Shiva's name.

Daksha restricted taking shiva's name in his palace and kingdom.

He ordered everyone to not worship Shiva and himself become the greatest worshipper of Lord Vishnu.

In such conditions, it was so hard for Sati to know more about Shiva. On Lord Vishnu ordered Sage Dadhici helped Sati to know more about Shiva and his charismatic persona .


Sati fell in true love with Shiva, She was unaware of her divine morph of Adishakti. Whereas Shiva always tried to make the distance from her.

It was Sati destiny to marry Shiva but due to bound in the human body she never understood why she had so much unconditional love for Mahadeva , who was ignoring her.

On Mount Kailash Shiva's biggest devotee Nandi and Shivgans were waiting for Goddess Sati to get married to Swayambhoo Shiva and take over the responsibility of Kailash.

Sati went through various problems like maintaining the dignity of a princess and most loved daughter of Daksha and Shiva's paramour.

Her love was poised and true for Shiva that every time she used to get stuck in some problem she used to chant Shiva's name with true heart and Shiva has to appear for her help.

sati meets shiva Many times Shiva appeared in front of Sati to protect her from many demons and evil.

All these incidents strength the bond of affection and love between them.

After so many hurdles she was married to Shiva and started a happy married life with Shiva but unfortunately, this cosmic union remained unsuccessful.

One day Daksha organised a huge Yagna ceremony in which he invited everyone including demigods, humans, Lord Vishnu, Brahma but didn't send any invitation to Shiva and his daughter Sati.

Shiva reminds Sati to not go the ritual but Sati argues with Shiva to let her go her father Yagna ceremony.

Sati forcefully takes permission from Shiva to attend her Yagna ceremony.

She gives a vow to Shiva that she will go alone to attend her father Yagna if any misshapen or wrong thing happens there then only Shiva could come there in her father Yagna.

With extreme heavy heart Shiva gives permission to Sati to attend her father ceremony.

After reaching the Yagna ceremony, Sati was assuming that her father will receive her with great care and happiness but Daksha does the opposite to it.

He dishonours his daughter Sati and calls her the wife of a barbarian Aghori who has no home to live.

Daksha tries everything to defame Shiva in front of the huge gathering.

On Mount Kailash, Shiva was listening everything due to bound by the vow of his beloved wife Sati he kept his promise and didn't interfere in between a daughter and her father.

In the Yagna, Daksha was constantly mocking shiva. Everyone present over there was shocked to see Daksha defaming Shiva.

Everybody was not getting what was happening there.

Sage Dadhichi tried to stop Daksha by doing the greatest sin of his life but Daksha didn't stop and used more inappropriate words for Shiva in front of his own daughter Sati who was the beloved wife of Shiva.

After seeing Daksha crossed his every limit, ultimately the supreme consciousness Adishakti inside Sati soul got invoked and took the huge dense morph in the Yagna.

She shouted the name of her father Daksha and told him that

You slob listen to me carefully I M not your daughter Sati, I m the energy of your navel which is your Kundalini Shakti.

I M the Adishakti, inseparable part of Shiva.

Daksha by defaming Shiva you have lost your right to live in this world.

I can also do that but I was once born in your home as your daughter and by killing you; I cannot get bounded by the wheel of karma.

So I m leaving this human body which was made from your seed and five elementary elements.

Now your people will have to face the wrath of Shiva. Lastly, I m giving my salutation to the My Shiva.

By saying such things to Daksha Adishakti leaves the body of Sati and Sati falls down and Through Yogshakti her body get's burn on the fire.

One Mount Kailash Shiva get's filled with immense fury and losses his calmness. Shiva eyes become red and stand from his meditation.

He expands his size opens his matted hair locks. His body gets converted to the dense fire human shape

Shiva starts the Cosmic destructive dance Tandav.

All three realms started shaking, on the Yagna Daksha get scared when he listens that Shiva becomes ire.

Whereas Shiva pulls out one of his matted hair locks and Veerbhadra originates from that.

Veerbhadra is the most fearsome form of Shiva. Shiva orders Veerbhadra to destroy Yagna of Daksha and decapitate Daksha head.

Veerbhadra does exactly; he goes to Daksha palace and kills who so ever comes in front of him and ultimately decapitates Daksha head and after that gets dissolve in Shiva.

Lastly, Shiva reaches to take Sati body from the Yagna but on the request of Daksha, wive and Sati's sister gives life back to Daksha.

Shiva gives the head of a goat and body of a human to the Daksha.

Shiva sees Sati body lying on the Yagna floor few tears come out with his wet eyes.

Shiva lifts Sati's body in his arms and roams in the entire universe.

Shiva lifts Sati's body in his arms and roams in the entire universe Courtesy - Bhargav08 - deviantart

By seeing Shiva's unbearable pain of losing Sati, Lord Vishnu cut's Sati body into 51 sections.

Every place where Sati's body part falls becomes the Shakti Peetha.

Shakti Peetha is the most pious places on the earth. Shiva appointed Bhairava in every Shakti Peetha to look after and protect the place.

On the other side, Shiva again became Vairagi and indulged himself on penance.

After the death of the Sati Adishakti told Brahma and Vishnu that Next time she will take birth as the Daughter of the Himalayas who will be known by the name of Himavan.

After some time an adorable girl was born in Himavan and Mainawati Home. They named her Parvati .

Parvati was equivalently beautiful and intelligent girl as compared to Sati.

Sage Dadhichi helped Parvati to grow her devotion to Shiva but Shiva didn't accept Parvati love.

This time Parvati had gone through even more difficulties to get Shiva as her husband.

This time Shiva first made her attain all the siddhis and the Atmagyan through meditation.

Sages like sage Dadhichi , sage Markandeya etc enlightens Parvati about Shiva.

After seeing Parvati's devotion to him, Shiva helped her to activate her body Chakras.

Parvati did the penance for several years. On request of Lord Vishnu, Shiva tested her love for him.

Once upon a time Shiva appeared in front of Parvati as an unknown mystic man and defamed Shiva.

Parvati stopped the stranger from defaming Shiva.

Lastly, though the path of the Devotion yoga she finally achieved Shiva as her husband.

Later on, a cosmic marriage took place between Shiva and Parvati and then cosmic union became successful.

Shiva and parvati

Later on, Shiva taught everything to Parvati which includes all the Vidyas, Siddhis, and Tapas.

Shiva made her complete & Parvati came to know about whole incidents happened with her as Sati.

There is so much we can learn from Shiva.

Shiva and Parvati love is eternal and pure. Shiva gives equal respect to Parvati. He includes Parvati in making every small decision.

It is not just a story it is the saga of true love, faith, sacrifice and devotion which knows no boundaries and limitations.

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