Who is the hindu god of destruction?

Shiva is the hindu god of destruction Courtesy - Shrutika Jain - Pinterest

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Who is the hindu god of destruction?

Shiva is Hindu god of destruction. In Sanatana Dharma Shiva is the omniscient, the first Yogi. Phenomenal mount Kailash is his abode where he lives with his spouse Goddess Parvati .

Shiva is the destroyer of Darkness and evil. The one who is known for his simplicity. It is the reason why people call him Bholenath.

So the question comes to common mind why the Hindu god of destruction too dear to people that they worship him? and what makes Shiva so special for them?

When you closely observe shiva You find that Shiva is different from every aspect.
  1. He smears dead bodies ashes.
  2. he wraps himself in animal skins
  3. He sits on Cremation ground where everyone fears to go
  4. Phantoms and Aghori's are always around him.

This is how Shiva Showcase himself as the Hindu god of destruction.

On the other hand whenever we think about the divine entity; what comes to our mind is that man wearing the golden robe with shining diadem on his head. Shiva doesn't get fit on that outlook.

It does create contradiction why Shiva doesn't wear a Golden robe, Jewellery, and shining diadem? like other gods and demigod wears?

People who worship him know it clear why he does that.

Let's have a look why he does that

Shiva is really rough from the outer dimension so most of the people believe that he is the god of destruction so obviously he will be rough from the outer dimension. But in reality, It is far from reality.

How we could know who is Shiva in reality?

Shiva means the auspicious one, the one who is always being a giver, who never asks anything in return. He knows very well how to fill people voidness without getting involved in the materialistic world. Hence known as Maheswara.

Think for a minute if a giver will have involvement with the materialistic world then how will be he a giver?

Hindu god of destruction Shiva Courtesy - Priyadarshini Das(Singh) Pinterest

Now time have arrived to define the reason of Shiva raw looks.

1 He smears dead bodies ashes

By doing so Shiva gives the strong message that doesn't get involved in this materialistic world. Everything Will remain here after death.

2 He wraps himself in animal skins

Try to stay simple and organic in your lifestyle. Be surround by nature. It can cure you better.

3 He sits on Cremation ground where everyone fears to go.

Have a faith and spirituality in you. It will give you Peace of mind which will bring stability to you. Such stability can make your fearless person.

4 Phantoms and Aghori's are always around him.

Shiva is the base of every soul and he accepts everyone who so ever have the devotion to him. Even the greatest demon of all the time Ravana was one the greatest Devotee of Lord Shiva. He created shiv tandav stotra for reverence of Shiva.

After getting pleased by Ravana reverence Shiva gave him Chandhaas ax at one promise that he will never use the ax for any wrong deeds.

It proves that Shiva belongs to everyone. By giving so much power to Ravana as the boon. Ravana misused Shiva power to capture all the three Lokas.

For making Ravana stop Lord Rama (incarnation of Lord Vishnu) took birth on earth as the son of Dashrath and Kaushalya Whereas Shiva himself took the eleventh Rudra avatar as Lord Hanuman. Shiva Rudra avatar Commonly known as monkey god Hanuman who served Lord Rama in the war against the demon Ravana.

Ad defined above Lord Hanuman is the Rudra Avatar of Shiva whereas Vayudev is the celestial father of Hanuman. Hanuman Shares a beautiful bond of affection with Vayudeva. Monkey God Lord Hanuman is known as the definition of true devotion towards Ram Naam.

Who is bigger authority Shiva or Vishnu?

It doesn't matter Shiva and Vishnu are not distinct. They are the flux of the same energy. It is the cyclic process of creation in which Trinity plays the major role.

In the Trinity (Trimurti) Shiva plays the role of destroyer, Vishnu play the role of preserver and Brahma play the role of creator.

Once Shiva projected himself as Half body Shiva and half body Vishnu and Shiva became Vishnu Vallabh.

This is a really beautiful bond between Shiva and Vishnu. There will be no Shiva without Vishnu similarly there will be no Vishnu without Shiva. Lord Vishnu regards Shiva as Param Brahma similarly Shiva regards Vishnu as Param Brahma. Don't get confused both are same.

There are so many things we can learn from Shiva Like Shiva is known as the contemporary of the ideal husband and father.

Shiva is always Meditating

Check out whom does Shiva Meditate? Shiva is the master of all the Yogis as AdiYogi who invented Yoga, Meditation. In one of the form, Shiva is also known as Vaidyanath which is related to the science of Ayurveda. Shiva has countless manifestations which cannot be summarized in a few words.

Shiva is always depicted as doing Meditation. We all know the benefit of Meditation what transformations it can bring you in your personality. Mahashivratri is the occasion when Shiva is worshipped all around the Globe.

Hindu god of destruction has many names.

He has millions of names, but these are the most common names.
  1. Shiva
  2. AdiYogi (Primary Yogi)
  3. Mahakaal(Destroyer of Evil)
  4. Neelkantha (Man with Blue Throat)
  5. Mahadeva (Lord of Lords)
  6. Shambhoo ( a gentle form of Shiva)
  7. Bolenath (Innocent)
  8. Shankar (The one who brings happiness and prosperity)
  9. Gangadhar ( The one who holds river Ganga on his hair coils )
  10. Rudra (Devastating Angry form)

Each name has distinct meaning and worshipped accordingly. He manifested himself time to time to establish the foundation of Dharma and righteousness. Now you can easily understand why Shiva is known by many names.

Shiva is regarded and worshipped all over the world. The people Who worship Shiva get's the immense power beyond their limits. The goddess of strength and energy Shakti is the better half of Lord Shiva who resides in Shiva.

Shiva charm is so charismatic he has three straight lines on his bodies which are known as Tripunda. These 3 lines define that he is the master of 3 realms who once destroyed the Tripur another dimension created by Asurs or demons.

Mahadeva is immortal divine Adi Purusha who shares a special bond of affection with his devotees. Any community which says that Shiva belongs to their community is lying. Even once upon a time due to ego, Ravana tried to establish his rights on Shiva.

He tried to make lord shiva personalize but Shiva broke Ravana ego and made him realize that he is independent of every worldly bond.

Shiva Hindu God Courtesy - Valmariel - pinterest

By doing so Shiva defined that he is not just the god of destruction; Shiva is the destroyer of every kind of darkness & evil which includes, Greed, False Attachment, Kaam, Creed etc.

Shiva doesn't belong to any community that is why is a Vairagi. The founder of dispassion. He belongs to each of us and get's easy pleased with just offering a Bilva leaf to him.

Shiva is kind towards the sages and innocent people but the destroyer of the demons and evil.


Shiva is omniscient, Hindu God of destruction who loves to meditate all the time. People around the world know him as the Hindu god of destruction but for his devotee; he is the simplest of simple god Bholenath.

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