The connection of Cremation ground with Lord Shiva

The connection of Cremation ground  with Lord  Shiva

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A question which comes to people mind is that what is the connection of Cremation ground with Lord Shiva?

On this post, we are going to answer one of the most asked questions about Shiva. We request you to please read the whole article.

Lord Shiva connection with Cremation ground

Most of the people are curious to know why a God who is regarded as the top influential lord, likes to stay and meditate on Cremation ground.

One thing we need to understand as a Human is that Happiness cannot be pursued.

You don't need to run for happiness, It will come automatically to you. If you think you will earn lots of money and it will give you happiness, Then it is wrong speculations of happiness. It comes from inside not outside.

Happiness comes from when you start sharing your resources with the people who really need them. It will increase compassion, love in your heart which will give you peace of mind and healthy focused mindset.

After that, You will be able to meet Shiva when you are calm and intellectually stable from inside. You will feel Shiva inside and outside of your body.

You won't get back your time.

One day you will surely die, please accept my apology for being harsh with my words here but it is the ultimate truth which can't be ignored in any manner.

Then why some people live an unhappy life, blaming others for their failures or being rude to others.

Learn positive thing as much you can. Human life is limited. The best thing for you is to live happy and peaceful life

Fighting over religion, caste, sex is useless, It will not matter anything after your departure from the world.

This is the ultimate message Shiva gives from cremation ground.

The truth is one, Sages say it differently. Shiva is regarded as Mahadev , the supreme sentience. You need to understand Shiva's theory first to understand the whole concept of internal peace.

There are so many interesting facts associated with Lord Shiva . In which, one of the most fascinating is Shiva's attraction towards Cremation ground. Cremation ground is known as shamshan.

A land where dead bodies are burnt according to Vedic rituals. In the Cremation ground after burning the dead bodies, they get merged into Panch mahabhoot (Air, water, Soil, Sky, Fire).

Flowing the ashes of the dead bodies in the holy river of Ganga opens doors of Moksha to the soul of the dead bodies .

For understanding this thought, you need to think from spirituality perspective where there is no place to worldly bonds and affection.

The first thing we need to understand is that Shiva owns mahabhootas. Due to which Shiva is known as Baba Bhootnath .

Every dead body which gets the Mukhaagni in the Cremation ground finally get merged into Shivoham. You need to understand it carefully, It will define the connection of Cremation ground with Lord Shiva

A simple chant of Om Namah Shivaya is a panchakshari mantra. Shiva Devotees use it to please Lord Shiva . Hence, Worshipping Shiva means worshipping Panch mahabhoot.

Shiva is the almighty lord who is shapeless as well as available in physical form. Everything which is present in this universe is Shiva-Tatva (Shiva element) and the energy which is flowing in the entire universe is shakti .

Cremation ground connection with Vairagya

Shiva is free from all worldly bonds and known as the founder of Vairagya . It is the situation where external conditions don't matter.

Vairagya could be considered as dispassion. It is is a situation which gives extreme joy and complete peace of mind.

This joy made Shiva to the biggest giver, The one who accepts the cosmic poison for himself and distribute nectar to others.

Emotions are reasons for our most of the griefs. It indulges us into Maya. Vairagya is the easiest way to purify your soul and Karma. It puts you on the path of the righteous which ultimately leads towards Shiva.

It is the knowledge of Shiva which spread all over the world through his primary 7 Rishis. Ayurveda, Yoga, Vigyan, Artha, meditation etc are the few examples of those valuable assets.

Shiva, who is the parma Brahma iconographical representation of Omkar.

The Omkara is the Ultimate vibration through which everything evolved.

Following the route of Vairagya means putting no expectation on anybody's shoulder and expecting nothing from other but keep doing your own Karma .

Cremation ground is the place where desires attain the salvation. Vairagya is a complementary form of getting freedom from humanely desires.

Shiva is Mahakaal, the destroyer of darkness and evil. In the Cremation ground, Shiva wears the garland of skulls and symbolizes that Vairagya is the way towards unending joy.

When Goddess Parvati enquired about the Cremation ground

Goddess Parvati is the consort of Lord Shiva. Once Goddess Parvati raised a question to Bholenath regarding his interest towards Cremation ground.

Shiva replied to Goddess in that context.

Maheshwari, Cremation ground is the holiest place. It is the place where Jiva gets freedom from worldly bonds, anxieties and reason of his/her sorrows.

Hardly anybody comes there. It is the place where I can meditate freely and control the ghost, apparition, phantom etc of their from harming humans and other creatures.

Parmeshwari, Cremation ground is the best place where yogis can easily enhance their abilities. It is also the best place to activate Kundalini Yoga Shakti .

Devi Shakti, I live in the highest dimension and I Listen to everyone's prayer. When a dead body get merged in Panchamahabhutas, I accept him.

If a yogi meditates upon me at the cremation ground, It activates their spiritual energy faster.

Yogis just need to have full faith in me and chant Om Namah Shivaya with complete devotion. I never compare my devotees on basis of their Karma.

- Shiva.

Shiva outer appearance

If you think Shiva is rough and too hard, then you probably need to know about Shiva's amazing morph.

The charm of Shiva is Charismatic, which forced goddess Parvati to fall in love with Shiva. Due to which she did the hardest penance to get Shiva as the husband .

Shiva's outer dimension is really enthralling. Long matted Hair where holy river Ganga resides, Crescent on his forehead.

Shiva has the third eye in the middle of his forehead, a man with a blue throat and the king of the snakes around his neck .

Shiva smears the Bhasma (ashes) of dead people on his body which has a spiritual meaning.

It defines that world is materialistic and destroyable. Only supreme consciousness is immortal and omniscient here.

Shiva further defined that there are two kinds of elements in this universe which are controlling all kind of phenomena.

These two elements belong to me, In which the first element is Som and Second is Agni.

My Som form is Lord Vishnu, which is pleasant as well as soft whereas my second form is Agni which is tough. Bull Nandi is my vehicle who is also one of my greatest devotees .

I manifest my hard form as Rudra . I protected humanity and Universe multiple times.

Although Shiva is sweet and innocent in nature who is always DhyaanYutam (always meditating). His devotees worship him as Bholenath

Hence Shiva likes to meditate on cremation ground and control every positive and negative energy from there.


Lord Shiva's connection with Cremation ground is not hidden from anyone. On this post, we have elaborated the connection of Cremation ground with Lord Shiva.

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Last but not the least, please keep smiling and stay blessed

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