Baba Bhootnath

Baba Bhootnath

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When it comes to baba bhootnath, everyone wants to know why Shiva is called Bhootnath?

Out of so many names, Shiva's one name is baba Bhootnath

Bhoot means the Ghost and Nath mean the king. Hence Shiva is the king of the Ghost and apparition.

In a logistic way, there are two meaning of Bhoot here

1 - Panch-maha-bhootam [ 5 elementary elements ]

Shiva is the owner of Panchmahabhoot , he governs the 5 elementary element which includes Air, water, Fire, Land, Sky.

All these 5 primary elements arise from him. Shiva as Mahadev owns them.

One can understand Panchmahabhoot simply by chanting Panchakshari mantra Om Namah Shivaya .

Shiva is shapeless [ Nirakar ] ParamBrahma. He is worshiped as Lingam form.

Lingam is the manifestation of the Hiranya-Garbha which means the cosmic womb.

Therefore Lingam is the base of creation. Hence Shiva is the creator as well as greatest destroyer .

2 baba Bhootnath the Lord of all the spirits.

When I say spirits it includes all the categories of phantoms, ghost, apparition, aghoris, pichaas, gandharvas, vaitalas, Yaksha, Ganas, Dakini, and demons.

It is really amazing how can be a god known as the king of Ghost and apparitions.

Shiva's iconographical representation is really unique and different from others which shows that he is beyond human conciseness.

One of the fearsome forms of baba Bhootnath is his matted hair locks from where holy river Ganga originates.

Shiva is Sampoorna [ complete ] and the intense fire in himself.

Greatest demon king Ravana defined shiva immense strength and mesmerizing morph in Tandava Stotram .

This stotra is a powerful Sanskrit hymn used to worship Shiva.

Ravana sang it to please Lord Shiva. By the efforts of Ravana, Shiva gave him strength beyond Ravana capabilities.

Nobody could forget that blockbuster movie Bahubali the beginning who gave the iconic tribute to Lord Shiva's through Shiva Tandava Stotram only.

Have look at this video How they worshipped Shiva beautifully.

Shiva smears Bhasma of dead on his bodies, wears the garland of the skull, has a third eye on his forehead.

Shiva loves to meditate in the middle of cremation ground surrounded by his Ganas and Ghost.

These Ghost and spirits are boycotted by human society, only baba Bhootnath gave them appropriate respect and place to live.

In honor and reverence of Shiva, they look after shiva's Kailash Parvat and devotees of Maheshwara. They are the inseparable part of Shiva.

Shiva is Vairagi , who is always being a giver.

He never limits his devotees and neither differentiates them based on their karmas .

It is the reason Shiva is worshipped by everyone even by demons and ghost.

When a ghost is accepted by Shiva that time he becomes divine and uses his energy to swallow sages and devotees miseries and agony.

Goddess Sati PanchMaha Bhoot Connection with baba Bhootnath

Lot's of people are confused that is Goddess Sati and Parvati same?

Shiva is Immortal, shapeless supreme sentience & nobody knows about his origin. But Baba bhootnath is Kind and peaceful.

The whole universe emerges from him and in the last get dissolve in him on his wish.

Lord Vishnu also emerges from Shiva and Brahma emerge from Lord Vishnu navel part.

At the time of cosmos creation, a mystic voice advised Lord Vishnu and Brahma to perform the deepest penance upon ParmaBrahma.

Lord Vishnu and Brahma began their austerity. Due to performing the hardest penance, various elements and water streams came out from Vishnu body.

That's how Lord Vishnu got the name NARAYAN.

Divine cosmic water filled the whole universe and created Sheer Sagar. After that whole Universe started reacting with each other.

After the intense penance upon Shiva, both requested shapeless Shiva to take some iconographical shape so that they could see his physical existence.

For fulfilling their wish, Shiva took the shape of Jatadharaya Rudra at Mount Kailash. Baba Bhootnath is one of his holy guises. Maheswara assigned the specific duties to Vishnu and Brahma.

According to their respective duties, Brahma had to take the creation process to next level and Lord Vishnu had to preserve Brahma creation.

But Brahma unknowingly asked for strength from Kailash Pati. Shiva dissected his shakti Urza - energy from himself so that Brahma could take the creation as a continuous.

Brahma was unaware that he unknowingly differentiated Shiva with shakti. This turned Shiva towards dispassion and Vairagya .

After that realization, Brahma worshipped Goddess Shakti to take birth as his granddaughter so that she could marry and get united with Mahadev again. Shakti blessed boon to Brahma.

After receiving the boon from Parmeshwari, Brahma advised his Son Daksha to perform penance upon the goddess and request her to take birth in his home as his daughter.

After the penance of Daksha, Maheswari appeared in front of Daksha and gave a boon to Daksha that she will take birth in his home as his daughter.

But on one condition that Daksha will never disrespect and infamonize Shiva. If ever mistakenly he does that she will return to her realm and he has to face the wrath of Shiva.

Shakti takes birth as the daughter of Daksha. Sage Narada names her Sati.

As she grows to her womanhood, Sati gets 's fall in love with the charm of Shiva but Shiva being a Vairagi ignores her love.

when Daksha comes to know that his most dear daughter falls in love with a maha yogi who lives in the freezing condition of Mount Kailash.

Daksha in his arrogance gets furious and turns against Shiva. On the Other side, Sati faith in Shiva gets stronger and stronger with passing days.

Every time she gets stuck in some kind of trouble. She used to pray upon Shiva. Shiva as being the Lord of Lords had to come for her protection.

Many times Shiva protected Sati from various demons one of them was a demon of Hurricane named Vitrasura.

Since Shiva is VishnuVallabha meaning the one who is most dear to Lord Vishnu without whom Vishnu doesn't accept the offering of his devotees.

Both Vishnu and Shiva share a divine bond of affection with each other which is really hard to express in words.

Many times Sati expresses her love to Shiva but Shiva keeps rejecting her love.

It was Sati's true love and faith on Shiva that made her keep falling again and again for Shiva.

Once upon a time, Shiva was meditating in the cremation ground and Sati comes there.

Although Sati was divine and incarnation of AdiShakti and Sati's Love towards Shiva was pure still she was unaware of her divine entity.

Shiva knew about Sati's divine entity but Shiva always expected Sati to explore her divinity first but Sati never understood Shiva's hint.

Sati sees Shiva sitting on a deep meditation. She moves a step closer towards Shiva and Shiva opens his eyes and tells Sati to stop there only.

Shiva's word hurts Sati, she asks the reason why Maheshwar ignores her. Shiva replies that You don't know who am I? you even don't know who are you?

Sati replies - Swami You and I are one. We are not different.

Shiva takes Sati name

Sati right now we are differentiated with a Pracheer (wall). Sati asks what kind of Pracheer (wall) you are talking about?

Shiva defines that you are another side of cremation ground and I m on the other side. This Bhasma separates us.

Bhootnath Shiva

Sati closes her eyes slowly and Shiva too closes his eyes. when Sati again opens her eyes Shiva was disappeared from the cremation ground.

Lord Vishnu convince Shiva to get married to Sati. On Lord Vishnu request Shiva accepts the love of Goddess Sati and get marries with Sati.


On this post, we have defined how Shiva is the base of Panch mahabhoot and How Shiva is connected to the community of ghost and spirits?

Thanks for giving your valuable time to read the post about baba bhootnath.

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