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Out of so many forms of Shiva, Ardhanarishvara is one of famous form . It is the combination of Shiva's male form and shiva's female form.

If you ever thought,is Shiva male or female this post will help you to figure out the answer to the question, Shiva as Ardhanarishvara .

Shiva is param Brahma who is known for his innocence and extreme strength regarded as Mahadev . His devotees hold a very special place in him on his heart.

It is the only reason that Shiva keeps spending his boons to his devotees. He never compares his devotees based on their Karma

Shiva is an integral part of Sanatana Dharma trinity which includes Bhrama Vishnu and Mahesh . Shiva is regarded as Maheswara which means Maha Iswara.

There are so many interest facts associated with Lord Shiva . Time to time Shiva took so many morphs to establish peace and balance in the universe.

Right now we are going to share two important stories about Shiva Ardhanarishvara form. It will help you to understand What is Ardhanarishvara form?

Dear friends, qualities of Lord Shiva are really spellbinding. There are so many life lessons which humans can learn from Lord Shiva .

The glory of Shiva is from his devotees. Shiva's devotee's list is really long and contains highly influential names which sages, deities, demons, animals, humans, rivers, mountains, satellites and planetoids etc.

It is believed that in the ancient time there was a sage whose name was Bringi. You might have heard his name.

He was one of the extreme devotees of Lord Shiva. When I say extreme, it means his reverence for Shiva was extremely pure.

But his devotion was limited only to Shiva, not like other devotees of Shiva. Bringi never worshipped goddess Parvati who is the consort of Lord Shiva.

Although his devotion was true towards Shiva he understood Shiva and Parvati as two different entities.

This was not his arrogance it was his extreme devotion towards Shiva only.

One day Bringi decided to visit Kailash Parvat to do Parikrama of Shiva. He saw Shiva sitting with Goddess Parvati. He was not willing to do Parikrama ritual of goddess Parvati.

Sage requested goddess Parvati to leave for few moments so that he could perform Shiva's Parikrama. This behaviour of sage was strange for goddess Parvati. Goddess replied that she will not leave Shiva.

As mentioned above, his devotion was true for Shiva, so he ignored the words of goddess Parvati. Bringi started doing Parikrama of Shiva.

After seeing the stubborn behaviour of the sage. Goddess Parvati sat more closer to Shiva.

After that Bringi decided to take the form of a snake so that he could complete his parikrama.

That crucial moment Shiva supported goddess Parvati and took the form of Ardhanarishvara.

Lord Ardhanarishvara

In Ardhanarishvara form, Maheswara was half sided with Shiva and half sided with Parvati.

It means right portion was reflecting the portion of Shiva and left side was reflecting the portion of goddess Parvati

After watching this, sage Bringi became helpless. He took the form of a rat and tried to differentiate Shiva's male form with the female form with his teeth.

The feminine part of the Shiva which is known by the name of Adishakti became angry on the sage.

Adishakti cursed sage Bringi that whatever body he has gained from his mother will leave him immediately.

Shiva tantra states that we receive bones & flesh from father. whereas blood and other traits are received from our mothers.

After that curse, blood and other trait get vanished from the sage body. Sage falls down on the ground. Afterwards, sage realized his mistake.

He seeks an apology from goddess Parvati. Goddess Parvati is kind-hearted. She accepts the apology of the sage.

Now there was a problem, cursed cannot be rolled back. After seeing the condition of sage, Ardhanarishvara gave him third leg which helped him to regain his blood and strength.

There is another important story which is connected to shiva's Ardhanarishvara avatar.

The long time ago, when Brahma was busy in creating the universe and universal laws. He observed that there is no system for auto reproduction.

He thought that what will happen? if his created creatures will not produce their offsprings. Brahma went to Lord Vishnu and defined his problem.

Lord Vishnu advised Brahma to seek help from Lord Shiva. Brahma went to Mount Kailash and narrated about his stress to Shiva.

Shiva defined that process of reproduction should be carried out through genetic genesis.

This information enlighted Lord Brahma but later he expressed his incapability to start genetic genesis without strength.

Ultimately, Shiva dissected his inner strength which is his feminine shakti and Shiva gave it to Brahma.

Brahma folded his hands in honour of the goddess and told that "Oh my great mother I bow down to you".

The process of Shakti dissection was a tough phase for Shiva. Although for the welfare of the world Shiva dissected his energy.

Brahma never understood that shakti is Shiva's consort and like an innocent child he separated father with mother.

After getting separated with Goddess, Shiva turned into vairagi, he never showed any interest in Brahma's creation.

After that Brahma worshipped goddess shakti to take birth again as the daughter of the Prajapati Daksha.So that the union of Shiva and Shakti could again take place.

Goddess accepted the request of Brahma and took birth as Sati but unfortunately, that union remain unsuccessful.

After the unsuccessful attempt of Brahma and Vishnu Adishakti decided to take birth as the daughter of Himavan and Mainawati. The couple named their daughter as Parvati.

Goddess Parvati did the hardest penance to win the heart of the Shiva .

For making union successful this time firstly she activated herKundalini Shakti yoga.

Finally, after so much struggle, goddess Parvati get married to Lord Shiva. The love story of Shiva Parvati is truly beautiful which defines the true meaning of love, trust, care and devotion.

This the story of Ardhanarishvara which gives an important message to the world that is gender equality.

Ardhanarishvara temple is located in Tiruchengode a southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

The temple is dedicated to Ardhanarishvara the half Shiva and half Parvati.

Conclusion of Ardhanarishvara

On this post, we have defined who is Ardhanarishvara?

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