Why there is no one like Shiva? [ Unorthodox Shiva ]

Why there is no one like Shiva Unorthodox Shiva

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Why there is no one like Shiva? [ Unorthodox Shiva ]

There are so many reasons which clarify that why there is no one like Shiva? Shiva is greatest unorthodox which makes Maheshwara unique and Different.

On this post, we are not going to define Mahadeva supreme strength or the facts related to Lord Shiva instead the thing which makes him unconventional and so alluring.

Who is Shiva? Why he matters so much?

The name which resides in the heart of the Lord Vishnu is the name of Shiva which makes Shiva Vishnu Vallabha.

So who is Shiva in reality?

We, humans, live in 3 dimension world, but through Yoga and meditation one can reach beyond the third dimension and live a metahuman life.

Only rare Sages are living beyond the third dimension.

Brahma lives in 12 dimensions, Lord Vishnu lives in 14 and only Shiva lives in 16 Dimensions.

Shiva is different

Shiva has many names, everyone worships him in his own way and he listens to each of his devotees.

Shiva is shapeless Parama Brahma whose start and end are unknown. The form in which his devotee's worship him; he meets them in exact same guise.

Why Shiva matters so much?

Shiva is always projected as the Hindu God of destruction who is catastrophic in nature but if we flip the coin.

There is another side of Shiva which present Shiva so calm.

It is important to understand that the path of Moksha goes through Mahadeva.

It is the reason the chants which reside in our heart is Har Har Mahadev which means Shiva is everywhere and in everyone.

Shiva always presented an ideal lifestyle hence there are so many lessons which people can learn from Shiva .

These lessons put you on the path of righteousness and success.

Now the time has arrived to answer the question why there is no one like Shiva? or why Shiva is unique and different?

For answering the question we are defining an ancient incident associated with Shiva and Goddess Sati.

Shiva is a Vairagi, always Dhyaan Yuktam who likes the freezing conditions of Kailash Parvat .

King Daksha was one the greatest hater of Lord Shiva. His aversion was so strong that he put the ban on the path which goes toward mount Kailash, the abode of Shiva.

King Daksha had so many children, out of them Sati was the youngest and most dear to him.

Princess Sati falls in love with Shiva . She goes against her father will and gets married to Shiva.

Vijaya, the elder sister of Sati always had a envy for Sati.

The amount of love Sati received from her father Daksha was unconditional.

When Vijaya comes to know that Sati got married to a yogi who wears Rudraksha beads as his major ornament and there is a snake Vasuki on his neck .

Vijaya gets delighted with the news that Sati has done a terrible mistake in choosing Shiva as the husband.

She has chosen someone who owns nothing and who likes to roam from one cremation ground to another with his distorted devotees.

So Vijaya decides to organize a huge supper for newly married couple Shiva and Sati .

Vijaya invites all the devotees of Shiva.

As already mentioned that Shiva believes in noncult lifestyle. Totally unknown from the world rituals.

Shiva believes in simplicity which is why known as Bholenath.

Shiva's has a huge variety of devotee list which includes Demons, animals, rivers, Sun, Moon, mountain, forest, great sages, demigods, humans, Aghoris, Phantom, Ghost, apparition etc,

In the evening when supper is get organized by Vijaya. All devotees reach there.

By reaching into the dining hall Shiva gans get surprised by the beauty of the palace and arrangement made for them.

It was almost the first time when they were treated with massive respect. The delicious food was served on silver plates.

The smell of the delicious dishes was reaching to their noses which was making them impatience.

Bull Nandi orders them to stay within their limits and follow all the traditions of the guest.

Vijaya finds it interesting that Shiva's gans are getting impatience for supper so she calls Sati to take care the night supper.

Sati decides to serve all the supper to all the Shiva Ganas and dignitaries present over there.

As soon Sati reaches near to the ShivGans with her utensil filled with Kheer.

The sweet smells of Sati's utensil increase their appetite.

They grab the utensil of Kheer, Afterwards one by one they grab all utensils.

Nandi tries to control them but their nature was cacophonic. Goddess Sati gets shocked by seeing the weird behavior of Shivagans.

Shiva Ganas were fighting with each other. Demigods and dignitaries present ever there were seeing everything from their corners.

The whole situation gets out of control and goddess Sati feels depressed by seeing that Shiva Gans don't know how to behave on the supper organized for them.

Shiva appears there with a pleasing smile on his face and sees all his Ganas.

Goddess Sati comes toward Shiva and asks Shiva to observe the whole situations.

Sati ask another question to Shiva what ShivGanas are doing there?

Shiva sees his Ganas with immense affection and love then replies to Goddes Sati.

Sati, They are enjoying your hospitality, the Supper organized by you, what else?

Dear Sati, they all are invited to this supper, so they are enjoying your supper.

Look at them, feel the expression of happiness on their faces, when their appetite is getting fulfilled by you.

Sati, By seeing them, today I m having a feeling to join them in this supper.

Sati sees toward Shiva and Shiva gives a smile to the goddess and then moves toward his Ganas and reaches in between them.

Shiva accepts salutations of the dignitaries present over there.

By seeing Shiva coming towards them. Shiva Gana gets more excited and makes a place for Shiva by clearing the mess.

Sati sees Shiva in between his Ganas. An expression of simplicity comes on Sati eyes.

Shiva sits there and an apparition brings the food on a plate for Shiva. Shiva looks toward Sati and requests Sati to join him then takes a food bite.

Sati sees here and there, everybody was looking at her. Then Sati sees toward Shiva. Her eyes get bend down with a pleasant smile on her face.

Slowly - slowly, she takes step towards Shiva and all the dignitaries & devotees present over there loudly chants Har Har Mahadev and Om Namah Shivaya.

Goddess Sati sits on the left side of Shiva. Shiva sees goddess with enormous love and offers a food bite to get her feed with his hands.

Sati consumes the food bite from Shiva's hand and then offers a food bite to Shiva with her hand.

Every one present there chants Om Namah Shivaya and Har Har Mahadev. Sage Kashyap request everybody to receive the Prasada of Shiva.

King of demigods Indra consumes the prasad then other demigods and sages.

The joys & celebration continues.

This moment gives ecstatic joy to everyone except Vijaya


On this post, we have demonstrated Shiva's impeccability which will help you to understand that why there is no one like Shiva?

Shiva is Satyam Shivam Sundaram.

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We will be thankful for your kindness.

Lastly, please keep smiling and stay blessed.

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