Why shiva has the moon on his head?

Why shiva has the moon on his head Source Instagram - mahakaalkelal

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Lord Shiva is not just the god of destruction, Shiva is the greatest preserver too. This post will state Why Shiva has the moon on his head?

The concept of the crescent moon in Hinduism

According to the legend, After creation of the universe, Brahma ordered his son Daksha Prajapati to reproduce his children.

Taking orders from his father, Daksha married to two women named Asakini and Virini.

Daksha reproduced so many children but all went to jungle for penance. Then Daksha decided to reproduce daughters.

Finally, Daksha had 60 daughters. By fulfilling the responsibility of being their father.

His 10 daughter got married to Dharma and 13 daughters were married to sage Kashyap. 27 were married to Chandra(moon) .

Rest was married to different people. As mentioned above, 27 daughters of Daksha was married to Chandra.

Reason Why Shiva has the moon on his head?

All these 27 are the star constellations of Moon. Out of 27 wives, Rohini was Favourite one of Chandra.

Chandra was emotionally too attached to the Rohini that he started giving his most of the time to Rohini. On the other side; Chandra started ignoring to his other wives.

This was heart melting situations for the other wives of Chandra, especially for Revati.

Revati was the elder sister of Rohini, she started getting depressed by feeling lack of concern of Chandra on her. Revati tried to hide her emotions with everyone but her youngest sister Sati felt her grief.

Sati was the most loved daughter of the Daksha who was a secret admiral of a Vairagi. That Vairagi was none other than Lord Shiva.

Whereas Daksha was one of the greatest haters of Shiva. He never accepted Shiva supremacy. He dismissed the everything related to Shiva.

Especially wearing Rudraksha seed was a crime in the Daksha Kingdom. On the other hand, Shiva never interfered into Daksha ideology and kingdom.

Shiva remained at his abode on Mount Kailash, keeping calm and meditating.

From the creation point of view, Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu were worried to see Shiva's vairagya (dispassion) towards the worldly phenomena.

In the palace of the Daksha, Revati realizes, Sati is spellbound by the charm of Shiva.

She also observed that sati is confused whether she loves Shiva or not.

At that moment, a secret worshipper of Shiva, Madanike helps Sati to understand the greatness of Shiva.

After that Sati falls in love with Shiva. In her free time; Sati started chanting Panchakshari mantra Om Namah Shivaya.

Lord Shiva

Her trust started getting stronger by every passing day.

Now every time she gets stuck in any life-threatening situation, she starts chanting Shiva name with true devotion.

Shiva is the one who gets easily pleased with his devotees and Whenever a true devotee of Shiva worships him in critical situations, Shiva has to come to rescue them.

It is the reason Shiva is called Bholenath.

Similarly, Shiva appeared so many times to protect Sati.

When Daksha came to know that his own daughter is highly influenced by Shiva. Daksha gets angry with Shiva and Sati.

On the other side, one day, Revati was talking to Sati regarding her weaker bond with Chandra, Daksha listens to it. He gets double depressed and angrier.

Daksha enquiries to his other daughters who were wives of Chandra except Rohini.

After Knowing the truth; he becomes furious upon Chandra. He calls Chandra that moment but Chandra was with Rohini.

The situation gets worse for Chandra when he appears in front of the Daksha.

Daksha cursed Chandra that he will start collapsing in coming days. After cursing Chandra, Daksha leaves him.

The situation gets unsafe for Chandra when he starts shrinking due to the effect of the Daksha curse.

This creates adverse effect in the nature.

Other side, It creates panic situations in the wives of Chandra. Chandra seeks help from everyone. But nobody was knowing what to do? How to help him?

Without wasting any moment Chandra runs towards Lord Vishnu and requests Lord Vishnu to reverse the curse.

Vishnu gives advice to Chandra to seeks refugee into Shiva. Shiva is the Param medico known by the name of Bidyanath. The protector of precious herb Som.

Chandra went to Somnath (Prabhas Patan near Veraval in Saurashtra on the western coast of Gujarat) and establish a Shivling and worship Shiva there.

Chandra's health was deteriorating by passing every day; after seeing the condition of Chandra, Revati requested Sati to help all the wives of Chandra.

Sati meets with sage Dadhichi who advise her to meet sage Markande. sage Dadhichi tells to Sati that sage Markande knows a mantra which can stop sudden death.

Sati visits the ashram of sage Markande, sage welcome Sati as Goddess Sati.

He was aware that in coming future she will become the beloved wife of his Lord Shiva.

Sati asks about the secret mantra, sage tells that It is known as Mahamrityunjay mantra.

Once Shiva saved the life of Markande from the Yama (deity of death).

Mantra was -

Om Tryambakam Yajamahe

Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam

Urvarukamiva Bandhanan

Mrityor Mukshiya Maamritat.

Sati gives thank to Sage Markande and lefts Markande Ashram with his permission.

Sati reaches to the place where Chanda and his wives were worshipping Shiva and waiting for Sati.

Sati reveals the Mahamrityunjay mantra to Chandra and Chandra chants with complete devotion towards Shiva.

Finally, Shiva appears there and ask Chandra to take any boon. Chandra request Shiva to bless his life.

Shiva accepts the request of Chandra and receives him as crescent over his forehead and tells that due to Daksha curse you will reduce 15 days, after that you will grow to your normal size.

Chandra gets delighted and chants har har Mahadev . Sati sees everything from far and gets more attracted towards Shiva.

Later Sati gets married to Shiva and leads toward a happy married life.

Unfortunately, that union remains unsuccessful and she had to take rebirth as Goddess Parvati .

There is another story which showcases that Chandra gives calmness to Shiva . Once Shiva drank the cosmic poison to save the universe from its adverse effect which turned Shiva's throat to blue.


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