Why are there so many devotees of Lord Shiva?

Why are there so many devotees of Lord Shiva? Source Instagram - shiv.bhole1008

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Why are there so many devotees of Lord Shiva

Why are there so many devotees of Lord Shiva, is not a tough question to reply. Read the post to know the answer.

Why is Lord Shiva so famous all over the world?

There are many interesting facts associated with Shiva which makes him super God. A god who has a family and lives with his devotees on mother earth.

As the internet is growing day by day people are willing to know about Shiva. The beads of the Rudraksha are getting famous in the new generation.

You can easily find people wearing Shiva's T - Shiva. Such stuff is enough to prove the notability of Shiva in the modern generation.

They are getting interested to know more about Vishnu Vallbha, means the one who is most dear to Lord Vishnu.

Devotees from the all around the world, visiting the holy city of Kashi every year to just experiencing the Shiva element.

According to Vedic literature, Kashi is the city of Shiva where he gives Moksha to every soul.

Attributes of Shiva

Shiva has the crescent on his head which enhances the charm of Shiva. He has thick hairs where goddess Ganga resides.

The one who covers his body with cremation ground ashes and carries a mighty trident on his right hand.

Most importantly, he has the third eye on his forehead and, there is a giant snake on his neck.

Why is Shiva surpassing

Everything is so excellent about him that, he devotees call him Bholenath.

Mount Kailash is his abode and, he shares a beautiful love story with Goddess Parvati , who is his loving wife.

The greatness of Shiva doesn't require the definition of words. The kindness of Shiva speaks, everything for him.

Lord Shiva is immortal, limitless, omniscient and perfectly stylish Lord. No doubt Shiva's devotee list is not just huge. It is massive and filled with variety.

There is no one like Shiva, from kids to youth and from youth to aged everyone knows the significance of Shiva so well.

The ways to worship Shiva

There is no restriction or any particular ritual to worship him. It is the reason Shivalayas doesn't have doors. Everyone has own approach to worship Shiva.

Mahashivratri is the grand festival which defines the glory of Shiva. Devotees of Shiva from all over the world visit the shivalayas.

Shiva gets easily pleased on that day. I' am also one of those people who likes to visit Shivailayas on that auspicious day.

Shiva is the breaker of orthodox rituals. The rituals which limit humanity from moving forward.

Devotees of Shiva are free to follow any practice, lifestyle. It is the reason Shiva is known as Aghori Shiva which means Shiva is not extreme.

The only thing which matters to worshipping Shiva is that a devotee must have faith in him.

It means you don't have to afraid of Shiva. Shiva is the patron of humanity.

He accepts everyone's ways to worship him. Worshipping Shiva means worshipping your inner consciousness. Chanting Om Namah Shivaya mantra is the best example of it.

The best thing about worshipping Shiva is your ego, lust and all kind of impurities get destroyed automatically.

Consequently, Shiva is the destroyer of all sort of Darkness.

The moment you start realizing, the qualities of Lord Shiva, you become Shivaholic.


Worshipping Shiva doesn't make you a religious person. It just awakens your spirituality, and you start observing the beauty of nature.

They start understanding rivers like Ganga as their mother. A pure devotee of Shiva never pollutes any river around the world.

Since they Worship Shiva Ardhanarishvara form, they recognize the value of femininity.

That is the positive aspect of the worshipping Shiva from the dimension of Global warming.

Devotees of Shiva are dispassionate from materialistic word and always calm.

That is how they remain free from all kind of sorrows.

The top 7 reasons to understand, why there are so many devotees of Lord Shiva?

1 - Shiva is Adideva, There is no father of Shiva.

Shiva is Nirakar param Brahma and, western world project Shiva as Hindu god of destruction . Whereas, Creation, preservation and, destruction; all three dimensions depend on his will.

2 Every unmarried girl wants a husband with qualities of Lord Shiva.

As mentioned above, Shiva has a loving family where he is head of the family.

Aadishakti manifested herself two times, to marry Shiva. Firstly as Goddess Sati then Goddess Parvati.

After the unfortunate loss of goddess Sati, Shiva turned into a Vairagi and detached himself from Maya.

Shiva cried for Sati and almost lost his divinity in her grief. On his devotee's request, he regained his divinity.

After that, He waited for many Kalpas for Goddess Parvati reincarnation.

Goddess Parvati won the heart of Shiva through a hard penance.

3 - The greatest giver

Lord Shiva is always calm and composite by nature who doesn't want anything in return from his devotees.

Shiva is the greatest giver, the giver of peace, knowledge, and strength.

Shiva gifted Sudarshan Chakra to Lord Vishnu, Ax to Parshuram, and celestial weapon to warrior prince Arjuna of Mahabharata.

4 Shiva doesn't promote weed and marijuana.

Shiva doesn't like consuming such stuff for own enjoyment.

People don't have right knowledge behind the theory of offering toxic substance to Shiva.

Out of so many names of Shiva, one of the auspicious is Neelkantha. Neelkantha means the man who has a blue throat.

The one who can distribute nectar to others and choose Halahal for himself to protect the entire Universe. The consumption of Halahal turned his throat blue.

Offering toxic substance to Shiva means offering your toxicity to Shiva and Requesting Shiva to make you free from Sin.

5 - The one who is known for his Justice.

Shiva is known for serving justice to everyone. He never compares anyone before serving justice. He is neutral to everyone.

6 - He never tricked or lied to anyone

Shiva is an epitome of simplicity, courage, strength.

The one who is a Mahadev [ god of Gods ] , Still Shiva has gone through everything in life like an ordinary man.

This thing connects Shiva devotees with him.

7 In Kalyuga, It is easier to get connected with him.

In Kalyuga, it is easy to connect with Shiva.

Few minutes of meditation with absolute devotion can efficiently connect you with Shiva.

You will start feeling blissfulness in your life.


On this post, we have shared why are there so many devotees of Lord Shiva.

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Please keep smiling, and stay blessed.

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