Why Shiva is my Aradhya - Shivratri special post

Happy shivratri

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Happy Shivratri

On this auspicious festival of Shivratri , this is a special post hope you guys will like it.

On this post, I will elaborate Why I have great reverence for Shiva?

Firstly on this auspicious moment when the whole world is celebrating Shivratri. I can sense the Shiva element in the air.

I wish everyone a peaceful and great Mahashivratri. Sending the positive waves to all the readers.

This article is based on my own personal experience.

Let's get started with Shivratri post I m going to define Why Shiva is my Aradhya? and why I have a great reverence for him?

  • How I came in touch with him?
  • How he changed my life after coming to my life.

Who is Shiva for me?

Shiva is the primary form of divine entity. A father, a guru, a friend, Sarveshwaraya.

My everything who is with me every time to look after me.

A million and Billion birth are not enough to serve him as his devotee. I have the shortage of words when it comes to defining him.

How can an ordinary person like me define Shivam who every time takes the favour of his devotee?

He is boundless still tied with a thin thread of devotion by his devotees.

Who understands his devotee's emotion and reverence for him.

The immortal, unborn, infinite, omniscient, everlasting, Interminable Shiva.

Umapati has many names, and Shiva's devotees worship him in many forms.

I personally love calling him Mahadeva and Shiva.

Mahadev means the one who is Lord of Lords.

The best thing about him is that he owns all three realms still have no home to live hence lives in open space.

Mount Kailash is his abode where he lives with his beloved family.

Qualities of Lord Shiva are countless. No one has the ability in this world to define his charm and virtues.

Shiva every virtue has the ability to change this world and make it a better place for everyone.

Shiva never said anyone to worship him; Shiva is complete in himself .

How It all started for me?

I remember I was a 19-year-old boy who was happy with my fast lifestyle.

Hanging out with friends, sports, athletics and gyming activities were my cup of tea.

That time, I never worshipped Shiva as supreme consciousness.

Every time it was the part of the ritual and traditional flow and Shivratri was just a winsome time to hang out with my friends and having a fast.

In those days I had so many friends usually all were of my age group. Only a few of them were 25-26 age group.

They were all my gym mates, we used to do almost 25 pull-ups together. There was a friend of mine his name was Meghraj.

He was senior to me we have a huge respect for each other. I always used to call him Big Bhai.

(In Hindi Language Bhai word is used to call elder brother)

Every time he used to do pull-ups or weights while Gyming; he chants Om Namah Shivaya and after doing perfects 25 pull-ups. He chants Shiv Shambho.

Those days, I knew that his devotion was true for Shiva. One day we were sitting on the walls so I cursorily asked him?

Why do you chant Shiva's name too much? He told me that I will not understand his reply.

On my continuous request, he replied to me.

His reply was simple he told me that " Shiva is supreme yet simple. holy river Ganga flows from his head. Guiltless who is full of virtues.

By chanting Mahadev name I invoke my inner energy. One day you will understand what I M saying to you Santosh. "

That time his words gone from my head and I said ok. That was my boyhood time. When I was free from every kind of anxiety and fear.

What I learned from my family is that always respect others, Help others and never misused anyone. Be a giver and helper and all good karmas will return back to you.

I applied all those principles in my life and I m still applying them.

My All these learning got slightly shift when I came to professionalism and I saw the fake faces of people.

I started feeling anxiety and anger within me by seeing the useless politics of people but I never changed my principles.

Almost 90% of people who came to life were self-centred but I Have no hard feelings for them.

I always tried to give my 100% to everyone with an open heart.

But sometimes it really hurts how people misuse or mistreat each other for just small things.

I started understanding the real concept of Maya. I started searching for true friends or sentinel apart from family.

I was looking for someone who was pure and guiltless (the one who never tricked or cheated anyone) and free from the concept of Maya.

In a world where everyone is involved in taking from others. I was looking for someone who could teach me the right way to live and enlightened me about this whole concept going around me.

One day I was reading a newspaper article about Vairagya . That 5 min of reading changed my psychology.

It taught me exactly what I was looking for. Somehow unknowingly; I was connected to Shiva.

I started reading about Shiva history and his vairagya.

I learned a lot about peace, love, trust and most importantly, I came to know why you should be a giver in life?

It also taught me what it takes to achieve greatness.

Those days I also started reading about Tony Robbins and listening to his podcast he was also saying the same thing.

Then read other great authors and entrepreneurs almost every great person was saying to me. Be a giver in life.

Give back to society and it will return back to you.

I understood what destiny was saying to me. Shiva was always there to hold my hand and lead me.

My family also have a huge faith in Shiva. My father once told me that my son you just need to perform your karma's selflessly and serve humanity.

Maheshanand Gairola My father - Praying to Shiva

Give your contribution to make this world a better place for everyone. There are so many people who are looking for your help.

You have the energy and power of technology. Do something good for them and Shiva will take over your problems.

Being a tech entrepreneur, Designer and programming coder of this ultimate lifestyle website which is actually a microblogging media network.

I thought to share the same nectar with other people who want to receive and accept auspiciousness and blissfulness.

It feels really great when you see young and talented people are giving their energies on right place. One of my friend from Tamil Nadu Praveen Kumar is doing a wonderful job.

His website Mindorbs is simply awesome. You must visit his category Yoga pose category.

There is another awesome website Detechter who is also doing the fabulous job.

If I talk about the Video section. I love to watch Seeken youtube channel .

Seeken boy provides the summaries of the useful books in simple and easy language within a short interval of time.

I basically love the practical and scientific approach towards life and Shiva's showed me how someone like me can apply the scientific approach towards life.

How Shiva Changed my life.

Shiva name is enough for me to fill with immense joy and Shivratri is such an auspicious time for me.

Shiva teaching is simple. There are so many things we can learn from Shiva.
  • if someone has the problem with you it is his problem, not yours.
  • This world is a materialistic place. In the end, everything gets 's dissolve in him. So why should you have an attachment to this world?
  • Be a Giver in life and it will come back to you in mystic form.
  • Be kind to everyone, including animals, humans, rivers, mountains. Be a man who loves nature.
  • Use your strength for protection of sages and good people. Be the destroyer of evil. Help people to come out from their fear and anxiety and make them self-dependable.
  • Meditation and Yoga is the way to live. It will give you peace of mind and healthy body.
  • Keep it simple and always remember simplicity is the best ornament.
  • Use your abilities for the humanitarian cause. Contribute something to people lives to make this world more beautiful.
  • Be a great family man. Your family is your responsibility.
  • Be a great lover. Your partner is your strength, not your weakness

These are the so many points which can be discussed in this post but for now, I m putting my pen down here.


Shiva gave me the enlightenment and peace of mind. His simple teaching helped me to move forward in life. He helped me to came out from my fears and anxiety.

It is the reason Why Shiva is my Aradhya?

Thanks for giving your valuable time to read the post.

This post is a special post in which I have shared my personal experience related to Shiva.

Once again on this auspicious festival of Shivratri, I wish you Happy Shivaratri again.

Thanks regard Santosh.

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