why Shiva is called Mahadev?

why Shiva is called Mahadev?

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why Shiva is called Mahadev?

For understanding why Shiva is called Mahadev? please read this post completely.

You will come to know the real reason why Shiva is called Mahadev in a delightful way.

Who is Mahadev?

Lord Shiva is known as Mahadev. One can understand him as Parmeshwara, and Lord of Lords.

Shiva is Sampoorna and shapeless in himself but on request of his devotee, he took Iconographic morph of Lord Rudra.

There is no difference between Rudra, Shiva and Mahadev all are names of absolute Parambrahm or almighty.

Everything is originated and evolved from him. It includes the universe and every kind of knowledge, skill, art, Vedas.

Shiva keeps manifest himself time to time for the establishment of Dharma and destruction of evil.

The one who holds holy river Ganga on his matted hair locks is the greatest giver and admired for his simplicity hence known as Bholenath .

Most of the people think that Rudra is the angry form of Shiva whereas Shiva is always DhyaanYuktam and meditating.

Rudraksha is the biggest proof of Mahadev kindness. Rudraksha is a boon to humanity which is healing our sorrows since past ages.

Shiva's is auspicious and the supreme supremacy whose every quality has the ability to make your heart feel beautiful and mesmerizing.

Lord Vishnu has emerged from Shiva and Brahma emerged from Vishnu navel.

In that way, both Vishnu and Shiva are the bipolar dimensions of same energy. Hence Shiva is Vishnu and Vishnu is Shiva.

Shiva is Vishnu Vallabha means the one who is too dear to Lord Vishnu without Shiva Vishnu doesn't accept any oblation.

Shiva's virtues are inexpressible in words. Even Sapt rishis are not able to define the charm of Maheswara.

Mahadev is unique and different, One can easily get fall in love with his physical appearance.

Such mesmerizing guise truly defines that he is free from the concept of the materialistic world.

Only devotees of Shiva's can understand what it means to feel free from Maya.


Mahadev is Adipurshusa who sometimes loves to live in the dense forest or sometimes in the freezing conditions of mount Kailash.

Shiva is Shaktipati, worshipped all over the world as the ideal husband of goddess Parvati .

There are so many lessons which we could learn from Mahadev.

How can someone not fall in love with him? Shiva is kind, founder of vairagya and he showed the path of Moksha.

Why is Lord Shiva known as Mahadev?

There are Several reasons which state that why Shiva is called Mahadev, not anyone else.

1 - Master of the universe still Owns no roof.

He doesn't require the materialistic stuff and luxury. He is complete in himself hence Mahadev Owns no house and lives on Mount Kailash in the Himalayas.

The only god who is known for living on the earth. As defined above Shiva lives on Kailash Parvat.

There are so many interesting facts and stories are associated with Kailash Parvat.

2 Neelkantha - The immortal is the greatest giver.

In the cosmic ocean crunching where everyone took the luxurious stuff, Mahadev was the only one who took Cosmic poison Halahal for himself and distributed luxury to others.

Everyone was frightened with the emerge of Halahal from cosmic ocean crunching. The Halahal heat waves were burning the entire cosmos.

In such situation, everyone worshipped Shiva.

Mahadev appeared and swallowed the Halahal for protecting the whole universe which turned his neck Blue and Became Neelkanth.

He drank it for saving all of us.

3 Mahadev is Shapeless ParmaBrahma

Shiva is worshipped in both forms shapeless and in physical form. Lingam is the manifestation of his shapeless entity.

Mahadev is the Shakti Source of cosmic divine energy. Nuclear research centers design also resembles the Shivlinga.

4 Mahadev owns all five elementary elements

Om Namah Shivaya is the Panchakshari Mantra used to worship Shiva. The mantra helps to connect with the divine supremacy.

By chanting Panchakshari Mantra one can come out from all the five elementary elements known as panch Mahabhoot.

Panchakshari Mantra includes Fire, water, Air, Sky, Land.

Om Namah Shivaya mantra is the strongest vibe which has the ability make someone free from any kind of sin.

5 Mahadev personification is majestic

Mahadev smears Bhasma on his body. Snake Vasuki around his neck. Wraps himself with tiger skin, Wears the garland of Skulls and sits on Cremation ground for meditation .

Such personification might look intense in the first glimpse but his morph has the beautiful spiritual meaning hidden in it.

Like smearing Bhasma gives the strong message to the world that this world is materialistic which originates from him and in the last get dissolve in him.

It means that this whole concept of the world is not permanent and your all kind of troubles and issue are temporary.

Here is the interesting read, If Shiva is supreme then Whom does Shiva meditate?

Not only demigod, humans, sages worship him even demons worship him. Greatest demon king, Ravana was one of the greatest devotees of Shiva.

Ravana created Shiva Tandav stotra in reverence of Shiva.

6 Mahadev is Super powerful

Shiva's trident is so heavy that only Shiva or Adishakti can lift his trident. No one else in this cosmos has the strength to lift it.

For the western world, Shiva is known as Hindu God of destruction .

But in reality, Shiva doesn't interfere with destruction activity directly.

He doesn't even need to do anything on his own. Everything happens to him on just a simple thought.

Mahadev has appointed his fearsome form Bhairava, Veerbhadra, etc for all his work.

These all forms originate from Mahadev body parts for protecting Dharma and sages. When they need Shiva the most.

7 Mahadev never tricked anyone and truly a Nature Lover

The best thing about Mahadev is that he never tricked anyone.

Many times demons did penance upon Mahadev and received great power from him which they later used against Shiva.

Instead of knowing the evil motives of demons Shiva never lets them down by not fulfilling their desire of penance.

One the other side Shiva is kind towards everyone and animals are one of them hence known as Pashupatinath . The one who is kind towards innocent animals.

The one who is boycotted and disliked by the society Shiva gives them shelter.

Snakes which are mostly disliked by human society are accepted by Shiva as his necklace.

By giving shelters to snakes on his neck, Shiva gave them appropriate place and respect.

Shiva made snakes divine entity for the human beings.Hence Snakes are inseparable from Shiva's representation.

Likewise, Ghost and apparitions are included in the Shiva's devotee list. Shiva gave shelter to disrespected ghost & apparitions.

8 Adiyogi or Adiguru the greatest giver.

One of the famous forms of Shiva is Natraj mudra. It is the iconic representation of Shiva's Dancing form.

It is also looked at the finest art form of Shiva. Shiva took the avatar of Natraj when a demon of memory named Apasmar provoked Shiva .

Shiva made that Nat demon realize that he is King of all Nat's

Shiva gave Yogshakti, Yoga, Ayurveda, Astronomy, Palmistry, Vigyaan and meditation to the humanity.

Shambhoo is always being a giver who never asked anything in return.

9 Shiva gives equal respect to his spouse Goddess Parvati.

Shiva is an exemplification of an ideal husband. He includes Goddess Parvati in every decision.

He waited thousands of years isolated for next avatar of Goddess Shakti as Parvati after the loss of Goddess Sati.

After that Goddess Parvati performed the hardest penance to get Shiva back as her husband.

Goddess Laxmi spouse of Lord Vishnu. She sits on the feet sides of Lord Vishnu whereas Goddess Parvati sits left side just next to Shiva.

10 Aghor Shiva, Who is not limited to any particular community

Ghor means extreme and dense. Shiva is Aghor, It means Shiva is not extreme.

Shiva is Vairagi who doesn't belong to any particular community i.e why is the supreme Vairagi.

Shiva get's easily please by just offering of bilva leaf with reverence.

He doesn't differentiate his devotees on the basis of their Karma.


On this post, we defined why Shiva is called Mahadev .

Thanks for giving your valuable time to read the post.

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