Why Lord Shiva is blue?

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Why Lord Shiva is blue?

The answer to the question Why Lord Shiva is blue has so many versions. On this post, you will know the reason behind Lord Shiva's blue color.

Who is Lord Shiva?

Anything which doesn't exist is Shiva, and the things which do exist is also Shiva. It is a complex theory which includes a single atom to the multiverse.

Shiva is shapeless, Param Bhrama but in his physical form, Shiva is the first man.

Shiva is a man with blue throat who drank cosmic poison for protecting the entire cosmos.

Every single thing is emerged from him and goes back into him.

Shiva is the supreme Lord who is known for being a Vairagi. He is the greatest transformer of all time.

One of the fundamental reason for every phenomenon happening around us.

There are many interesting facts associated with Lord Shiva.

The fact which connects you with the cremation ground, The fact which connects you with the crescent, The fact which connects you with the snakes.

Therefore, there is no one like Shiva, most importantly Shiva doesn't have any father.

One question which keeps coming in peoples mind that why Lord Shiva is blue? You will sort out this question after reading this post.

We request you to read the complete article, Thank you.

Why is Lord Shiva blue?

Exceptional mount Kailash is the abode of Lord Shiva where Shiva lives with his family. Talking about his physical appearance Lord Shiva is the Adipurush, masculine by physique who holds trident on his right hand.

It always seems that Shiva is being portrayed by blue skin color.

Does it mean that Shiva skin color is blue?

No definitely not, Lord Shiva doesn't have the blue skin color.

The first thing to notice is that; Lord Shiva is not blue.

Only a few portions of Shiva is blue otherwise Lord Shiva has the white camphor color .

We all know very well that Lord Shiva has a great connection with Bhasma (ashes).

Shiva loves to smear the cremation ground ashes into his body which gives the camphor skin color to Shiva as he is Baba Bhoothnath.

Visiting various cremation ground by Shiva and smearing Bhasma on the body has a deep spiritual meaning that world is destroyable which get merged in him in the end.

The most remarkable point to notice in Sanatana Dharma is that most of the deities are depicted in blue color by the artist.

It has a profound meaning for that you need to understand the blue color psychology which we will discuss later in this post.

The reason, why Lord Shiva is blue

Firstly, Shiva is the highest level of consciousness.

When light passes through the prism; you can see the spectrum of VIBGYOR so clearly.

In which blue color frequency is 606–668 THz which is pretty soothing for the human perspective of viewing things.

Hence blue color is the emblematic color given to Shiva, who is known as Mahadev.

Just for the info, We as a human beings lives in a three-dimensional world.

This level of the dimension could be enhanced by awakening the Kundalini Yoga Shakti.

When you reach to Throat chakra which is known by the name of Vishuddha chakra ; you realize blue color in the throat, this is the point where you first get merged into shiva.

As we know that Shiva is Neelkantha which means the man with a blue throat you start observing blue color connection with Shiva.

Painting the picture of Shiva in blue color is a way for the artist to show respect towards him.

Neelkantha source - Devon Ke Dev...Mahadev

It is the reason why these representations are highly appreciated so much in the world of art.

Everything which is higher in our dimensional aspects, for example, sky and ocean. They appear blue to us.

A blueish shine is an energy field that is around every substance. In Shivaism, we all know that everything is Shiva tattva and Goddess Parvati is the manifestation of the Shakti (energy).

Both Collectively are made of dark energy and dark matter. According to Vedic text, Shiva as Rudra is the god particle and his energy dances around him as Rudrani.

It is recognized as, the dance of creation and destruction, light is emitted during the process.

It is also one of the reasons why artists like to paint Shiva cosmic form into blue color.

We all know that Shiva is kind and he has a sweet nature. Shiva devotees call him Bholenath which represent Shiva's simplicity and innocence.

Using Blue color in Shiva painting is also the manifestation of his purity and guiltless nature.

As defined above that Shiva is the greatest transformer hence blue color in Shiva's painting represent his overall dynamic personality.

Most of the people misunderstand Shiva's dynamic personality with blue color, whereas, Shiva has the camphor white color.

Now you know, Why Lord Shiva is Blue in most of the paintings.

Before concluding the post, let's have a quick look at the blue color and observe, what are the psychology of blue color.

The psychology of blue color

Since voice emerges from the throat therefore blue color is the color of communication.

Moreover, that blue color is peaceful and sorrow healing color. It gives a sense of authenticity to the human mind.

The people who have a job interview, I would like to suggest them that they must have a blue shirt or a blue tie.

Looking at the blue sky or blue ocean releases stress and is immediately calming the almost sedative effect.

Wearing blue color also represent that you are an open-minded intellectual person who is receptive by nature and ready to learn new things with other.


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