Who is the father of Lord Shiva?

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The question of who is the father of Lord Shiva is really an interesting question to ask? Lots of people are interested to know about the birth of Lord Shiva

On this post, we are answering this crucial question. We request you to read the complete post to understand Who is the father of Lord Shiva?

Our post is based on Vedas and Puranas especially Shiva Puran Rudra Shahita. Our motive is to perform scientific analysis of Puranas.

On this post, we have defined the complete existence of Lord Shiva. you will come to know why Shiva is sampoorna (complete) in himself?

The appearance of Lord Shiva

Shiva is omnisciently supreme Mahadev who is worshipped in the shapeless form of Lingam.

Shiva is Har, which means everything is emerged from him and in the end returns to him.

For understanding the meaning of har you need to understand the definition of SadaShiva .

SadaShiva is the also known by the name of Aadi Shakti which we have defined later in this post.

Everything which exists is inside Shiva and everything which doesn't exist is also inside Shiva.

In his physical form, Shiva is Jataa Dharaya which means he has amazing matted hairs, Holy river Ganga resides on his head and a gorgeous crescent on his forehead.

Most importantly, Shiva has the third eye on the middle of his forehead. Shiva's third eye is the manifestation of the inner dimension which is connected to Kundalini Yoga Shakti of every Human being.

People who believe in living Yogic life can understand it more clearly. Shiva's charm is divine and humanity can learn so many life lessons from Shiva .

Shiva is Baba Bhootnath, all the panch Mahabhootas are under his control. The Panchakshari mantra Om Namah Shivaya defines it in a beautiful way.

Rudraksha brings you close to Shiva , It is the instance of Lord Shiva which has so many physiological and psychological benefits.

There are various facts about Lord Shiva that he is the elementary form of Matter and energy.

Who is the father of Lord Shiva?

The answer is No One, Shiva is eternal, Sanatana, super powerful lord or lords who live on Mount Kailash.

There are no parents of Shiva. There are no stories in the Vedas where his father name is mentioned.

The working of the universal phenomena is based on Trinity which includes Brahma Vishnu Mahesh . Shiva is Maheshwara.

Once upon a sage asked a question to Shiva?

Sage -Bholenath , Who is your father?

Shiva - Brahma.

Then sage asked who is the father of Brahma?

Shiva - Lord Vishnu.

Sage Then who is the father of Lord Vishnu?

Shiva - I am.

Existence of Shiva

The first thing we would like to tell you that Shiva is supreme sentience. The whole universe came into existence by his desire.

Shiva is almighty and various culture across the world worship him from different names and signs.

Shiva is the limitless void who is filled with extreme energy. It is his energy which is flowing across the universe.

The thing which we can see and which we cannot see all belong to him. It means entire universe is inside him and we are inside him.

When we look towards the sky and count stars in the night. We see twinkling stars and according to modern science, these stars contain the immense amount of energies.

Every substance is made of matter and energy which means our whole universe is made up of matter and energy.

Our universe contains

  1. only 2 - 4 % of matter
  2. 20- 22% is Dark matter and
  3. rest 74% - 78% is Dark energy.

Dark energy

Dark matter and Dark energy are completely beyond human consciousness. world Scientists are trying to learn about Dark matter and Dark energy.

Dark matter and Dark energy are responsible for the creation of the entire universe who caused the Big bang.

When we look towards Sanatana Vedic knowledge. Goddess Adishakti is regarded as Dark energy.

Shiva is also the major part of the Dark energy but Shiva is silent means Vairagi whereas another part of Dark energy discharges as Rudrani or goddess Durga .

Both Shiva and Rudrani collectively form Dark energy. Goddess Rudrani is an extreme form of dark energy, the existence of the whole universe depends on Dark energy will.

The energy which cannot be created nor destroyed. Therefore Shiva & Adishakti are one, one supreme lord.

Shiva is immortal, unconquerable, unborn, supreme consciousness. Shiva has limitless energy which is equivalent to Goddess Adishakti.

It is the reason that only Shiva can control the flux of Time and Space dimension. Kaal Chakra or wheel of time is under Shiva's control.

This Dark energy is available in every substance which is present in the form of Shiva Tattva. This Shiva tattva is available everywhere.

In cosmic galaxies, Black holes are the representation of the Shiva Tattva. To start the time Chakra, Shiva requires creating the vacuum in dark energy.

According to Shiva Purana universe has 10 Rudras form of Shiva. These Rudra's are responsible for the cosmic destruction.

One can understand Rudra as the destructor of the galaxies or destruction of the planets.

To start the universe Shiva performed the divine dance which is known as Tandava.

Dancing form of Shiva is Natraj, the circle of the Natraj is the representation of the Time Chakra which produces the Blackhole.

Natraj Source Aldous Huxley - The Dancing Shiva

These black hole originated from the Vibration of the energy Tandava . The fire which is coming out of the circle is the matter.

The distance between the flame represents the Vacuum space. Vishnu emerged from Shiva-Shakti who is responsible for the preservation of the matter.

Lord Vishnu is the base of the entire universe and available in every matter. Brahma emerged from Vishnu's navel part through a Lotus stem.

Brahma created force, rules and policies for the universe. Various forms of the Rudras help in maintaining the balance of the cosmos.

Lord Vishnu is the soul, Brahma is the mind, Shiva is soul maker, AdiShakti is Shiva's energy.


The answer to the question Who is the father of Lord Shiva? is simply no one. No one is the father of God Shiva.

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