`1 What is Shiva lingam stone?

What is Shiva lingam stone?

What is Shiva lingam stone?

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Shiva lingam stone symbolizes Lord Shiva who is the highest form of divinity and master of the entire universe .

This post will help you to understand Significance of holy symbol of Shiva in an easy and simple way. It is known by the name of Shiva lingam stone.

Shiva Lingam stone is Universal

Shiva lingam stone is universal and could be found in any part of the globe Mount Kailash the abode of Shiva which is regarded as biggest Shiva lingam.

Shiva lingam stone could be found in Switzerland, Oman, London, Sri Lanka, Isreal, Palestine, Myanmar, Ireland, Nepal, Vietnam,

Indonesia, Vatican, United States, Africa, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Europe, Australia, Japan, Afganistan etc.

The list is too long and it is really hard to include all the names in one single post.

A wide range of Shivlingam is found from Afghanistan to Burma. I think there is no need to mention the name of India. You already know that Shivlinga is spread from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

Shiva Lingam stone is also found in Babylon, ancient Mesopotamia, Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro.

What is Shiva lingam stone?

Before understanding the Significance of Shiva lingam stone, we must understand who is Shiva any why Shiva is worshipped all over the globe.

Shiva is eternal, unborn, omniscient and most importantly simplest and kind Lord, who is shapeless. It is his wish due to which this universe came into existence.

Various Civilization worships him from different names and forms, for example, Shiva Lingam is regarded to as Prayapas by the Romans. Most importantly Shiva lingam is connected to Santana Dharma.

Shiva lingam stone connection with Sanatana Dharma

Sanatana Dharma simply means eternal Dharma. Sanatana Dharma has no founder and based on the foundation of achieving Liberation.

Sanatana Dharma is regarded as the ancient culture in the world whose history is more than 5000+ years old, probably 1000 years old.

There are no hard bounded rules in the Sanatana Dharma. It gives complete freedom to practising moral ethics.

It allows people to live in complete peace of mind and Happiness.

The word Hindus we used to refer to Sanatana Dharma is actually inappropriate. They all are Sanatana Dharmi.

It is their simplicity that they don't mind and keep moving towards the path of Moksha or liberation.

Shiva Lingam is a huge part of their lives. Lingam is the icons of Shiva. Therefore they are called as Shivling.

Shivalingam represents the shapeless form of Shiva which came from Sadashiva. So the question comes what is the difference between Shiva and Sadashiva.

Understanding Shiva from SadaShiva

According to Sanatana Dharma, Truth is one and sages say it differently. It is like one's energy who manifested herself in different forms.

It is the reason for Sanatana Dharma, that there are more than millions of deities. Each deity is the representation of one form.

People worship their own deity but among them, there are three major Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh collectively known as Trinity

Lord Vishnu is Narayan and Mahesh is Lord Shiva.

Lord Vishnu and Shiva are the most influential in all. Any religious event is incomplete without worshipping these two (Vishnu and Shiva).

Shiva and Vishnu share the bond of affection with each other. Shiva is too dear to Lord Vishnu. It is the reason Shiva is Known as Vishnu Vallabha (means the one who is most dear to Vishnu).

Once Shiva manifested himself as half Vishnu and half Shiva and said that I m Shiva as well as Vishnu.

When Narayan worship Shiva in human Avatar as Lord Rama. Shiva used to do the cosmic dance which symbolizes that Shiva and Vishnu are devotees as well as lords for each other.

There is another reality that Actually Shiva never worshipped anyone. He is Sampoorna (complete) in himself and greatest destroyer of the ego .

Shiva as Omkara

The shapeless form of Shiva is SadaShiva which is also known as Omkar. Everything emerges from him and goes back into him. He is beyond time, space and wheel of Karma.

Lord Vishnu Emerged first from the SadaShiva, then Brahma appeared from Lord Vishnu navel part.

Both Vishnu and Brahma requested shapeless SadaShiva to take some morph so that they could have an iconographical representation of SadaShiva.

Sadashiv took the huge oval form which is known as Lingam .

SadaShiva told them that Brahma and Narayan you are came out of my Wish. Hence you both are my energies.

Brahma you will perform creation, Vishnu you will preserve Brahma creation and I will take responsibility of being a Destroyer of darkness .

I will manifest myself as Rudra who will appear on Mount Kailash and known for living ascetic way.

Hence Vishnu is first who came out of Sadashiva then Brahma came out of Lord Vishnu navel lotus last but not the least Shiva appeared from SadaShiva.

Shiva Lingam Stones energy concept

Sanctum of Shiv Lingam is known as Garbhagraha and all Shiva temples are known as Shivalaya.

Shiva Lingam contains both creations as well as destruction together. Shiva Lingam has Cosmic Lingam and Cosmic Yoni means cosmic male and female genital in it.

Shiv lingam is an egg-shaped primary form of Hiranyagarbha which mean primitive life. This is equivalent to DNA which consists of the genetic code.

Shivlinga Source - 4remedy

The Modern-day technology understands it but before the year 1953 technology was unaware of the concept of DNA. In that era, Vedic Sages were aware of the concept of DNA as a double helical structure.

Sages gain all the knowledge from AdiGuru Shiva through the path of meditation and penance .

Shiva Lingam is also the representation of the atomic structure. According to atomic science atomic structure contains the Electron, Proton and Neutron.

  1. Shiva = Neutron
  2. Vishnu = Proton
  3. Brahma = Electron

Protons & neutrons are surrounded by fast spinning electrons. Brahma is tied by lotus thread with Lord Vishnu exactly like the electron is bound with the proton.

On the other side, Neutron is neutral who doesn't participate actively in the process but contains immense energy which could be constructive as well as destructive.

Sages Vashishtha defined that when Shiva's energy is released; it is released in the form of Durga. This energy is actually energy of the atom which is colossal in nature.

The energy of Shiva is always around Shiva and dancing in the form of Maheshwari. This energy is indescribable in worlds.

Therefore Shiva doesn't actively participate in anything and commonly known for his Vairagya but his strength is supreme. It is believed that nobody could handle the weight of Shiva's trident except Shiva and Shakti.

Modern science also noticed the same pattern of energy. They found that atom perform a cosmic dance around the nucleus and when the nucleus is broken down immense energy is released.

Shiva Lingam stone resembles the nuclear reactor.

When we closely observe Shiva Lingam and nuclear reactor boths looks similar.

It is observable that Nuclear reactor is always established near the water bodies, similarly, Shiva Lingam is always found near rivers and water bodies.

Water is poured on Shivlinga as the coolant by Shiva devotees. Similarly, Coolant liquid is used in nuclear reactor.

The significance of Shivlingam worshipping

The practice of worshipping Shiva Lingam stone is a truly holy practice.

Shivlingam consists of 3 parts Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh. Brahma in Bottom, Vishnu in the middle and Shiva at the top.

Worshipping Shivlingam stone means worshipping trinity at once. Shivalingam stone is poured on by water, curd, sugarcane juice, milk.

Shivlingam is rubbed during water pouring or special offering

Shivlingam stone is an infinite shaped primitive cosmic egg which is highly sacred. There is no predefined way to worship Shiva.

Shiva is totally unique and different who believes in unorthodox lifestyle. Hence there is no one like Shiva .

There are many types of Shivlingam stones and they could be classified on the various basis.

Some of the Shivlingam stone can be classified based on who is worshipping them. But before that, we need to understand that Shiva is the one who never differentiates his devotees based on their Karma.

It is the reasons Demons and demigods including other categories worship Shiva in their own personalized way. Shiva listens and accepts everyone

Yes, Shiva listens to everyone whether he is demon or demigods; it might sound strange but that the way it is.

1- Daiva Shiva Lingam Stones

Only Divine entities and demigods, Gandharvas, Yakshas are allowed to worship Shiva by Daiva ShivLingam Stones. The Creatures coming from other categories cannot see such Lingam.

2 - Daitya Shiva Lingam Stones

Demons and Distorted creatures are allowed to worship Daitya ShivLingam Stones.

3 - Arsha Shiva Lingam Stones

Sages used to worship Shiva Lingam Stones with complete faith and devotion.

4 - Manav Shiva Lingam Stones

Human is allowed to Worship Shiva from Manav Shiva Lingam Stones after Pran Pratista being done on them.

On the common ground, two types of Shiva Lingam Stones are used to worship Shiva.

1- Black Shiva Linga

Worshipping this lingam helps you to centralize your panch mahabhoot which means centralizing your 5 elements which include Air, Water, land, Fire, Sky.

Worshipping Black Shiva Lingam stone helpful in activating the inactive Kundalini Yoga Shakti .

Worshipping Black Shiva Linga bring you out of human impurities and bring you close to supreme consciousness.

The positive transformation will start appearing in your body which will set you in the transient phase of your own another dimension.

For achieving Shiva as her husband ; the incarnation of Goddess Shakti who is known by the name of Goddess Parvati used to Worshiped Black Shivlingam stone.

2 White Marble Shiva Linga

White Marble Shiva Linga is the beautiful white Shivligam which is used to enhance the human body cycle.

It set you free from your negative energies and bring positive vibes in your mindset.

Wearing Rudrashaka beads and meditating near White Marble Shiva Linga; side by side chanting Om Namah Shivaya with full devotion to Shiva is really helpful.

It improves the blood circulation, activates inactive neurons of your body. You spines get charged. Heartbeat get stabilizes. Neurological and phycological disorder get cured automatically without spending any penny.

On this post, we have defined about Shiva lingam stone significance.

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