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Trident of Shiva is one of the most powerful weapons defined in the Vedic literature. Trident is the major weapon of Lord Shiva.

Shiva is Kaam Bhasma who is known for his catastrophic trait. People who don't know much about Shiva regards Shiva as just the Hindu god of destruction but Adiyogi (primary yogi) is much more that.

This post will help you to understand more about Shambhoo in a beautiful way who likes to meditate on freezing mountains of Himalayas.

Trident of Shiva helps him in maintaining the universal laws in the universe.

Moreover that Shiva is the one who sits on cremation ground, where ghost and distorted creatures dances around him and he controls the negative energies of the entire universe so that that may not harm humans.

Sanatana Shiva is Parama Aghori which means Shiva is not extreme and doesn't believe in an orthodox way of traditional lifestyle.

His devotees worship him as Har which means he is present everywhere. The one who is the conqueror of all three realms still lives as a yogi and doesn't own any roof.

Although Shiva doesn't require any weapon, Shiva's trident is the manifestation of the physical world which we have discussed later .

Shiva distributed his other weapon to his devotees and other divine entities, For example, Shiva gifted his axe to Lord Parshuram. This list is too long cannot be summarized in a single post.

This post will give you valuable information about Trident of Shiva and how it helps shiva in maintaining the balance of the world in a simple way.

What is the significance of Shiva's trident?

The spouse of goddess Shakti, Lord Shiva is incredibly strong regarded as invincible.

The Trident of Shiva is an integral part of Shiva's personification.

Time to time many demons tried to conquer Shiva but all failed miserably. Either they surrendered to Shiva or Shiva destroyed them with his trident.

Some of the names you might be knowing as AndhakaSura and Jalandhar. Although Jalandhar was not an Asura still he is regarded as Asura.

Before understanding the importance of god Shiva's Trident, we need to understand Shiva's personification.

It will help us to understand the greatness of Shiva trident better.

Lord Shiva who is also known as Shoolpani who is the ultimate form of Divinity.

In Sanatana Dharma, Shiva is worshipped as Mahadev which means Shiva is God of Gods.

Thinking about who is the father of Shiva is pretty useless. Shiva is SwayamBhoo. The one who is always auspicious and kind towards every Jiva.

There is no one like Shiva. Lord Shiva is completely unique and different Shiva's connection with cremation ground ashes is not hidden from anyone.

If we talk about Shiva's personification. Shiva has matted hair, therefore known as Jataadharaaya. River Ganga emerges from Shiva's head which is why Shiva is known as Gangadhar.

Shiva adorns the Crescent over his forehead gives him the name of Bhalchandra. Shiva has the third eye in the middle of his forehead . This third eye exemplifies spiritual energies.

Shiva's throat is blue in colour and the king of serpent always around him . Shiva has always been depicted holding trident on his right hand in images. Now we have come up to Maheshwar trident

What is Lord Shiva Trident made up of

Shiva has a wide range of divine weapons which can perform the mass destruction. Out of them, Trident is his first choice.

One of the proofs of Shiva's trident is found in the valleys of Jammu Kashmir India. It gives proof of the incident happened in previous Yugas .

One of the valleys of Jammu Kashmir region is known as Patnitop. Patnitop has a temple of Shiva where few elements of the Shiva's trident are found.

That Mahadev temple is almost 2800 years old which is reconstructed by the Ram Das Mahajan and his sons.

According to the legends, Goddess Parvati was trying to win shiva's heart. she went to the temple for worship of Lord Shiva.

One day an Asur whos name was Sudanta reached there when the goddess was worshipping Shiva. Sudanata who was one of the devotees of Lord Shiva.

Asur tried to talk to the goddess Parvati , When goddess looked at him she got scared. She screamed the name of Lord Shiva her shout reaches Kailash Parvati and Shiva heard it.

Without wasting any moment, Shiva lifted his trident and threw towards the Asur.

The trident tore Asura chest after that Shiva realized that asura's intention was not to harm devi. Shiva realized that accidentally his trident killed an innocent Asura.

Shiva was seeking an apology from the Asura but Asura replied that he always wanted to seek Moksha from Shiva's hand.

It is the reason he came to talk with the goddess. On the name of the Asura, the temple is named Sudh Mahadev.

Shiva broke his trident into three parts and an adumbration of the trident is put there. After that Shiva's trident reappeared on shiva hand in the new form.

It is believed that ashes of the Asura are still in the temple on the other side a stream of water is there which is regarded as sin destroyer.

Trident of Lord Shiva is tied with his drum which is known as Damru. This Damru is considered as the instrument of Shiva through which the process of universe creation started.

Tying shiva's Damru with Trident signifies that Creation and destruction are under Shiva's control.

The best thing about Trident of Shiva is that it works on Shiva's will. Whenever Shiva use his trident after completing his task it returns on Shiva's hand

Nobody else can bear the weight of Shiva's trident except Goddess Adishakti and Shiva himself.

It is the reason only Shiva's Rudra avatar including Bhairava, Veerbhadra or Goddess Kali is depicted as holding trident on their hands in the pictures.

Shiva is param Vairagi , who is free from the worldly bond and known as destroyer of darkness and evil .

Since from beginning of the materialistic world, Shiva is associated with three pointed bladed of tridents which he uses to destroy the ego which is why Shiva is known as the destroyer of the ego .

All three blades of the trident represent lots of things according to different scripture like

  1. Three blades of trident represent Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh
  2. Goddess Saraswati, Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Parvati
  3. Physical, mental and spiritual senses of Jiva
  4. Heaven, Bhopatal, Naraka
  5. Past, Present, future
  6. Ashakti (Negative) Virakti ( Neutral) and Sashakti (positive)
  7. All the three traits Sattva, Rajas and Tamas.

What is Rajas trait?

Light, energy, anger, speed, change, Ambition, Birth, Childhood

What is Tamas trait?

Ego, lack of knowledge, criticism, jealousy, death, bad feelings, old age.

What is Sattva trait?

Satva trait helps in maintaining the balance of Tamas and Rajas.

Satva trait includes Kindness, purity, dedication to the welfare of humanity, devotion, youth, development, continuity, truth, peace, confidence, charity, learning spiritual knowledge.

Trishul is also connected to spiritual energy

The entire human race can enhance their senses by activating their Kundalini Shakti Yoga . Trishul is closely associated with our spiritual energy.

As we all know that our body is made up of 72000 Nadis . These Nadis are the energy Channels which are in inactivated forms in our body.

By applying meditation and Yoga one can activate these energy channels. Few mantras likeOM NAMAH SHIVAYA play a crucial role in activating those energy channels.

Out of those energy channels in which three are major and commonly known as Ida, Pingala and Sushma .

Ida is in left energy channel, Pingala is the right side energy channel and Sushma is middle one and the most powerful.

Ida and Pingala are limited up to six important junction point of the body. These junction points are known as body chakras. But Sushma is connected to the highest 7 energy Channel of the body which is known by the name of Sahasrara chakra.

You might have observed that third Blade which in middle of the trident is higher in height in comparison to other two. This middle blade is Sahasrara Chakra.

The constituent of Shiva's Trident

Shiva trident is known as Trishul which is made of Dark matter and it contains the dark energy. Hence it cannot be break or bend in any direction.

Only Shiva & goddess Shakti has the ability to handle, lift, bend, broke the trident because both are the dark energies according to Vedic literature who are beyond our sensations.

Those who don't know about dark matter and Dark energy; we would like to tell them that this universe is made up of 4 % of Matter rest 22 % are of Dark matter and remaining 74% is Dark energy.

Dark matter and Dark energy are completely out of human consciousness. Modern science is trying to figure it out. They are completely untraceable.

Dark energy concept can be well understood by understanding Shiva's Natraj morph which is also known as dancing Shiva. This form is connected with Kaala which means time and space.

According to Vedas, Sadashiv or Adishakti is the Dark energy which is shapeless in nature. Lingam is the example of the Shapeless Sadashiva.

Dark Matter is shiv tattva which is a physical and materialistic form of Sadashiva or Adishakti.


Shiva always uses his trident for the restoration of peace and Dharma. Trident of Shiva is the deadliest weapon ever mentioned in the Vedic literature.

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