The greatness of Shiva

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The greatness of Shiva

What is the greatness of Shiva is an excellent question to ask yourself?

It is unquestionably essential to know the greatness of Shiva.

Only by understanding the greatness of Shiva you will realize, why you should connect to Shiva?

Why should you connect to Shiva?

Lord Shiva believes in simplicity, therefore, lives an unconventional lifestyle which is against social rules.

The rules which become the medium of egoism, racism, and partiality. These rules make humanity extreme.

It creates the divide between them, based on their color, origin, gender, religion, caste, creed, wealth.

It puts them towards the dense path due to which they become Ghor which means extreme.

Shiva has shown, the beautiful alternate solution of the problem by becoming Aghori Shiva which means Shiva is not extreme and open for everyone

This guides society towards spirituality.

After that whenever you will see a beautiful white flower, instead of plucking it out, you will pour water on its root and care for it.

That is how you start adopting, the greatness of Mahadev.

Shiva, the master of so many amazing winsome qualities.

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After Knowing those qualities, you automatically get closer to Shiva.

It is a blessing when you are ready to understand the qualities of Shiva.

The entire humanity can learn so many lessons from Shiva and live a happy and peaceful life ahead.

Shiva who is kind to everyone, everybody knows about shiva affection regarding animals, rivers, mountains, humans, demons, deities and even for distorted creatures.

The best thing about being a devotee of Shiva is that you start realizing the beauty of Nature. You start seeing nature as your Mother.

That is helpful when whole humanity is fighting with global warming. The holy river Ganga is one of the best examples of it.

You can easily find Yogis on the bank of the rivers, meditating on Shiva and Chanting OM Namah Shivaya.

They will be the first people, who come forward for cleaning mother Ganga.

Shiva devotees list is too long and filled with great influential people from past as well as from present.

Shiva is Bhavnath which means, the one who understands his devotees feeling for him.

There are so many interesting facts associated with Shiva like Shiva loves to roam from one cremation ground to another and there is snake on his necka. These all facts enhance the cosmic charm of the Shiva.

After knowing about the greatness of Shiva, Goddess Parvati got mesmerized by Shiva.

She did the unfavorable austerity on Shiva, that is how goddess Parvati won the heart of Shiva.

She got married to Shiva and learned so many Shastra and skills.

Yoga and the kundalini yoga shakti are few of them.

She even left her palace for staying with a Vairagi as a loving wife, who resides in the freezing mount of Kailash with his distorted creatures.

These distorted creatures worship Shiva as father and, Goddess Parvati as their Mother.

By doing so these distorted creatures even becomes auspicious and almost equivalent to deities.

How can an ordinary person define the glory of Shiva who is beyond human consciousness? Sometimes words become meaningless when you try to capture Shiva into words.

Nobody could seize Shiva into the words. Shiva is the tremendous founder of the vairagya.

Although Shiva is boundless, still, Shiva is connected with a thin thread of devotion by his devotees.

According to Sanatan Dharma, Lord Vishnu is the proton, Brahma is the electron and Shiva is the nucleus.

This nucleus is neutral by nature but releases tremendous Shakti (energy) when breaks out.

It is the reason when deity of eroticism Kama tries to hypnotize or influence Shiva. Shiva destroys the Kama with his third eye.

The devotees of Shiva are not under control of their senses. Their senses are in their Control.

Shiva helps them to control their senses.

Shiva easily gets pleased with his devotees and keep spending boon to them.

Shiva never compares his devotees based on their Karma and birth.

Many times Shiva devotees took blessing from him. They used Shiva own shakti (energy) against him.

Bhasmasura was one of those demon devotees of Shiva.

Despite acknowledging, the evil plans, Shiva gave them, the specific boon.

Bholenath never tricked anyone, this is, the greatness of Shiva.

After blessing them when their atrocities cross the limit, Shiva also neutralizes the strength of the demons for the welfare of the society and humanity.

That is how Shiva becomes the greatest destroyer of the darkness and the evil.

The teaching of Shiva has the ability, to make this world more beautiful.

It is the only reason that every unmarried girl wants to get a husband with qualities of Shiva.

Shiva is the greatest giver, who never expect anything from anyone.

He is Complete in himself, Sadhguru described: Shiva doesn't need your devotion.

According to Sadhguru, A spiritual guru, Shiva doesn't need anything because he is already master of all the creation.

Creation of the universe then preservation and afterward destruction depend on his will.

Shiva, the one who is most dear to Lord Vishnu that Shiva becomes Vishnu Vallabha. Shiva blessed the ax to Parshuram. Lord Rama worshipped Shiva all his life.

Lord Krishna said "Shive Sarvadhi Sadhike"

Divya Swaropaya, Nirguna, Swayambhoo, Shambhoo, Bhootnatha, Shankara, who is extremely powerful.

Shiva, The one who is the ultimate form of divinity. Just like a water drop on a green leaf, Shiva is that pure water droplet.

Chandrashekara, The one who is the greatest transformer, Limitless, unconquerable, transcendental, immortal, unborn, nobody knows about Shiva's origin.

The most remarkable thing about Shiva is that he is the only one who has the strength to distribute nectar for others and accept Poison Halahal for himself. That is Shiva's greatness.


On this post, we have elaborated, the greatness of Shiva in simple words.

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Please keep smiling.

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