The South Indian Film industry need to make a movie on Lord Shiva?

The South Indian Film industry need to make a movie on Lord Shiva?

Santosh Gairola   By   santosh |  updated :   17 July 2018

Why does the South Indian Film industry need to make a movie on Lord Shiva?

Why does the South Indian Film industry need to make a movie on Lord Shiva?

We are living in the Marvel and DC world where Hollywood has taken control of our thought process by putting imaginary characters in front of us.

Whereas from Lord Hanuman to Arjuna, Bhima our history is filled with the real superheroes.

We are the modern realistic audience who wants something which should bring back originality to our life.

In such situations, we need to reconnect people with reality. An epic Movie on Shiva Lord can do that.

A movie which should introduce qualities of Lord Shiva to the youth.

So that people could understand and value the meaning of righteousness .

A movie which could tell everyone how to connect with Lord Shiva? So that they could lead their life towards spirituality, and eternal joy .

Just by making an epic movie on Mahadev international audience could get aware of the vibrant Indian history.

The new generation is already familiar with Lord Shiva facts and Movie on Shiva can showcase the Greatness of Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva is the supreme being who is known as the omniscient and the greatest transformer.

Every section will surely adore the Love saga of Shiva and Parvati. It will be interesting for them to perceive the Shiva and Parvati wedding with their own eyes.

Lord Shiva is known for his dynamic persona and unbelievable power. There are many lessons which people can learn from Lord Shiva .

The one who is the major influential lord in the Santana Dharma without whom trinity is incomplete.

Unborn, Immortal Shiva is highly ascetic and known for his Vairagya . The movie could become a platform to spread Lord Shiva teachings .


Lots of people will come to know that from Demons to demigods everyone has the faith on Shiva which is why Shiva has an enormous list of his devotees . They adore him as Bholenath.

Shiva is unique, and there is no one like Lord Shiva who is known for his kindness.

A supreme hero who is known for being called catastrophic Rudra when getting angry and opens his third eye.

He carries trident on his right hand, and Shakti is his better half. Many times Shiva protected the entire universe.

  1. Neelkantha, When Shiva drank the Halahal Poison which came out of the cosmic ocean crunching.
  2. Gangadhar, Shiva protected mother earth from getting scattered from holy river Ganga extreme pressure.
  3. Shiva neutralized demonic kings like Jalandhar, Andhakasura, Bhasmasura, etc.
  4. Protected moon from getting faded.
  5. Guarded Goddess Sati from Vitrasura.
  6. Etc

The beauty of India is that it has unity in diversity. Language is no barrier to film audiences. Film critics and audiences love the right kind of art and Cinema.

We understand that art has no boundaries and limitations. For Indians Bollywood and South, Indian film industry is one.

Still, there are few things where the South Indian film industry seems superior over Bollywood.

If you compare south Indian film industry with Bollywood, you can quickly judge that Bollywood doesn't have the ability to frame Shiva as the destroyer of darkness.


Why Bollywood can't make Such Movie on Lord Shiva?

  1. Bollywood is afraid of doing different and unique. It requires a gut to think creative which they lack.
  2. They are limited to Love and revenge stories only. They can't go beyond that.
  3. Bollywood is known for making crap these days; only a few movies were sensible in 2017- 2018 like Dangal, Ms. Dhoni, Parmanu (The Story of Pokhran).

They were nice because they were realistic films leaving a positive message behind.

Presently Bollywood is making shit biopics on Sanjay Dutt, etc. Hence, we cannot expect the right kind of cinema from them.

We are not saying Bollywood lack talents. They have immense talent but, they are restricted to work in freedom.

That's why they cannot do creative work.

Why is Audience looking towards South Indian film Industry?

South movies are loved and admired all over the country and overseas. Moreover, south superstars are known for their down to earth attitude.

Audience remembered the simplicity of Prabhas on the launch of Bahubali - the conclusion.

Actors like Rajnikanta, Alluarjun, Mahesh Babu, Prabhas, Ram Charan became new Indian super stars. They openly showcase their love for their motherland (India).

The reason why the South Indian film industry can do that.

  1. They are focusing on quality work, not on quantity work.
  2. They are free minded people who love their heritage.
  3. They are not obsessed with the few stars.

Indian film actors suitable for Shiva's Role

Lord Shiva has a great physique. Most importantly, Shiva doesn't have the blue color. In fact, Lord Shiva has white camphor in color.

We all know that Lord Shiva smears dead body ashes on his body. Moreover, Shiva has a special connection with cremation ground ashes .

Ashes give white camphor skin color to Shiva. Therefore few Bollywood actor suits for Shiva role.

1- John Abraham - Force, Madras Cafe, Parmanu, Rocky handsome and Saya.

These are the few movies where John showcased his acting talent and great physique.

2 - Hrithik Roshan - Hrithik can also play the role of Lord Shiva.

3 - Prabhas - Prabhas can perform the dynamic role of Lord Shiva.

4 - Allu Arjun - Allu has excellent style and perfect attitude to perform Shiva's role on the big screen.

For inspiration, the South Indian film industry can look towards Devon Ke Dev Mahadev Show.

Show Dialogue by Mohit Raina - "Main to Vairagi hoon, Na sammaan ka Moh Na aapmaan ka bhaay" is loved by all.

After Bahubali - the beginning , Bahubali - the conclusion , Enthiran , Tik Tik Tik , South Indian film industry can also make an epic film on Lord Shiva.


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