When Apasmaar provoked Shiva [ Natraj the Dancing Shiva ]

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When Apasmaar provoked Shiva [ Natraj the Dancing Shiva ]

Today's post is related to very special art i.e Dancing and why Natraj the lord of all the Dance forms is known as Natraj the Dancing Shiva.

This story is very astonishing when you come to know that Dancing Shiva Natraj Avatar story reflects the true bond of love between the cosmic couple Shiva and Parvati .

Parvati Vallabh (Vallabh means dearest) Shiva is full of every virtue. There are many things we can learn from Shiva, Dance is one of those attributes.

It is the story of a demon who is known by the name of Apasmaar the demon of ignorance and epilepsy.

Since the day of creation, demon tried to raise his impact on the world.

Major problems associated with the Demon Apasmaar was that he cannot be killed which made him arrogant.

Apasmaar didn't have any shape, size or figure hence cannot be killed, caught.

Moreover that he is a demon of memory which means killing him will spread instability in people mindset.

All the bad experiences will never get erased from people memories.

Ordinary people will not be able to overcome their any kind of pain and live up to normal life

He can control ordinary people mindset & memories and make them work according to his will.

Due to this, he created a serious menace for devas. Apasmaar made people forgot to worship devas.

His powers were psychological, due to his shapeless figure and the immense amount of fanciful he became so powerful that he began to think himself equivalent to supreme consciousness.

Once upon a time, He even made the goddess Parvati to forget her memory. As we all know goddess Parvati is the manifestation of Adishakti or shiv shakti.

Goddess Parvati memory loss affected the world adversely, it creates a bigger opportunity for Apasmaar to spread his influence on all the three realms.

He started to spread his impact on common people. By doing so, Demon Apasmaar became more strong and more determined to win all the three world.

Who so ever tried to control him he changed their mindset and make them suffer memory loss.

Now there was nobody who could control him. The demon created a chaotic situation in all the three world.

Lord Vishnu and Brahma along with demigod discussed the issue with Shiva and in the end, Shiva as the ultimate destroyer of darkness and evil decided to take actions.

Shiva knew that goddess Parvati forgot her divinity due to memory attack was done by demon Apasmaar Shiva decided to meet Parvati his better half as an ordinary man.

Shiva told Parvati that she knows him. Parvati tried to recognize him but due to the impact of Apasmaar, she failed to get her divinity back.

By seeing Parvati getting in more trouble while memorizing all previous stuff.

Shiva told Parvati to not take too much burden of previous memories. He advised Parvati to Meditate.

Shiva returned back to his abode Kailash parvat where he defined the situation of Parvati to auspicious Ganesha and Kartikeya

Ganesha decided to meet his mother goddess Parvati.

He takes morph of an ordinary boy to meet his mother goddess Parvati.

After meeting his mother Goddess Parvati, Ganesha tried to make her remind previous memories but failed to do so and returns to Mount Kailash .

After seeing Apasmaar increasing influence Shiva decides to control the demon.

He appears to his cave from where he was controlling the memories of Goddess Parvati and others.

Apasmaar dwarf demon get's scared of Seeing Shiva in front of him but he was too sure that due to a boon he received in past that he will not die.

Apasmaar decides to takes a chance to stand off with Shiva.

Apasmaar tell Shiva that Why are you here Lord? Did You forget that I have no physical existence and you cannot kill me.

I m the darkness with Chaotic nature How will you defeat me?My influence will always remain on everybody lord.

Shiva replied to Apasmaar that you said rightly Apasmaar.

Light and Darkness will be complementary to each other but with Power of true Meditational yoga, darkness will always get destroyed by light.

It's now time to diminish you Apasmaar. Shiva increases his size and makes Apasmaar feel little in front of him.

Shiva further told to the demon that you remind that you have no physical existence but you forgot that what is void is all belongs to my Nirakara Swaroop ( Shapeless Shiva ).

All the three traits tamas rajas sattva are from me, all the chaotic nat nature are from me. I m the Natraj Apasmaar.

After that Shiva takes out the Damru (Pellet drum) and starts playing the astonishing loud sound. Shiva multiplicates his morphs and covers the demon from all directions.

Now Apasmaar had no option left he had to listen Shiva's Damru Nahd ( sound of Shiva's Damru).

Apasmaar get's scared and falls down on his feets.

Shiva starts the Tandav dance and Apasmaar sees the Dancing Shiva as Natraj.

Demon surrenders to Shiva and Shiva put's him under his feet and become Natraj the dancing Shiva. Demon returns people memory.

Apasmaar apologizes to Shiva for all the bad karma (deeds) which he did in the arrogance of his shapeless entity.

Shiva tells to Apasmaar that you will never get die Apasmaar. Your influence will always remain on people mindset.

You will help people to forget bad memories and remember the good unforgettable memories.

People will always have an option to increase their memory power through Yoga & meditational practice (Yog Sadhana).


This post will help you to understand the hidden story of Natraj the Dancing Shiva and demon of memory Apasmaar.

The Dwarf demon Apasmaar represents both ignorance and epilepsy. Due to his no physical existence, he tried to conquer all the three realms.

Finally, Lord Shiva takes his Natraj form as dancing Shiva to diminish Apasmaar influence and make him work for the welfare of the people.

natraj Courtesy - Aldous Huxley - The Dancing Shiva

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