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information about Shiva Lord

Shiva Lord is one of the primary forms of divinity in Sanatan Dharma. Lord Shiva means the one who is kind and auspicious one.

Shiva's name is close to my heart, lot's of thing happened in my life which connected me to the Shiva Lord and I self-realized the qualities of Lord Shiva .

The features which define me, why continuing pure life is crucial for humans? I understood why Shiva devotees are nature, lover?

After understanding the virtues of Lord Shiva, I learned several lessons which helped me to grow in my life peacefully.

Few of them are -

  1. Ego is the destroyer of the strength (Shiva is the destroyer of Ego).
  2. Always be creative and transforming.
  3. Always stay calm in every situation (Self-control).
  4. Always being a Giver and never expect anything from anyone.
  5. Respect the feminism (Your consort is your biggest strength).
  6. Never have hard feelings for anyone.
  7. Never trick anyone, (Shiva never tricked anyone).
  8. Mind your own business, (Live like a Vairagi)
  9. Perseverance, austerity
  10. Simplicity is the best ornament.


It helped me to reduce my complexity regarding the life. Cleared my vision and made me understood the difference between materialistic and eternal joy.

Then on 18 December 2011, a serial aired on Indian television, Devon Ke Dev Mahadev. That show defined me the greatness of Lord Shiva.

I started reading about Shiva in spiritual books like Rudra Sahita, Shiva Mahapurana, ShivLeela.

That show made me understood, Why Shiva is called Mahadev? (Meaning - Why Shiva is known as Lord of Lords ?)

All these books are available on Geeta press publication in almost negligible prices.

Now let's get started with Shiva Lord.

Complete information about Shiva Lord

In this article, we have published significant information about Shiva lord. After reading this post, you will realize; who is Lord Shiva?

We request you to please read the full article to understand the Complete information about the Shiva Lord who holds a special place in Sanatan Trinity.

About Trinity

Shiva Lord is one of the prominent parts of the Hindu Trinity which consists of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh . Mahesh means Shiva Lord.

  1. Brahma - Brahma is the creator of the universe.
  2. Vishnu - The guardian of the creation.
  3. Shiva - The destroyer of Darkness and evil.

It is a cyclic process which follows each other.Here destruction is taken in a positive sense.

Here destruction is like cracking of eggshell so that new life could come and grow in this world.

They all work in their respective domains and dimension and hardly interfere with each other work.

Shiva and Vishnu

There is no need to think who is more dominant among Trinity? People who are not aware of the inner core of Sanatana Dharma, compare them with each other.

They are the three distinct forms of one supreme governor (Sadashiva / Adishakti). Still on an iconographical basis people compares trinity with each other.

Lord Brahma is not that sturdy as compared to Shiva and Vishnu.

Once Vishnu defined to Goddess Laxmi that Shiva resides on his heart half part whereas the other half section holds Goddess Laxmi & world etc.

Therefore Shiva is Vishnu Vallbha means Shiva is the one who is most dear to Vishnu. Similarly, Shiva projected himself as half Vishnu and half Shiva.

Therefore real devotees never differentiate them from each other.


Being the third member of the Trinity Shiva holds a leading place in the Sanatan Dharma.

No matter wherever you go in the world, you can easily find the emblem of Shiva Lord which proves that humanity has worshipped the supreme mighty as Shiva.

Hence, Shiva is a remarkably influential Lord mentioned in all Vedic text. If we read the Vedas carefully, they define Shiva as the destroyer, who is known for his kindness.

How can be a destroyer known for his kindness? That is what makes Shiva unorthodox, dynamic and we realize there is no one like Shiva.

In the highest form of Shiva, he is the master of the entire universe and cosmic phenomena. Shiva Lord consists of Dark Matter and Dark energy.

If you are thinking about what is Dark matter and Dark energy? It is a shapeless state of Shiva which is limitless and transcendental.

The entire universe is made up of Dark matter and Dark energy.

Lord Shiva is the greatest transformer who manifest himself, time to time to protect innocent from atrocities of the evil.

Shiva Lord
Shiva Lord
* History of Lord Shiva ( Birth of Lord Shiva)
Is Shiva Male or Female (Ardhanarishvara)
Shiva as Creator, Protector, and Destroyer
Attributes of Shiva (Charm of Shiva)
Ascetic Shiva (Vairagi Shiva)
Abode of Lord Shiva (Kailash)
Why is Shiva known for his simplicity?
Are Sati and Parvati one?
Whom does Shiva Meditate?
Shiva Lord Connection with Ram Naam
Why is Shiva Called Mahadev?
History of Lord Shiva ( Birth of Lord Shiva)

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Shiva is immortal, omniscient, and there is no father of Shiva . The emerge of the Trinity is related with the history of Shiva.

Firstly Lord Vishnu appeared then Brahma and lastly Shiva. Here we have elaborated the whole history of Shiva Lord.

History of Shiva

At the beginning of the universe creation, Sadashiva (almighty) got dissected into two parts.

1 Shiv (male part of Sadashiva)

2 Shiva (female part of Sadashiv)

Lord Shiva history

Both acted as a cosmic couple, and after creating primary elements, they chose to formulate third energy.

The energy which could take over their responsibility, Vishnu emerged and took responsibility as the preserver. Later Brahma appeared from the navel section of Lord Vishnu.

Brahma didn't realize the mystery of his birth and started a battle with Lord Vishnu regarding his superiority over Vishnu.

An intense battle started between Vishnu and Brahma, Ultimately Sadashiva appeared as an eternal fire pillar.

SadShiva as eternal fire Pillar commanded them to figure out the end of the pillar.

Vishnu accepted that he didn't get the end of the fire pillar whereas Brahma lied that he achieved the end of the fire pillar.

This lie made Sadashiva angry, Sadashiva cursed Brahma. Due to that Curse Brahma never got worshipped.

Both Brahma and Vishnu requested SadaShiva to take some form. So they could worship Sadashiva.

Sadashiva answered that -

Soon he will reappear as Rudra to take over the responsibility of destroyer of Darkness. After some time, SadaShiva appeared as Rudra on the Himalayas.

Is Shiva Male or Female (Ardhanarishvara)

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Lord Shiva is Adipurusha means the Alpha male or First male.

Shiva Lord is the ultimate transformer known as Swayambhoo which means self-born .

A person who has a specific kind of devotion for him/her. Shiva meets them in that same guise.

Once upon a time, a Shiva devotee tried to worship Shiva when Shiva was sitting with his consort Goddess Parvati .

Devotee requested mother Parvati to leave Shiva aside for a few moments so that he could worship Shiva alone.

That makes mother Parvati little bit of uncomfortable. She decides not to leave Shiva alone and sits closer to Shiva.

Although sage devotion was true towards Shiva only thing he was assuming wrong was, he was distinguishing Goddess from Shiva.

The sage was desperate to worship Shiva alone, therefore; Shiva manifested himself as half Shiva and half goddess Parvati.

The form which is known as Ardhanarishvara.

Shiva as Creator, Protector, and Destroyer

Lord Shiva is the patron of sages and truth. Many times Shiva protected the entire universe from getting destroyed.

  1. Shiva Drank Cosmic ocean poison for the protection of the universe which turned Shiva's neck blue.
  2. Destroying Tripur was another incident when Shiva protected the Universe. Shiva protected mother earth from getting scattered by holding the intense pressure of river Ganga on his head.
  3. Shiva defeated many demons like Jalandhar, Andhak and protected devas and Rishis from their atrocities.
  4. Shiva's heroism list is too long, Check out how Shiva protected Goddess Sati from Vitrasura ?
  5. Protecting Chandra (Moon) from getting disappeared is another major incident mentioned in Shiva Mahapurana.

Moon worshipped Shiva and in returned Shiva accepted crescent on his forehead which protected the life of moon.

That place is known as Somnath today.

The one who is the creator of numerous art forms including Dancing, Martial arts, and singing, etc.

Shiva taught the first form of martial art known as Kalaripayattu or Kalari To Parshuram.

Lord Parshuram is the sixth avatars of Lord Vishnu and a great devotee of Lord Shiva who received ax from Lord Shiva in a boon.

Natraj is the popular Dancing form of Shiva.

Attributes of Shiva (Charm of Shiva)

Parvati and shiva

Several universes reside into him. Every intricacy gets neutralized when coming in contact with him.

His appearance is pleasant even millions of sun cannot match Shiva's shine.

His skin color is shining camphor, matted Hairs like dark clouds, Smeared with cremation ground Bhasma (ashes).

White Cresent on his head, third eye on the middle of his forehead. His eyes filled with enormous love but when gets angry becomes the catastrophic destroyer.

King of the snake on his neck; A man with a blue throat and having Trident on his right hand.

An ecstatic simper rises on his face after listening to Ram Naam. The greatest giver in the universe known for living a highly ascetic life on Mount Kailash.

Demon king Ravana did the greatest apotheosis of Lord Shiva in Tandav Stotram composed by himself.

Ascetic Shiva (Vairagi Shiva)

Shiva Lord is the founder of Vairagya which means detachment from the materialistic world.

Vairagya is the easiest way to purify the soul and Karmas. People misunderstand the meaning of Vairagya and take consideration that leaving the family and getting freedom from responsibility is Vairagya.

Whereas, Shiva never told anyone to leave family and responsibilities.

In fact, Vairagya is complementary to the household. Shiva himself has a sweet family .

Vairagya real meaning is stay detached from materialistic desire and performing Karmas without having any expectation.

Abode of Lord Shiva (Kailash)


Read the original article related to Abode of Shiva.

Kailash, the abode of Shiva Location - China

+31° 3' 55.43", +81° 18' 42.94

According to the Vedic text, Mount Kailash is shiva abode where he lives as the ruler of the universe.

The only lord who is known for living on earth with his devotees. There is a massive list of Lord Shiva devotees.

Every year devotees undergo divine experience while having the expedition of Kailash bottom.

In respect of human faith, the Chinese government forbade the climbing of Mount Kailash.

A sinner can never climb mount Kailash. Therefore, it is hard in today's world to conquer Kailash.

Various mystic forces make it impossible for mountaineers to climb mount Kailash. There are many stories and facts related to Kailash Parvat.

Surrounded by white snow, Nature herself proves the presence of Shiva on mighty Kailash, Abode of Shiva.

A Russian doctor Ernst Muldashev announced Kailash is a unique structure in various aspect resembles with the pyramid.

When Doctor tried to climb Kailash, Dr inner consciousness made him realize that Kailash is not an ordinary mountain.

They shouldn't be there; It is the sacred mountain which is right now not allowing them to climb on it.

Why is Shiva known for his simplicity?

Shiva lord is limitless adoring him can make you too immeasurable. It becomes easier to activate kundalini Yoga Shakti for his devotees.

There are no specific traditions to Worship Shiva.

Anyone can worship Shiva any time.

No rules, no specific ritual is required to worship him.

Many times demons received the boon from him and misused them against Shiva. Instead of knowing their evil side, Shiva granted them the boon.

On account of people welfare, Shiva neutralized them too. Bhasmasura was one of those demons. People have a great confusion that Shiva ran away from Bhasmasura.

In reality, Shiva could bypass Bhasmasura boon anytime.

It is one of the reasons that Shiva is known asAghori Shiva which means the one who is not dense. Most of the Shivalayas doesn't have doors.

Out of many names, one of the most loved names of Shiva lord is Bholenath.

It means the Righteous Lord who is known for his innocence. Shiva never tricked anyone.

Are Sati and Parvati one?
is Sati and Parvati one

Definitely yes, Goddess Parvati is the reincarnation of Goddess Sati. Both are the two morph of the same Shakti (energy) . Sati was the daughter of the Shiva's greatest hater, Daksha.

Once upon a time, Daksha insulted Shiva in a large gathering, Sati tried to stop her father by doing so.

But, Daksha kept defaming Shiva.

At the end Daksha daughter, Sati revealed her divine form as Goddess Adishakti and sacrifices her life.

That tragic incident turned Shiva into the catastrophic destroyer and Shiva destroyer the whole kingdom of Daksha.

Later, Adishakti took birth as Goddess Parvati to make the previous union successful.

Shiva and Parvati is the story of Love, Compassion, and Trust.

Whom does Shiva Meditate?

Shiva Read the real article.

Shiva is eternal, Param Brahma. He is Complete in himself; He never worshipped anyone.

Although, Shiva shares a special bond of affection with Ram Naam jaap is close to his heart.

If we observe Shiva and Son of Dashrath Lord Rama, we realize that both Shiva and Rama are known for their ethics and simplicity.

Rama worshipped Shiva all his life. Similarly, Shiva admires the qualities of Lord Rama.

Kashi is the city which is close to Shiva's heart. Once upon a time, few people were carrying the dead body to Cremation ground for the funeral.

Shiva heard the Chant of Ram Naam and joined the group of people. After burning the dead body, people returned to their places.

Shiva stayed there and smeared that dead body ashes to his body. When did Parvati ask the reason of doing so?

Shiva replied that -

People were chanting Ram Naam with that dead body. How could I resist myself?

Therefore people chantRam Naam on the final journey.

Why is Shiva called Mahadev?

There are many reasons why Shiva is called Mahadev?

  1. Shiva never asked anything from anyone. In the cosmic ocean crunching, everybody took something Luxurious. Whereas, Shiva didn't take anything. In fact, he drank Hahahal for protecting the universe.
  2. The demigod of eroticism KaamDev tried to prove his control over Shiva. Mahadev burned him and turned into ashes by opening his third eye. Hence Shiva devotee knows how to control their senses.
  3. Shiva is the Loving husband of Shakti . Shakti means energy which is an integral part of Shiva. Shiva makes her sit, next to him and includes in all his decisions.
  4. Shiva never worshipped anyone and believes in absolute freedom. From demons to demigods everybody worshipped Shiva. Shiva accepted everyone without judging their previous Karma.
  5. Many demons attacked Shiva considering him just a sanyasi (yogi) , but Shiva destroyed them. Rudra in the battle zone, Shiva is triumphant. Shiva is unborn, immortal and who lives in the 17 (highest) dimension. We, humans, live in 3 dimension world. No other lord lives in that 17 dimension. Shiva is not just the Hindu Lord of Destruction; Shiva is the Supreme Being. The process of creation, preservation, and destruction depends on his wish.


In this post, we have discusses many points associated to Shiva Lord.

Please feel free to share, the valuable information on your social networks.

We will be thankful for your kindness.

Please keep smiling and stay blessed.

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