Shiva destroyer of the ego

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Shiva destroyer of the ego

Shiva destroyer of the ego; is the one who is known for living highly ascetic life on extreme conditions of Mount Kailash .

On this post, we have defined why Shiva is known as Destroyer of egoism and Kaam (eroticism) . Please read the whole article.

Spectacular Shiva

It is believed that Brahma is the creator, Lord Vishnu is Preserver and Shiva is the ultimate destroyer of darkness.

Collectively all of them makes Trinity . The elementary trinity of Sanatana Dharma which includes Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh . Shiva is known as Maheshwar.

Trinity never interferes in each other's work, Specially Shiva never interferes in anybody's works. The biggest mistake we make as a human is that we start comparing Shiva and Vishnu.

There is no distinction between Shiva and Vishnu. Both are one as Harihar. Once Shiva propelled his half body as Lord Vishnu and told that I m Vishnu, I m Shiva.

It doesn't matter to whom you worship, your worship ultimately reaches to me. I manifest myself in that guise.

Therefore Shiva and Vishnu may look different from our aspects but worshipping anyone means worshipping both i.e Omkara .

According to a theory, Lord Shiva devotees are worshipping Lord Vishnu and Lord Vishnu devotees are worshipping Lord Shiva.

Lord Vishnu is too dear to Lord Shiva especially the name of Lord Rama , a human Avatar of Lord Vishnu. Ram Naam is closely associated to Shiva. Shiva loves to recite and chant Ram Naam .

Whereas there is another aspect of it; Shiva admires Rama so much but Shiva never worshipped anyone. Whereas Lord Vishnu every avatar worshipped Shiva including great warrior sage Parshuram, Lord Rama, Lord Krishna.

There are so many facts related to Shiva that Shiva is beyond time and space dimensions who lives in the highest dimension i.e 16 dimensions.

By just listening to a simple chant of Om Namah Shivaya brings you close to holy river Ganga which resides on Mahadev's matted hairs and crescent adorn on his forehead.

Shiva is Shaktipati ( Beloved husband of Energy). Shiva is unprecedented who believes in living a completely orthodox lifestyle.

Shiva destroyed Ego of Ravana

Once upon a time Demon king, Ravana was going from his Vimana. He saw Kailash Parvat and In his arrogance, he tried to lift abode of Shiva.

Ravana was a devotee of Lord Shiva, therefore, he tried to make Shiva Personalize. The act of lifting Kailash made Shiva furious.

Shiva put his thumb on the ground of Kailash and suppressed Ravana finger beneath the mount.

Ravana realized his mistake of disturbing Shiva by lifting his abode.

It is an amazing fact that Ravana was a demon as well as knowledgeable Brahmin who was an excellent Vedic scholar.

By lifting Kailash, Ravana was in intense pain that time Still he managed to create Shiva Tandav stotra for pleasing Shiva.

Ravana Continued Chanting of the Tandava stotra for 7 days beneath the mount. It was a short time punishment for Ravana.

Shiva is extremely innocent who get easily pleased by just offering of a Bilva leaf. By seeing Ravana instant creation for him; Shiva lifts his thumb and gifted him ChandraHassa glaive.

When Shiva's devotees need him the most, his help definitely reaches to them in mystic form. Shiv Gans especially Bull Nandi will be the first one to help you out.

There is no predefined pattern to worship Lord Shiva, Maheshwara is free from every kind of bond hence there is no one like Shiva . It is the reason, the list of Lord Shiva devotees is too long and filled with fabulous names.

One of the names is of Goddess Parvati who is an avatar of Goddess Shakti (Loving wife of Shiva).

Once upon a time before Shiva and Parvati wedding, Parvati used to believed that her devotion and way of worshipping Shiva is the purest form of worshipping Shiva.

Parvati used to worship Shiva with flowers, fruits and sweets like Kheer. One day she saw some Aghoris wearing Rudraksha worshipping Shiva with fresh flesh. They were offering fresh flesh on Lingam.

Parvati stopped them by doing so. She said to them you cannot worship Shiva with flesh. Aghori smiles and told Parvati that they don't know any mantras or verses to please Shiva .

The only thing they have for Shiva is devotion and some fresh flesh. Parvati told them that Lingam is worshipped with flower, not with flesh; Shiva will never accept your Tamsic Flesh.

She told to Aghori that due to their incult behaviour; she will worship lingam first with flowers. Aghori gives consent for that.

Parvati brings beautiful white flowers and offers them on Lingam. But flowers remain same on the lingam. Now it was Aghoris chances.

Aghoris Sit near the lingam and told to lingam that they brought fresh flesh from the jungle for theirs, Shiva.

They started putting flesh on lingam. After some time Flesh started disappearing. It was Shiva who was consuming the flesh.

By seeing flesh getting consumed Parvati gets shocked, She asks Aghoris how is this possible?

Aghoris tells Parvati that Shiva knows about the reverence of his devotees on him, he never examines the way his devotees worship him.

This enlightens the thought process of Parvati and her egoism get destroyed.

Shiva is the one who has told sages about vairagya or dispassion. It is the easiest way to purify soul and Karma .

Shiva, the Lord of Yoga loves nature, Shiva admires the inner beauty most rather than outer appearance. Hence Shiva is always surrounded by nature.

Shiva broke ego of Deity of eroticism Kamadeva by burning him with his third eye and turned him into ashes when Deity of eroticism tried to interrupt Shiva's Penance .

This incident of burning KaamDeva is associated with Shiva Parvati loved story which tells us how Parvati won the heart of Shiva ?

Before Parvati, Shiva was married to Goddess Sati who reincarnated herself twice for Shiva. First as Sati and second as Parvati. Hence Parvati is the second incarnation of Parameshwari .

Shiva is Bhooteshwara Bhootnath and all the five elements are in his control. Shiva has all three traits Rajat, Tamas, Sattva. Instead of having all 3 traits still, Shiva is free from it.

Shiva is Nirakar Param Brahma ( supreme Divinity). He takes exact same morph in which his devotees want to meet him.

Shiva who is always DhyanYuktam (calm and meditating).

The best thing about Shiva is that he is always being a giver who keeps spending his boons to everyone without thinking and differentiating among his devotees.

It is the reason Shiva is worshipped as Bholenath.


On this post, we have defined about Shiva destroyer of the ego.

The beauty of Sanatana Dharma is that it always glorifies nature. Especially when it comes to Umapati who is kind-hearted Pashupati Nath.

Most of the Web documentaries which you have seen or read about Shiva, they projected him as the Hindu god of destruction which is true but Shiva is more than that which hardly anybody will tell you.

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