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Shiva and sati a holy tale of love

After the wedding of Shiva and Sati , they started their married life in the snowy caves of Mount Kailash .

This post will give you a glimpse of Shiva and Sati love bond . This post will take you to a holy tale of love and passion.

Although Sati was an ideal wife for Shiva. After so many years of penance and going against all the odds, she achieved Shiva as the husband .

The only concern of goddess Sati in life was to taking care of Parameswara . On the Kailash Parvat, she never missed her royal palace where thousands of workers were around there for her service.

She was completely devoted towards her husband and highly impressed with qualities of Lord Shiva as her husband.

It doesn't mean that she is didn't had her own thinking. Albeit, she was the manifestation of Durga maa and Kali maa but she was calm and composed towards Mahadev.

One of the major traits of Goddess Sati was that she was unstoppable in managing the conditions of Kailash.

Shiva's Kailash which was known as the ultimate home of Vairaga was now turning towards the direction of the household.

After entering of goddess Sati in the Kailash everything was getting better by every passing day. Now there was a cosmic glow in the mountains of the Himalayas.

Shiva's devotees were very happy, They have been waiting for Shiva and Sati wedding since so long.

It was a delightful moment for Brahma and Vishnu. After so much of their efforts, they finally convinced Shiva to accept goddess Sati's truly divine love.

On the other side, Shiva's ganas, especially the bull Nandi was very happy to see the situation of the Kailash.

In the evening time, Shiva and Sati started roaming in the different mountain ranges. It was a time when Sati was very happy with Shiva.

Shiva's love for goddess Sati was enormous but In the starting, Shiva didn't express his love interest towards Sati.

Sati didn't bother about shiva's dispassion and continued her passion towards Shiva.

Teasing and disturbing Shiva from penance was Sati's favourite activity. One Day Shiva randomly asked a question to Sati.

Shiva - Why are you always behind me and disturbing me from doing penance?

Sati - Because I am your beloved Wife, my Swami.

Shiva - Why did you marry me?

Sati - Because I am incomplete without you. (Sati replied to Shiva)

Shiva - But I didn't have anything to give you?

Sati - I don't need anything except your love.

Shiva - But neither I have a father nor I have the wealth. All I have is these distorted creatures. These all are my everything.

Sati - I don't need anything in return for my love. Those, Whom you believe that they belong to you. Those are mine too.

A glows appears on the eyes of the Sati while replying to Shiva. Shiva notices the glow

Sati's instant reply won the heart of Shiva that moment . Shiva smiled and looked at his beloved wife Sati.

Shiva ordered his ganas to leave them alone. When they will require them they will call them.

Shiva looked at the eyes of the Sati and goddess Sati gives the second sight to Shiva with a sweet smile.

Sati moves from there leaving behind a mystic smile for Shiva. Shiva appears where ever Sati goes. Sati moves somewhere else.

Shiva shakti

Shiva picks few flowers and puts them on the hairs of Sati. Then Shiva closes the eyes of Sati from behind. Sati goes to Mansarovar lake to view her flower into her hairs.

Shiva comes from behind and sees the reflection of their image collectively. Sati keeps her eyeballs down and holds the hand of Shiva in her hands.

Shiva hugs Sati softly, and Sati smiles after that. She puts her head on shiva's shoulder. Sati expresses her happiness and tells Shiva that she can't believe that she is with Shiva, as his beloved wife.

Shiva sees Sati with great affection and care. Sati tells that she has waited so long for this moment. Sati further tells to Shiva

Sati - Once I have achieved you Now I have no desire left in my heart. My all desires got fulfilled by you.

The only desire left in my heart is that I should always stay with you and keep loving you. Now tell me, my lord, when you started loving me?

Shiva replied

Shiva - I never stopped loving you Sati from the beginning of the Universe. I separated my shakti which was you and give it to Brahma so that creation of the universe could take place.

Without you, I turned into supreme Vairagi and indulged myself in the deepest level of Samadhi. This Kailash was useless to me that time.

Sati, It took me uncountable divine years to get united with you again. You need to understand one thing that You are my Shakti, my beloved wife.

Sati replies,

Sati - Oh my lord, you have tolerated the arrogance of my father, just for me. I am thankful to you for your kindness and true love.

After that Sati requested Shiva to built a home in the Himalayas. Shiva accepts the request of Sati and asks where she wants to have a home.

Sati chooses kingdom of Himavan, Shiva takes Sati to the tour of kingdom Himavan.

When Himavan comes to knows that Shiva and Sati are staying on his kingdom. He organizes a grand fest for them.

Himavan and Mainawati receive Shiva and Sati with great humility. When the queen of the state Mayawati meets with Sati.

Mainawati develops an instant feeling of having a daughter, exactly like Sati. Sati knew the feelings of Mainawati for her.


On this post defines a beautiful bond of love between Shiva and Sati.

This post represents a small conversation happened between Shiva and Sati which defines the beauty of relationship.

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