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Shiva Parvati

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Shiva Parvati

An amusing incident is associated with Shiva Parvati which clearly states the strong bond of love between them.

This story will also define why Mahadev is known as Bholenath?

Who is Shiva Parvati?

Shiva is Unborn, immortal and infinite, primary form of divine entity, in simplest term the highest consciousness.

Goddess Parvati is the better half of Lord Shiva.

Many times shakti took human morph to just marry Shiva so that energy equilibrium could get established in the universe.

In that way Shiva has many wives but all his wives are the same flux of one common divine energy which actually resides only within him. So in that sense Shiva has only one wife.

One of the primary and most famous avatar of Shakti was Goddess Sati who was the first spouse of Shiva. Goddess Parvati is the second morph of that same Shakti.

Hence Sati and Parvati are same.

Shiva and Parvati are worshipped as an ideal couple all over the world.

Almost every unmarried girl wants a husband with qualities of Lord Shiva.

Shiva's Love for goddess Parvati is unconditional, pure and knows no limitation & boundaries.

Goddess Parvati did the hardest penance upon Shiva for achieving him as her husband.

Goddess Parvati made him come out of his Vairagya and connected him the worldly bonds and ritual. By doing this Goddess Parvati established the balance in the world.

There is the immense love between Shiva Parvati. Lord Shiva and Parvati may seem two entity but in reality, they are one hence known as Shiva-Shakti .

Shiva is the man (Purusha) and Parvati is the nature. It is the reason why Shiva loves to live under the sky in nature which proves that they are inseparable from each other.

Every pain and happiness of particular is emotions of both.

This warmhearted Shiva Parvati love story is related to Mount Kailash abode of Shiva.

Shiva and parvati

When Shiva agrees to leave Kailash Parvat for the happiness of Goddess Parvati which obviously stretched out the forehead lines of demigods.

It was the time of Shiva's and Parvati wedding which took place in the palace of great mountain king Himavan and queen Mainawati who were parents of Goddess Parvati.

In the grand wedding in which Narayana, Brahma, Demigods, sages and the respectable guests were presented.

It was a delightful and auspicious moment for Narayana and Brahma because Trinity / Trimurti was getting complete by this cosmic union of Mahadeva and Goddess Parvati.

On the other side, Trinity of Trigoddess was also getting completed which includes Goddess Saraswati, Goddess Laxmi and Goddess Parvati.

A Special room was given to Groom Lord Shiva in which he was sitting on the padmasana and meditating. Everything was going perfectly fine.

Demigods were resting in their respective rooms and Sages like Narada and others were Chanting Om Namah Shivaya in the entire palace.

Narayana and Brahma were ecstatic by this wedding of Shiva and Parvati. Finally after the wedding, At the time of leaving father home, Parvati was very sad.

Goddess Parvati tells to her Mother Mainawati that this current moment is very painful for every daughter to leave their father's home and start a new family with her husband.

Parvati expresses the sorrow of leaving her parents home with her mother and starts weeping. Few teardrops come out from the Parvati eyes. Shiva observes the agony of Parvati.

Mainawati mother of goddess Parvati gives a hug to Parvati. On the other side, these teardrops of Parvati eyes melts Shiva emotion for Goddess Parvati while meditating.

Shiva opens his eyes and comes out of the meditation. Nandi and Shivgans come to meet Shiva.

Shiva tells them that right now Parvati is in great grief of leaving her home.

If she could wait for me for so many lives and still perform the hardest austerity upon me. Then why can't I let her live in her home and stay here with her forever?

Shivgans, Sages and demigods get overwhelmed by listening to the words of Shiva. Demigod takes leaves from Shiva's Room.

A divine meeting gets started in which Indra explains the problem of atrocities of Tarakasura.

Guru of demigods Brahaspati advice Indra to seek help from Narayana.

Demigods go to Narayana room for seeking help, Narayan welcomes them.

Narayan tells them that I already know why you all are here.

Narayan further elaborates that Shiva is really kind; who is always filled with compassion and this is Shiva's and Parvati personal matter.

This issue is originated due to their true love.

Hence I cannot directly interfere in it. We have to wait for Goddess Parvati to sort out the issue.

Only Goddess Parvati can make Shiva realize the impact of his decision.

Demigods feel relax after listening to Narayana.

On the other Side, Himavan and Mainawati inform Parvati regarding the Shiva's decision of leaving mount Kailash and staying in the Palace.

Parvati explains to her parents that I know the marriage of a daughter is the luckiest day for every parent.

When they put their daughter hands in the hand of her husband it gives them supreme ecstasy and Moksha later.

Himavan and Mainawati get delighted by Parvati reply.

Parvati Parents leaves Parvati in her room.

For a moments Parvati gets fallen into a deep thought.

Parvati thinks that My lord Shiva is so innocent and loves me so much beyond everything.

After that, she alone goes to Shiva's Room where she sees Shiva simply sitting in a deep meditation.

She slowly- slowly steps toward Shiva & Sees Shiva with lots of love in her eyes.

She was observing the charm of Shiva and when reaches close to him, Shiva opens his eyes and looks at Parvati with same love in his eyes.

For a few moments they keep looking each other and after few moments Parvati bends her head little bit towards her shoulder and raise a question to Shiva.

Parvati - "What are you seeing my Lord?"

Shiva replies with simplicity

Shiva - " I m getting nourished with the vibes of your Love Parvati "

Parvati gets delighted from Shiva's reply and gives her consent with a smile.

Parvati - "appreciable my lord, but for fulfilling love one has to perform all worldly customs and rules ."

Shiva - "For me, my definition of love belongs to you Parvati, For me, fulfilling of love means seeing your happiness."

Parvati - "It is the reason for your decision my Lord"

Shiva - "If you could get agree to leave your home and luxury for me. Then may in not stay here for your happiness Parvati?"

Parvati - "Kailash is my home, my lord. All luxury is useless if you are not with me.

You already know that there is no difference in love and society. Both are complementary to each other. You are the centre of this cosmos my lord.

All responsibility of creation, preservation and destructions belongs to you . This wedding is the exemplification of the ideal wedding my Lord.

Your decision will make an antagonistic effect on the rules of the wedding my lord and truth is that those tears are the paradigm of my parent's love salvation or Moksha."

Shiva stands from his position and come close to Parvati

Shiva - "What you have said Parvati? I never thought to stop your parents Moksha?

I was completely unaware of those feelings which you made me realize now. I never thought about them. You made me realize all those feeling Parvati. Please accept my gratitude."

Parvati - "No my lord Mahadev, I admire your unconditional love for me. Now let's move to our home. Our Kailash Parvat"

After that Shiva announces his return to Mount Kailash with Goddess Parvati as divine couple Shiva Parvati.

Shiva parvati


This post is the short conversation which happened between Mahadev and Parvati after their marriage.

The conversation illuminates immense love in Shiva Parvati love story.

Thanks for giving your valuable time to read the post.

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