Shiva Parvati marriage

Shiva Parvati marriage

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Shiva Parvati marriage

Shiva Parvati marriage defines how can true love overcome any barrier of the world. On this post, you will explore wedding of Lord Shiva and Parvati.

Eternal Shiva ( अनादि शिव )

The source of Yoga and various art forms, Shiva is eternal. There are not enough words in this world to frame greatness of Shiva into the vocabulary.

Every quality of Shiva is spellbinding which make you wonder, how can be the destroyer of Darkness could be so innocent and Charming at the same time.

There are many lessons which can people learn from Shiva, like

  1. Responsibility
  2. Accountability
  3. Loyalty
  4. Self-control
  5. Dignity
  6. Destruction of evil
  7. Dynamic transformation
  8. Naturalistic (Lover of nature)
  9. Self - Consciousness
  10. Handling relationship beautifully

Who doesn't know about the kindness of Shiva? Animals, Ghost, sages, Demigods, rivers, mountains everybody is busy in chanting Om Namah Shivaya .

The one who is the greatest transformer and ultimate level of divinity, Shiva shares a beautiful bond of love with Goddess Parvati .

A tale of divine love in which who is Shiva and who is Parvati could not be judge, both get merged into each other and becomes Ardhanarishvara .

Everything related to Shiva is poetic, especially when somebody talks about Shiva Parvati wedding.

Automatically a shine comes to people face attending wedding; when somebody says, the newly married couple looks like the pair of Shiva Parvati.

When you have that level of purity in your heart; everything becomes possible.

Hence, It becomes essential for modern generation to understand who is Shiva and how to live a grand but blissful life like Shiva.

On the previous post, we have defined How Goddess Parvati Won the heart of Shiva by her penance upon Shiva. Now lets read about Shiva Parvati Marriage.

Shiva Parvati Marriage

Shiva parvati Marriage ceremony

Himavan had decided that the marriage ceremony of Shiva and Parvati will be sumptuous.

Everybody was requested to join them to the celestial wedding of Shiva and Parvati.

Lord Vishnu receives the first invitation card of Shiva Parvati wedding. Narayan gets delighted after getting Shiva Parvati marriage invitation.

It was the moment for which Narayan waited so long. Afterall, Shiva was getting married to Goddess Parvati who is the manifestation of Aadishakti.

That makes Lord Vishnu fulfill all the responsibility of bride brother which strengthen more the bond of affection of Shiva and Vishnu.

We already know that how much Lord Vishnu admire Lord Shiva?, and How much Lord Shiva praise Lord Vishnu?

Shiva becomes Vishnu Vallabha, and Vishnu resides in the heart of Shiva. The story of Shiva's Rishhab avatar is the exemplification of that bond.

Himavan decorates the entire kingdom with the flowers and builds several palaces to divine beings.

For Shiva's stay in the kingdom, Himavan allocated a marvelous palace.

Vishwakarma was invited (architect of gods) to make the wedding lounge arrangement for the marriage according to Vedic ritual.

A special celebration gets started in Kailash respected dignitaries join the ceremony.

It was a humongous crowd gathered there in which everybody was excited to join their Lord wedding.

It was the moment when deities and demons get united for Neelkantham Wedding without any hoax.

Sage Dadhichi, Markande, Kashyap, Atri, Agastya, put turmeric powder on Mahadev's arms.

The startling sound of Damru was hailing all over the Himalayas. Ashes were flying all over the Kailash parvat.

Sages were singing auspicious wedding songs and demigods were Shouting Har Har Mahadev. Wives of the Sages did the Arti ritual of Shiva.

Lord Brahma does the Tilak observance of Mahadev, Vishnu puts Vibhooti on Shiva's arms.

Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati put turmeric on Dakshinamurthy .

They tell that both are desperately waiting to see Gauri taking the responsibility of Kailash.

Parvati and Shiva

A large community to sculpture greets Shiva and express their thank for letting them attend the wedding of Shiva Parvati.

The leader of the sculpture community tells them that after being boycotted by Daksha Prajapati,
Shiva has given them refugee on Kailash. They are grateful to Shiva.

On the other side, Bull Nandi touches the feet of Shiva and pours milk and water on Shiva.

River Ganga emerges from Shiva's hair and showers Gangajal over Bholenath.

Then, Moon emerges from the forehead of Shiva, cleans the Ganga droplets from his white and silver robe.

After that, Nandi takes the morph of complete white Bull, and Shiva takes his seat on him.

Snake on Shiva's neck expands his head and becomes Shiva's Umbrella.

Ghost, spirits and distorted creatures start dancing followed by Gandharvas and sages.

Lord Vishnu looks at Shiva, and Shiva sees Narayan with a smile. Now, Shiva was ready for marrying Gauri.

News reaches the palace that Shiva is approaching towards them. Parvati goes to the terrace of the palace to witness the Glory of Shiva.

Whereas, mother of Parvati, Mainawati waits for Shiva to reach the palace.

Shiva was aware of Parvati's mother ego. Hence, Shiva requested Lord Vishnu or other divinities to lead the march.

Queen saw a Gandharva and ask is that person is Shiva?

He is not Shiva; someone informs Queen.

For a moment queen thinks, if Shiva's devotee is that handsome, then Shiva must be, the most attractive of them all.

Later queen Views Agni Deva, and her expectations keep increasing. Then Yama and after that Lord Vishnu appears.

This time Parvati's mother was too Sure that Lord Vishnu is Lord Shiva. Her expectations get to break down when she comes to know that he is Vishnu, not Shiva.

She was curious to see Shiva.

Now dancing ghost, spirits, phantoms comes, and queen gets scared after seeing them.

Shiva comes wearing the tiger skin and garland of the skull; He had thick matted hairs. Rudraksha beads were on his muscular physique.

Abiding trident on his right hand. A large crowd of ghost dancing behind Shiva.

Cremation ground ashes were in his body. Somebody says Aghori Shiva came to marry the princess.

Queen gets befalls down and everyone wonders; what happened to the queen.

When she attains her consciousness, she questions who was that person? Who was that person who was throwing ashes in the air?

Someone Says he is Shiva, the groom.

Queen shouts louder, How could, I give Parvati to a Vairagi who owns nothing?

After knowing her mother anxiety, Parvati decides to meets her mother.

Parvati informs her mother that It was a Leela of Shiva. Queen tells to Parvati Are you mad Parvati? Are you willing to marry that man?

Why did you meditate upon him? Many handsome princes are there why you have chosen him?

Queen starts getting puzzled after thinking about the groom. Narad tries to convince Queen, but queen rejects Narad words.

Himavan also tries to convince Queen, but queen gets upset.

In between Parvati decides to Meet Shiva in Personal.

Parvati tells to Shiva that my mother was expecting you to see in your charming guise. Now she is scared of your current guise.

Swami, Only you can improve the current situation.

Shiva innocently replied did I have done something wrong Parvati? I have presented myself as the way I am. Even in Kailash, I live in this form.

You have achieved me as your husband in that form only.

Parvati gives consent to that.

Parvati tells to Shiva that every mother expects her daughter to get married to the most handsome man.

Shiva replies that outer beauty is destroyable Parvati whereas inner beauty is eternal.

There is no parameter to understand the beauty. It has different levels of variations for everyone.

Parents must learn to give preference to inner beauty. Without inner beauty, outer beauty is useless which gets fade in few years.

Parvati gets agreed on that.

On the other side, Vishnu meets Queen and defines the charm of Shiva .

Narayan tells to Queen that your daughter's groom is not an ordinary man, Maina.

The Man whom you have called Aghori, Let me tell you the real meaning of Aghori?

Shiva is kind, Swaymbho, the auspicious one.

Shiva is not dense and the one who is not extreme how could he be Ghor. Therefore Shiva is Aghori, Maina.

Moreover that Shiva is Aghori because he never differentiates his devotees based on Karma, caste, creed, and birth.

You have seen the outer beauty of Shiva and judged him on that basis. How Maina?

Shiva is the truth, and there is no one like Shiva. Trinity is incomplete without him. I m incomplete without chanting his name, Maina.

You might not know but, as I'm your Aradhya, Shiva is my Aradhya.

Yogis do Penance upon him for several divine years to get his one glimpse. It is your daughter's good luck due to which Mahadev has come to marry her.

Queen gets convinced and seeks an apology from Lord Vishnu. Meanwhile, Vishnu requests Shiva to take his divine morph.

Shiva wears white and blue color attire. White and golden color necklace on his neck. Armlet was the off-white color.

Shiva was looking magnificent. Vishnu named him Chandrashekara.

Shiva appears in front of everyone in the form of Chandrashekara Avatar. Queen Maina greets Shiva and sees the divine avatar of Shiva.

After seeing the transformation of Shiva, she realizes her mistake in not recognizing the divinity of Shiva and judging on outer guise.

Mainawati Seeks apology from Shiva and requests Shiv to get back in his real appearance.

Shiva accepts the request of Parvati's mother and gets back in Shivoham appearance.

Everybody get delighted to see Shiva in real appearance.

The grand wedding of Shiva and Parvati takes place.

Shiva Parvati wedding

Shiva becomes the loving husband of Goddess Parvati by fulfilling all the rituals.

Finally, Parvati moves to Kailash With Shiva and respective gods restitution to their realm.


Triyuginarayan is a village in a district of Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand, India where the wedding of Shiva and Parvati took place.

Nanda Devi Raj Jaat Yatra is a legendary pilgrimage journey in Uttarakhand which summarizes Shiva as the son in law of the state, and Parvati is the daughter of the whole land.

On this post, we have defined Shiva Parvati Marriage

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