Sati and Shiva - Pleasing story of Shiva and Sati first meet

Sati and Shiva - Pleasing story of Shiva and Sati first meet

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This post is the fourth part of the Saga. See the story index right side named SATI JOURNEY TOWARDS SHIVA. For a better understanding of the story we recommend you to read previous part of the story - Alluring Goddess Sati which is related to the birth of Sati. However, you can continue from here only. This part of the story will clear few things like

This part of the saga will make you understand how Sati daughter of great king Daksha came to know the name of Lord Shiva. So Let's get started.

Narad meet King Daksha
Daksha was very happy with the birth of girl child. He thanked Narad for naming his little girl child. Narad told Daksha

Your daughter Sati will be equipped with the highest level of intelligence. She will give you the strength to create rules and rituals so that humansociety may enjoy the luxury of wealth. She will be a cheerful girl with all winsome qualities. - Narad

After saying these words, Narad and Daksha give salutation to each other and Narad disappears.

Curse of Narad muni

Curse of Narad
Daksha wives Prasuti comes near to him and asks

Oh my dear, sometimes I find myself in such confusing situation that I get no clues how to come out of them. - Prasuti

Great king smiles and asks

What are you trying to say my beloved Prasuti?” She replies that “Long time ago once you Cursed Narad now today you are thanking him. - Daksha

Daksha understood the anxiety of Prasuti and defines his situation why he thanked Narad.

My dear wife Prasuti, There is no need to be anxious. There is a small story behind it. Why I don’t hate Narad now.When Pitahmah Brahma ordered me to grow the human population in the world.

I followed him by sending my all son in the south direction so that they could increase the human race.

But when they reached near the pond Narayan-Saras. Narad changed their mind and guided them towards the search of reality. My all beloved son indulged themselves in penance. I was shocked by their decisions but to maintain Brahma statement dignity I send my one thousand more sons toward the south direction.

But after reaching near that pond again my all sons changed their mind and started living the ascetic life.

Narad was responsible for changing my sons mind. So I Cursed Narad that he will never stay too long in any one place. If he stayed too long in a place his mind will be dissected in one thousand small parts.

I thought that Narad will ask apology for his deeds after the curse but he took that curse as the boon and actually thanked me that my Curse will help him to roam from one place to another and ultimately this will help him to Apotheosis of Lord Vishnu name all over the world.

Dear Prasuti this is the beauty of God devotees they know very well how to turns the curse into boon for themselves or for the welfare of society and humanity - Daksha

Nandi express his devotion for Shiva

On the other side one day, when Shiva was sitting on top of a rock in the dense forest. A huge white bull comes near the Shiva and sits on his legs. Bull eye’s retina was reflecting the image of Lord Shiva.

Shiva smiles put the hand on him and take his name as Nandi.

Nandi wherever I go, you start walking behind me. You need to go back your home - Shiva

Nandi takes the guise of semi bull and semi human and replies
Mahadev I don’t have the strength to live away from you. I always looked you as my father. How a son can live away from his father.How can I leave you? Without Shiva, there will be no existence of Nandi - Nandi
Shiva says
Nandi, I know how much stubborn you are. You will not leave me alone, alright Nandi you can stay with me.
Shiva word delights Nandi. Shiva bless Nandi courtesy Life ok

Daksha turns against Shiva

Daksha and Prasuti were informed about Brama fifth head decapitation by Shiva. Daksha heart gets filled with all negative thoughts which make Daksha so angry that he cut’s his matted hairs and changes his morph by putting a ponytail behind his head and becomes the biggest hater of Shiva.

Daksha puts the ban on the north direction where Himalaya’s was located. He closes all ways which lead toward Kailash or Himalayas . He also puts the ban on all his daughter’s including Sati to read Vedas till they get married. Daksha daughters were so beautiful including Aditi, Khyati, Revathi, Rohini, Diti, Svaha, Swadha and Sati.

Daksha loved his all daughters but Sati was too dear to him. They were collectively known from the name of Dakshayani .

One day in spring season Daksha organized few competitions like dancing, singing and art painting among his daughters. Sati won them all one by one. Sati win over all competitions makes Daksha more proud of her.

Daksha married his daughters to the respective people of the society time to time. Some of them were married to Dharma, some of them married to sage Kashyap, others get married to Moon.

By passing of time as Sati grew to her Womanhood as a beautiful lady.

One day Sati saw her father worshipping Lord Vishnu but he was requiring certain kind of wild flowers which were so rare to find in Daksha kingdom. Daksha expressed himself that he cannot leave the Yagya ritual in middle to bring out those flowers. So he ordered his son-in-laws to bring the flower from far away butSati takes over the responsibility to bring flowers for Yagya rituals .

Daksha allows Sati to go out of the kingdom with her other sisters & army troops in search of flowers. After coming out from the borders of her kingdom, Sati gets amazed by viewing the beauty of the jungle.

Sati decides to allocate place to Shiva in Yagya

Sati allocate place to Shiva in Yagya

Sati starts searching the divine flower for Yagya rituals with her sisters. Suddenly conch shell sound comes from the nearing cliff. Later on, the conch shell sound was followed by the beats of pellet drum [damru] .

Different kind of divine energy which was so pure, so positive spreads over Sati surrounding. After hearing the pellet drum sound sati decides to visit over the cliff from where the divine sound was coming but her sisters and army troops stop her. They tell her that it may be not good to visit unknown place here in outside our kingdom.

Sati refuses their words by saying that

There is certain kind of hidden positive energy source, which is pulling me. I have to visit this cliff; I want to know what is happening around there? No onewill come after me. Everyone will wait for me only here.

No one goes behind Sati and Sati reaches the place where she views many sages in middle of meditation. Just after reaching there in that places many sages and Rishis stands on their feet and gives salutation to Sati. Actually, they knew that the lady standing in front of them was not an ordinary lady. She was their Goddess Shakti or energy part of Lord Shiva whom they worship.

It was such an auspicious moment for them when their goddess came there but they were also aware that Shiva energy who took birth as Dakshayani and now she is unaware of her divinity.

Their master Sage Dadhichi welcomes Sati by saying
Daksha daughter is welcome here. - Sage Dadhichi

Sati replies

sage how do u know my name? - Sati

Sage Dadhichi replies

The one who is known all around the universe asking me How do I know you. Mother don’t put me in any paradox. Accept my salutation as your devotee. I am Sage Dadhichi. - Sage Dadhichi

Sati looks at RUDRAKSHA beads on Sage neck and ash smeared over his body. Dadhichi asks for Sati
You've never seen it before, isn't it? Somebody with ASH smeared on their bodies with adorned with the RUDRAKSHA beads. -Sage Dadhichi
Sati replies with simple no
NO - Sati

Sage smiles
ASH is the ultimate end of our lives. ASH it never allows us to forget that all that is created, is destroyable including the world itself Then why the attachment to this world? And these are the seed of RUDRAKSHA, Seeds never wither, They never die , They give life, like the soul, So that we never lose sight of this truth That's why we wear a garland of RUDRAKSHA seed This is the mark of the devotees of lord shiva -Sage Dadhichi
Sati takes name “Shivaaaa......ssss----aaa”

First time Sati comes to know about Shiva.

Yes Shiva who is omniscient. As Brahma is the creator of the world, Vishnu is the custodian similarly Shiva is the destroyer.This world is incomplete without them. Your father Daksha believes that worshipping Vishnu and Brahma is enough.There is no need to worship Shiva but in reality, they are one, Great King Daksha forgot in his arrogance that why Shiva is too dear to Vishnu and Brahma.Daksha Yagya is incomplete without giving place to Shiva in Yagya. - Sage Dadhichi

Sati argues with sage
There is no need to call my father arrogant. Now I cannot stay here. Now I am leaving this place. I don’t need your knowledge. - Sati
Sati was about to leave the place. Sage Dadhichi wife Suvarcha introduces herself to sati and gifts her divine flowers which Sati was searching in the forest.

Sati meets shiva

Sati returns to her palace where Yagya ritual was happening. Daksha Yagya was not getting complete and everyone was wondering what is happening there? Why is Yagya not getting complete? Sati feels the chaos among the visitors so she remembers the words of sage Dadhichi

Yagya will be incomplete till Shiva is not allotted with his place in Yagya.

Sati decides to allocate the place to Shiva in Yagya by putting Shiva symbolism secretly. Yagya completes after that but Daksha observes the secret symbolism of Shiv. Daksha gets filled with tremendous anxiety and anger when he comes to know that Sati put the shiv symbolism there without taking permission from her father. Daksha scolds Sati Meanwhile, Dadhichi and his followers reach to the Yagya ceremony.

Daksha meets Dadhichi by saying
The line that divides us was unbreached by me until now is testified fact that I hold you in high esteem sage. I’d have been very pleased if you had respected the same.But by misleading my daughter Sati you’ve displayed your lowly and perverted thinking. - Daksha

Dadhichi replies that

You’ve been misled great king Daksha, you desire to exclude Lord Shiva from worship. - Sage Dadhichi

Daksha replies
your Shiv cursed my father, I thought that there must be my father Brahma mistake so I accepted that insult of my father. But your Shiva decapitated the fifth head of my father how can I forgive him.- Daksha

Sage Dadhichi strongly put's his point
Don’t forget Shiva's decision was graciously accepted by your father Brahma. - Sage Dadhichi

Sage Dadhichi

Daksha comes close to sage and replies
Do you have any idea what does father’s insult mean to a son? It’s so difficult to live with a burden of shame in my heart. - Daksha

Sage Dadhichi scolds Daksha
So in revenge you decided to insulate Shiva from his supreme divinity. - Daksha

Daksha uses inappropriate words for shiva
What’s so worthy of worship in Shiva sage. It’s my fault that I never allowed my family, my daughters, and kingdom to know about shiva. I kept you all unaware from Shiva's name. But today time has arrived when it is necessary to know who is Shiva? He lives in cremation grounds! A slave of intoxication! Amidst ghost, ghouls, Aghoris, and cannibals he dwells! How can one accept such creature as the god?- Daksha
Sage Dadhichi replies
Then explain us well why Shiva, lord of barbarians is so dear to your Vishnu that Vishnu refused to allow the consecration without himwhom you are worshipping here. - Sage Dadhichi
Daksha asks a question
you are questioning the power of Vishnu Yagya here. - Daksha
Dadhichi replies to Daksha question
where devotion is required expecting power is in vain.” Daksha “worshippers of the uncouth Shiva are even aware the meaning of devotion.

Devotion is the easiest way to attain Shiva. Do you wish to experience it? No rules no rituals no Yagya would be required. Shiva comes to you even at the behest of an Aegle Marmelos leaf (Bael leaf).- Sage Dadhichi
bring the leaf. - Daksha
Daksha picks the leaf on his hands and shows leaf to Sati and tell her
Call him, so that all may see that uncultured. The one whom they mistakenly consider their god! Call him! - Daksha

Dadhichi picks the leaf from Daksha hands and shows towards Sati and say.
Meditate upon him with true devotion. He’ll surely come. Take this leaf in your hand daughter. - Sage Dadhichi
Sati feels so attracted towards the bael leaf. Her eyes get fixed on the leaf with great devotion. Sati takes the leaf on her hands and starts meditating with great devotion by closing her eyes and folding her hands. Dadhichi also starts meditating with Sati.

Sati meditating for Shiva

Shiva appears

Later on, every sage present over there folds their hands and start meditating Shiva. After some time beats of Pellet drum comes to Sati ears and slowly – slowly Sati realize that Shiva is about to appear somewhere in that room so she opens her eyes and fog comes from nowhere in a corner. Shadow of a man appears from that fog, the man was holding a trident in his hands. Sati gets mesmerized by the charm of Lord Shiva.

Devotees of Shiva also get spellbound and start dancing in their devotion. A small smile comes to Sati face. Slowly-slowly Sati starts walking the distance towards the shadow of Shiva. She gets so lost in Shiva that she forgets how much her father hates Shiva only one thing that remained on her mind that Shiva is so pure, so true and a tear drop falls from Sati eyes. She keeps gazing him.Shiva meet Sati

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