Among Hindu gods, Why God Shiva is complete in himself?

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Read a beautiful story to know Shiva better and Why Among Hindu gods, god Shiva is complete in himself?

God Shiva is one of the most influential supreme consciousness who has always been a giver to humanity. He never asked anything in return.

This is a beautiful story associated with goddess Sati and Shiva in which Sati, daughter of Daksha welcomes all the dignitaries who visit her kingdom for a huge gathering.

On the other side, Shiva Gives shelter to homeless and foodless sculptor community.

Let's get started - Shiva story

As defined in previous part of the story - 'Nandi'. Shiva and Sati picked the lotus flower and took each other name while viewing the lotus petals.

Nandi sees, Shiva observing Lotus, he gets a little bit excited to see that Lord seeing that lotus flower in which Shiva name was written by the daughter of Daksha.

Suddenly sage Narad comes to Mount Kailash and observes the same thing that Shiva is observing the Lotus.

He smiles and tells to Nandi that, he has the right kind of boon that destiny makes him reach in right place on right time. Narad gives salutation to Shiva.

Narad tell to Shiva

Narad - “Today you are seeing this lotus; Is something special in this Lotus?”

Shiva tells to Narad that this lotus came by its own while flowing on water stream.

Shiva gives lotus to Nandi hands. Nandi excitement disappears when he hears that lotus came by its own and Shiva is just passing the lotus to Nandi hands.

But sage Narad smiles and decide to take a dig on lotus issue so he tells to Shiva

Narad - “It came by its own, it may be possible that someday goddess Sati may come here by her own will.”

Shiva and Narad

In mean time, Shiva ghost and apparition appears and join the conversation, they tell to sage Narad.

Ghost - “ these lotuses didn’t come by their own; Nandi brought them from Daksha palace.”

Narad tells to Shiva that Daksha was very angry after seeing Nandi on his palace.

He showcased his power in front of his subjects and Sati to convince them that he is more powerful than everyone else.

Narad also tells to Shiva that Prajapati Daksha is going to organize a huge gathering in which he is inviting all dignitaries like Moon, Sapt sages, Indra and Demi gods.

The reason behind this huge gathering is Nandi because Daksha saw him on his palace which increased his anger, as we already knew that relationship between Shiva and Daksha is not too good and Nandi changed it worse by bringing all lotus flowers from there.

Shiva takes Nandi side he tells to Narad

Shiva - “ Nandi have great affection with me that seeing lotuses getting dumped in which my name was written. It didn’t look justified to him so he brought all the flowers here in Kailash parvat .”

Bull of Shiva

Narad with a big smile tells to Shiva
Narad - “ Definitely Nandi is your biggest devotee; there is no doubt in it.”

On the other side sage, Dadhichi meets with sage Atri regarding the huge gathering organized by Dakha. Same time Moon (Chandra) appears there with his better half Rohini to meet his father Sage Atri.

Moon (Chandra) and Rohini touches feet of their Mother Anusuya.

Mother blesses them and asks to the moon,
Mother Anusuya- “Don’t you miss me, my son?”

Moon (Chandra) - “Yes Mother I miss you so much, I always keep my eye on you from the sky.”

Anusuya asks another question
Mother Anusuya - “Then why don’t you come to meet me, Chandra.”

Moon (Chandra) replies to his mother Anusuya that
Moon - “If a son will keep starring his mother from sky to whole night; then he must be sleeping on daylight mother.”

Sage Dadhichi and sage Atri get delighted by hearing the conversation between a son and his mother. Sage Atri father of Moon (Chandra) informs him that he has an invitation from his father in law Daksha, who has invited him to a huge gathering.

Moon (Chandra) accepts the invitation and takes leave with his wife Rohini from his mother Anusuya and father sage Atri home.

Last but not the least sage Dadhichi, he gives salutation to sage Dadhichi.


In Daksha palace Sati was little bit tensed to see lotus flower in which Shiva name was written by her.

Daksha calls all his daughters and informs them that he has invited respective dignitaries for a huge gathering which will take place in a couple of days.

Daksha tells them that
Daksha - "It is our responsibility to look after our guest."

Daksha orders to Sati that you will welcome all our guests with your sisters. He told to Sati that he will be engaged in all the preparation of huge gathering so you will take responsibility for spring festival preparation.

Sati accepts all the orders given to her with a sweet and gentle smile on her face.

Later on as per her father order; she welcomes all dignitaries like Indra, Sapt sages.

Moon (Chandra) joins the gathering with his wife Rohini everyone gets delighted to see Moon (Chandra) with Rohini. Sati greets them and asks her sister Rohini that where is her other sister Revati another spouse of Moon (Chandra).

shiva gans and nandi

On the mount, Kailash Nandi runs toward Shiva. Shiva ghost and apparition, see Nandi restless so they ask him what’s the matter? Nandi asks them where Shiva is sitting.

In between the conversation, Nandi leaves them and runs toward Shiva. He grabs Shiva's feet and starts weeping. Shiva awakes from meditation and asks Nandi the reason behind his restlessness.

Nandi tells to Shiva that Daksha boycotted entire community of sculptor and now they have no shelter, food or land.

Even their medical condition is not that good. Daksha didn’t think for a moment that their community has sick people and pregnant ladies.

Nandi defines all the agony of the sculptor community that old ladies and kids are too in their community. Shiva Confirms Nandi that they will get shelter on Kailash.

Whole sculptor community was sitting on cremation ground of Kailash. One of the community sculptors asks their leader that what they will do now? they don’t have food and shelter, their kids are sitting on cremation ground. Who will support them? Their leader tells to the entire community that

sculptors Leader - “Don’t take any stress, believe me, we poised toward Kailash, a sacred place of Lord Shiva. Every sorrow, every pain disappears here.”

God Shiva appears to meet community of sculptors

Shiva Suddenly mystic Shiva voice comes there.

Shiva says “I Welcome the great sculptor community, descendants of Vishwakarma.”

Everyone looks back and Mahadev was standing in front of them. Everyone stands and folds up their hand with humility.

Shiva was standing tall among his devotees; everyone bows down to him. Shiva tells them that whatever has happened to them was sad but they can stay on mount Kailash.

Rocks here are better for their sculptor work, River & streams have fresh water. Natural herbs of Himalayas will also help them to improve their medical states.

Shiva Gives shelter to sculptor community
Sculptor community gets delighted by hearing all words of Shiva. They tell to Shiva that today is the best day of their lives.

Their Lord is with them, now they have no fear, no worries. Who else could be happier than them who are blessed with so many boons at one time? Nandi, apparition & Shiva Ghost share food & fruits to them.

Shiva tells them that today he will have supper with them, which fills the entire Sculptor community with ecstasy.

shiva meditating

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