Lord Rudra - The incarnation of lord shiva

Lord Rudra - The incarnation of lord shiva

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Lord Rudra - Incarnation of lord shiva

This part of the story will clear few things like

Lord Rudra is the incarnation of lord shiva (Sadashiva). Lord Rudra is regarded as one of the most catastrophic forms of Shiva whereas he is Auspicious, Omniscient & Kind.

This is the second post of the story. If you haven't read the Brahma Vishnu Mahesh - first post. We suggest you should check out the first post. Going through the first post will help you to understand the story better. However, if you want to continue here only you are welcome.

The rise of Lord Rudra

As mentioned in the Brahma Vishnu Mahesh story, According to Shiv-Puran, Sada-shiv defined the responsibility to Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma. He stated that

"Brahma and Vishnu, you can understand me as ultimate reality, I am the Eternal; I am the Shiva and you both are part of my Shakti or Urza.

You will get all the required knowledge from Austerity. Brahma you will have the responsibility of creation. You will create everything from the elementary elements and Vishnu you will be the preserver of the world. Moreover that I will take care the responsibility of catastrophe as Rudra.

My Rudra avatar will appear on one of the Himalaya's mount. There will be no difference between Rudra and me. we both will be one. Rudra will be contemporary omniscient manifestation of supreme consciousness. - SadaShiva"

Later on, Vishnu and Brahma offered their prayers to eternal-shiva and Sada-shiv disappeared.

Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma gave final salutation and returns to their perspective realm.

Lord Vishnu who is free from all kind of lunacy and opposite thoughts returns to Vaikuntha and takes the defined responsibility as the preserver. Similarly, Brahma returns to Brahma Lok and start thinking about the creation of the world.

After some time the supreme consciousness manifest himself as Rudra, who takes place over the white snowy mount of Kailash in himalayas.

Brahma and Vishnu visit Kailash to meet Rudra Avatar

Lord Rudra welcomes all and tells them that his current avatar will be known by the name of Rudra.

Maha Rudra will be catastrophic in nature but the most important thing is that it will custodian of humanity and goodness.

Lord Rudra will be the ultimate destroyer.

My Rudra part will get activated in extreme conditions when darkness will cross its limit till then I will be known by the name of Shiva.

Shiva accepts the responsibility of Mahakaal (destroyer of darkness).

Meanwhile Brahma expresses his incapability to create the universe without the cosmic energy. Brahma requests Lord Shiva to boon him cosmic energy source.

Shiva is simplistic of simple Adi yogi who accepts the request of Brahma. Lord Shiv dissects his cosmic feminine energy and gives it as boons to Brahma.

Shiva & shakti

Author's one-minute words

The first yogi is also known by the name of AdiYogi. Shiva gave many things to humanity. He is always being a giver to humanity from river Ganga to etc.

The two most important thing which I consider the most important givings of Shiva is Vairagya and Yoga.

Lord Brahma and Vishnu return back their realm but this dissection of eternal Shiva internally disturb his peace stability by giving him the pain of being apart from his own source of energy which ultimately turns him towards vairagya.

Lord Shiva is the founder of Vairagya (Dispassion) and Yoga.

Even though shiva accepts the vairagya but he never ignored his responsibility as greatest destroyer of darkness. On the other side, Lord Brahma gets busy in creation of the world. He creates Sapt Rishi (First 7 sage).
  1. Marichi
  2. Bhrigu
  3. Angiras
  4. Pulastya
  5. Vashishta
  6. Kratu
  7. Atri
Then he creates others sages , Dharma- Adharma, Natik- Anatik, Shudh- Ashudh, Demi gods, Kaam, Ritu, sandhya many other etc.

During world creation, Brahma once felt that it will be hard for him to create everything by his own so he decides to take the creation process into next level.

He created Manu and Satropa as husband and wife and genitalia seed became the medium of creation. Brahma organized the first wedding ceremony of Manu and Satropa.

pitahmah Brahma

During world creation process involvement, Brahma involved so much that he forgot to create his Son Daksha. Daksha traveled to feet thumb of Brahma, just to ask Brahma to create him as soon as possible.

After listening Daksha voice Brahma created him and due to his self-realization, the egoistic problem grew within in Daksha.

Everything was going so great Brahma gave heaven to demi gods and Indra became their king whereas hell was allocated to asurs or demons.

Shiva never showed any interest in any phenomena happening around the world. Shiva started roaming from one place to another as an isolated sage.

Shiva created distance from materialistic world and involved himself in greatest penance.

He never stayed too long in any one place. One day Shiva reached in a cremation ground where Aghori ascetics were worshipping him. Shiva accepted their offering and taught them about Vedas .

Vedas - Written in the Vedic Sanskrit, Vedas are the ancient scriptures of Hinduism.

later on, Shiva moved on next isolated place. Brahma realized that Shiva has tedium feeling in his heart for the materialistic world with a complete absence of cosmic desires.

Brahma also realized that this tedium of shiva was not balancing the stability of world in some other way, although shiva was taking care of his responsibility.

Brahma summoned Kaam Dev (God of eroticism) or Vasant Dev (God of spring season) to distract shiva from his meditation.

Kaam and Vasant had egoistic feelings in their heart because they were never failed to seduce any other before that.

After taking permission from Brahma they reached to the place where shiva was absorbed in his meditation amongst the Aghori ascetics.

Vasant reached first in that place, he covers every cliff with beautiful plant and flowers. Bees started flying over the flowers, birds began their chirping melodious voice over the trees.

Trees got filled with fruits. The slow breeze started to flow and Lord Shiva matted hair locks began to fly over his shoulder which was Smeared with cremation ground ash.

Kaam reached to the place where shiva was absorbed in his meditation amongst the Aghori ascetics. Firstly Kaam destroyed the meditation of Aghoris.

Now kaam became too sure that he will easily break out the penance of Shiva. Kaam took his bow and arrow, he aimed at shiva but shiva penance was unbreakable.

Kaam tried his best to break the penance of Shiva but ultimately failed. This broke the ego of kaam and Vasant at the same time.

Lord Shiva

Both returns to Brahma lok. Kaam tells to brahma that Shiva control over senses is so amazing. No one can break Lord shiva penance except shiva himself.

Kaam and Vasant take apology from brahma for getting failed in task given by brahma. This fills brahma with more sadness, He worship lord vishnu and lord vishnu appears in front of him. Brahma tells the whole story to Lord Vishnu.

Lord Vishnu replies with a smile

Brahma how could you forgot Shiva is Mahadev. Who is beyond every Maya, How can you think that you can trick Lord Shiva in his own Maya? If you really want to bind Shiva in marriage household. The only option will be left is to worship Shiva and convince him for marriage.

Brahma, you are the creator of the world, you already knew that our energy is the flux of eternal Shiva feminine energy.

Goddess Saraswati who is your better half and Goddess Laxmi who is my better half is the part of same flux. Lord Shiva feminine energy who is the better half of Shiva, lost her memory after getting being apart from shiva.

You need to order your son Daksha to worship feminine energy of Shiva known by the name of Goddess Durga and get a boon from goddess to take birth as his daughter.
Brahma feels relax and began penance to Goddess Durga who is ultimate feminine energy source.

Goddess Durga appeared in front of Bhrama. She appeared in her cosmic avatar with big black eyes, with four hands, one hand was holding lotus, another hand was holding bilbo, third hand was in an blessing position and fouth hand was holding trident.

Brahma With Bending head fold his hands and stated that

Mother you are the energy which is stored in every living being naval. Mother you are the ultimate energy source, everything evolved from you.

You are the karma or Akarma, You are endless adi shakti. All three realm are in you control, you are beyond time wheel. Please accept my salutation

Goddess Durga smiles gently and tells Brahma to ask something. Brahma replies

Mother, Mahadev Shiva the supreme consciousness took shape as Rudra or Mahakaal. He lives an ascetics life on mount of kailash himalayas's.

He lives alone and spending all his time in penance there. Shiva cannot be impressed by any other lady, You already knew that to make stablity in this world, Whole universe needs Shiva to come out from his penance.

Now we clearly understood that shiva and you are inseparable as one entity of supreme consciousness. you are the ultimate source of energy, Your energy is in Goddess laxmi and in Goddess saraswati.

You are the only one who can make Lord Shiva to come out of his penance. Oh, Mother, I request you to take birth in Daksh home as his daughter. Daksh is performing hardest penance to get you as his daughter.

Goddess Durga accepts the Brahma request and reminds him that if ever Daksha knowingly or unknowingly insulted me or Lord Shiva.

I will return back from this materialistic world.

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