10 Qualities of lord shiva as husband

 Qualities of lord shiva as husband

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This post will define Lord Shiva greatness and why almost every unmarried girl gets ecstatic with the Qualities of Lord Shiva as husband.

Before understanding the Qualities of Lord Shiva as husband Let's have a quick look Who is Shiva?

Who is Shiva?

Shiva is Mahadev which means Lord of Lords. For understanding shiva, one has to understand Trinity first which includes Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh.

Mahesh means Mahadev

Brahma is Creator, Vishnu is the preserver and Shiva is Shaktipati who establish the stability of the world by being the destroyer of darkness & evil .

Birth of Shiva?

Nobody knows about the origin of Shiva. Legends, Vedas and Puranas defined him as Unborn, immortal, whose start and the end is unknown.

The omniscient one and greatest transformer this world has ever known.

The pilgrimage of all the skills, the one who owns Panchmahabhoot hence known as Bhootnath .

Where he lives?

Mount Kailash is his primary abode but the whole world is his home. The one who exists everywhere and in everyone.

He is the reason behind everything happening around us. Greatest Yogi and supreme Vairagi.

If Shiva has a family why he is known as Vairagi?

Shiva always stays in the state of jubilance through meditation hence known as the greatest Vairagi who is free from the concept of the Maya.

How does he look?

The holy river Ganga originates from his matted hair locks and crescent of moon resides on his forehead.

Shiva is shapeless, who took the morph of Rudra and lives on extreme freezing conditions of mount Kailash.

Nature herself gives proof of Shiva's presence on Kailash Parvat.

There is no difference between Rudra, Shiva and Mahadev all are one supreme divinity.

Shiva has so many names, he is Gangadhar, Chandrashekara, Trilochana, Parmeshwara, natraj etc.

He is dark, Tall, handsome man with a blue throat where Cobra Vasuki gets refugee.

The Man who wears Rudraksha beads as his ornament.

The one who holds the trident in his right hand and smears dead bodies Bhasma (ashes) on his body.

He is light as well as darkness. The most charming man of all time who is dense still simplest of simple Bholenath the innocent one.

Shiva Kailash Mount Kailash

He is nectar and Kaal Koot Halalhal. If he is confusion then he is also the decision. Shiva is the complete definition of simplicity and Charm.

The name which gives the sense of supreme consciousness and sages all around the globe are busy in chanting his Panchakshari mantra Om Namah Shivaya

Lord Shiva perfect husband

Shiva has every characteristic of an ideal husband. The immortal legend who resides in the heart of goddess Parvati.

Shiva is Adi-Purusha, the greatest teacher of warrior sage parshuram. Goddess Parvati is the manifestation of Shakti who keeps taking birth to just marry him and get united with him.

Like an eternal breath, Shiva is united with Gauri and both are inseparable.

He listens calmly to Uma every word whereas she sits on his left side as Vamangi.

why every girl wants a husband like Lord Shiva?

Shiva is Lord of Lord Mahadev still he got married like a common man by following all the rituals of the wedding for the sake of Parvati happiness.

Shiva has so many mesmerizing qualities which defines why he is the perfect gentleman and true gem of Parvati.

Here are the 10 Qualities of Lord Shiva as husband

1 Shiva is Calm, polite yet acrimonious

Every girl seeks a man who is always calm and remain trustworthy in every situation.

Shiva is stable in every situation but when evil gets deleterious Shiva takes fiery forms to diminish the evil.

2 Shiva is Charming

Shiva is tough from the outer dimension with masculine physique. There is Tripund on his forehead and arms.

Lord Shiva

Shiva is handsome Adi Purusha with chivalrous nature. Every tiny stone of river Ganga defines the glory of Shiva's name.

He has long matted hair locks which comes to his shoulders like a Rockstar.

On the other hand, he is soft from the inner dimension who knows how to treat his better half.

Tough from outside and soft from inner side rare combination to see in any charismatic man.

3 Shiva is Super powerful

Mahadev is the also known for his intense anger. He is auspicious still many times in Puranas he projected himself as the greatest Hindu Lord of destruction.

There are so many fearsome forms of Shiva like Bhairava and Veerbhadra.

4 Shiva admires every quality of Goddess Parvati

Shiva admires all the qualities of goddess Parvati. He has accepted goddess Parvati true love and reverence for him.

He has also accepted Goddess Parvati's extreme anger when Goddess Parvati becomes Goddess Kali.

5 Shiva is the great family man

As mentioned above Shiva is the greatest transformer with unpredictable and unexpectable abilities but one thing is constant with Shiva

Shiva is always there to favor Goddess Parvati, when she needed him the most, even if it’s inconvenient for him to support her.

Many times Shiva's projected himself greatest Father and husband.

6 Shiva never broke Parvati beliefs and values System

At the time of Shiva and Parvati wedding, when the bride Parvati was being worshipped by team bride.

At that moment, Bride team was expecting some sort of gifts and offers from groom Shiva's side for the worshipping of the bride.

But groom side was empty-handed when Shiva understands the significance of gifting to bride side he gets disappear from the wedding ceremony.

Due to Shiva's disappearance from the wedding, the bride side, as well as groom side, get's anxious.

Parvati gives confirmation to all the delegate guest that Shiva is still Vairagi who needs some more time for himself to come out of Vairagya.

Parvati visits Shiva's room and sees Shiva is not there. This makes Parvati worries but before making any speculations by Parvati, Shiva appears in front of her.

Parvati comes near to Shiva and raises the question where were you, Swami?

Shiva replies that I was unaware of the wedding rituals Parvati so I went to Kuber for borrowing some gold from him.

Then I went to the ocean for picking some pearls.

now, these gems could be used in the bride worshipping Parvati, which is gifted from the groom side.

7 Shiva gives mutual respect to goddess Parvati

Shiva is known for fighting and destroying all the odds and negative forces. But he never forgets to gives mutual respect to goddess Parvati.

Shiva includes Maheshwari in making every decision. He encourages Parvati to take steps on her own.

When Shiva feels goddess Parvati is upset he plays the game of Chaucer to entertain her.

Not just that he organizes various functions, events for Goddess Parvati to make her feel blissful.

8 Shiva is Parvati biggest Guru, friend and strength

Although Parvati is the manifestation of Adishakti. She sees Shiva as her husband and Shiva is always protective and careful towards her.

Shiva trained Goddess Parvati in all the skills and forms of Tantra and mantra.

Shiva taught everything to Parvati like invoking the body Chakras through Yogshakti and activating the Navdurga form of Parvati and so on.

9 Shiva's love is true and unconditional for Parvati

Shiva gave so many sacrifices for Parvati. He even left Kailash for her many times.

On the Parvati previous birth when she was Sati, he even got ready to become Human for Goddess Sati and took all the defame of her father Daksha on him.

Mahadev waited too long for Adishakti to take second birth as Parvati.

But second time Shiva gave all the time for goddess Parvati to access her divinity first through the route of deepest penance upon him.

10 Shiva loves sweet Dishes like Rice Kheer cooked by Parvati

Goddess Parvati is highly skilled in the art of cooking. Hence she is known as goddess Annapoorna.

Shiva enjoys when Parvati cooks Sweet milk made Rice Kheer for him. Shiva is the Man and Parvati is the form of nature or Prakriti.

Prakriti is known for nourishing the man and Shiva loves and admires the goddess cooking skills.


This is a detailed post based on the Qualities of Lord Shiva as husband.

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