10 mesmerizing Qualities of Lord Shiva

Qualities of Lord Shiva that will make you love him

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Qualities of Lord Shiva that will make you love him

Life gets transformed positively; when you understand the qualities of Lord Shiva.

The same thing happened with me when I recognized qualities of god Shiva.

These qualities defined the real meaning of responsibility, reliability, strength, Moksha, compassion, Love, Vairagya , and simplicity.

Now life is much-relaxed, calm and focused in every situation. I have no problem to accept why Lord Shiva has so many devotees?

They all have their legitimate reasons to worship Shiva.

The best thing, I understood that ego is the useless thing . Nothing is permanent neither our sorrows nor our pleasure except Shiva.

Reading the Qualities of Lord Shiva is the positive indication that you are in the path of the righteousness.

So without wasting any time further, Let's have a look at qualities of Lord Shiva.

1 Shiva is an exemplification of compassion & forgiveness.

The most adorable thing to notice in Lord Shiva qualities is his Compassion and forgiveness.

awesome qualities of Lord Shiva

Everybody knows, how much affection Shiva has for animals, rivers, and mountains.

It is the part of Lord Shiva's lifestyle which makes him easily pleasable.

Every impurity gets destroyed when you chant Om Namah Shivaya by putting complete faith on Shiva.

Let me take you to the flashback.

Shiva is hard from the outer dimension but exceptionally generous from inside.

In the Yagna of Daksha, When goddess Sati immolated herself through Yoga Shakti. When she heard her father, defaming Shiva's name.

In that period, Shiva lost his calmness and decapitated the head of Daksha. This created panic situation in Daksha's family.

After the request of Daksha daughters and wife, he returned the life of Daksha by putting a goat head on Daksha's head place.

This incident represents the greatness of Lord Shiva.

2 Shiva in Unorthodox and free from every materialistic bond

Yes, Shiva is unorthodox and never believes in the conventional way of living. Hence, there is no one like Lord Shiva.

Shiva is the greatest transformer and being a supreme Yogi he loves the exploration and creation of new things.

Shiva taught many skills and wisdom pearls to Goddess Parvati.

3 - Shiva has the most charismatic persona

" Jaki Rahi Bhavana Jaisi "

It depends on his devotee how they want to meet their Lord. Shiva is always Satyam Shivam Sundaram.

When his Aghori devotees worship him, he becomes Aghori Shiva for them.

Chamr of Lord Shiva

When Goddess Parvati look at him with great love, he becomes Chandrashekar.

4 - There is a reason, why they call him Bholenath?

There are no predefined rules, laws, time, age to worship him. The only thing which is required to worship him is true devotion.

Shiva gets delighted with the person who offers the Water, sugarcane juice, Bilva leaf, curd, milk, water on Lingam.

Lord Shiva is always calm and Dhyan Yuktam. He never compares his devotees.

The people who have true reverence for him, he never let them down anywhere.

5 Shiva is a family man

Shiva lives on mount Kailash, with his loving family.

Shiva parvati Courtesy - Devon k Dev Mahadev

Shiva is known as ideal Husband, and almost every girl desires a have a husband with qualities of Lord Shiva.

Understanding Shiva as an ideal husband or true lover is like understanding the beautiful definition of true love which knows no boundaries & limits.

Devotees of Shiva can easily understand how to fulfill the responsibility of a father and loving husband.

Shiva loves his family and devotee collectively. There were many incidents on the Vedas and Puranas where Shiva presented himself as a great family man.

6 Shiva believes in gender equality


Shiva is not just profoundly in love with his spouse; he gives equal respect to Goddess Parvati, who is Vamangi to Shiva.

Goddess Laxmi sits on the feet side of Lord Vishnu Whereas Goddess Parvati sit's on the left side of Shiva just next to him.

Shiva parvati Courtesy - Devon k Dev Mahadev

Before making any decision, Shiva always consults Goddess Parvati for her consent.

7 Lord Shiva is Super powerful

So many times Shiva protected Goddess Sati from various demons.

Shiva sati story Shiva Protecting Sati

Mahadev is super powerful. The weight of his trident is so dense that, only Shiva and Adishakti can lift it.

When Shivs get angry, he could destroy the entire cosmos by his anger. At that moment no one has the dare to face him.

8 The Lord of wisdom and skill

Shiva is not just compassionate or powerful. He is also the originator of various war arts and skills.

Shiva taught the first martial art form Kalaripayattu or Kalari to the warrior sage Parashuram.

This way martial art came into existence further spread from Kerala, India to the world.

Who can forget Shiva's Dancing form Natraj?

9 Shiva is the paradigm of greatest lover and sacrifier.

Lord Shiva has an extraordinary love story .

His love story is the excellent exemplification of real love.

He made supreme sacrifices in his love story to get his true love.

A god who even got ready to become human for his love.

qualities of Shiva as best husband Courtesy - Devon k Dev Mahadev

Shiva's love is pure and divine.

Shiva waited too long for his spouse without thinking of any other lady.

10 - A Yogic, A giver, A teacher

Shiva is the First Yogi and regarded as Adiyogi. The one who always being a giver and never expected anything from anyone.

It because of him we came to know about Yoga, meditation, and Kundalini Yoga Shakti.


There are so many qualities which shiva owns. Each Quality of Lord Shiva has a hidden message for the world.

The characteristics of Lord Shiva can make the world a better place for everyone.

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