10 mesmerizing Qualities of Lord Shiva

Qualities of Lord Shiva that will make you love him

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Qualities of Lord Shiva that will make you love him

Qualities of Lord Shiva are simply mesmerizing.

His every virtue has the ability to make this world a beautiful and better place to live.

After reading this post your perception towards the world may get change on a positive note and you will feel more beautiful & blissful from your inner dimension.

Let's get started with the post and know what are the qualities of Lord Shiva which can win anyone's heart and why Parvati Vallabha Shiva is admired and praised all over the world?

10 Winsome Qualities of lord shiva

Have you ever fallen in love with someone? If your answer is yes, then these qualities of Lord Shiva will definitely touch you.

awesome qualities of Lord Shiva

1 Shiva is an exemplification of compassion & forgiveness.

There are so many things we can learn from Shiva but Shiva is mostly known for his compassionate and simplistic nature.

It is the part of Shiva's lifestyle which makes him get easily pleased with just little efforts hence known as Bholenath

The best thing about Lord Shiva is that he is always calm and Dhyan Yuktam (meditating) and never compares his devotees on the basis of their Karma .

Shiva is kind-hearted for everyone. His love for animals, humans, rivers, mountain, earth, planets, constellations and natural satellites like the moon is not hidden from anyone.

Chamr of Lord Shiva

2 Shiva in Unorthodox and free from every materialistic bond

Yes, Shiva is unorthodox and never believes in the conventional way of living and following the old ideology.

Shiva is always projected as Hindu god of destruction which is true but Shiva is more than that which people never talk about.

Shiva is the greatest transformer and being a supreme Yogi he loves the exploration and creation of new things.

Due to this nature of Shiva, he created and developed various arts and Skills.

3 Shiva's has the most charismatic persona

Most of the people believe that Shiva is hard from outer dimension who smears cremation gound ashes on his body and wears the garland of snakes and skulls.

Yes, It is his style which is unique and different from other's where others love to wear the golden robe and jewelery he has long matted coiled hair locks and wraps himself with tiger skin.

One thing we need to understand that Shiva's outer guise has a spiritual meaning and important message is hidden on it.

Shiva all attributes are the identification of his charismatic persona which is most loved by his devotees all around the world.

Most of the Vairagi's and yogis also smear the ashes on their bodies.

By smearing ashes on the body Shiva signifies that world is materialistic and get dissolve in him in the end.

On the health point of view Smearing ashes on the body open the closed pores of the body and work as an anti aging antidote.

Another name of Shiva is Jatadharaya and his long matted hair locks represent countless human desire.

Coiling his matted hair locks represents that humans must bind and control their countless desires and focus on their main goal which could benefit the entire humanity.

The coil of Cobra on his neck represents the Kundalini Shakti which means Shiva governs the yogic and Kundalini Shakti which resides on our navel part.

Yoga & Meditation can activate our Kundalini Shakti or body Chakras.

Chanting few mantras are more beneficial when applied with true devotion on him.

OM NAMAH SHIVAYA is one of those helpful mantras. It means I bow to Shiva and surrendering myself to the Blissfulness.

Shiva wraps himself and sits on tiger skin because here tiger skin presents the fears, anxiety, depression, eroticism (Kaam), Attachment (Moh), Anger (*krodh).

On the other side, Shiva has one of the most handsome and Charmastic avatar which is known by the name of Chandrashekar.

Shiva's Chandrashekara avatar considered as the most handsome avatar ever taken by the divine entity.

4 Easy to worship him

Shiva never asked anyone to worship him. He is Sampurna in himself (complete).

Shiva parvati Courtesy - Devon k Dev Mahadev

Due to his non-conventional way of styling he doesn't believe in any custom traditional section and community rule.

There are no predefined rules, laws, time, age to worship him. The only thing which is required to worship him is true devotion.

Shiva gets pleased with the person who offers the Water, sugarcane juice, Bilva leaf, curd, milk, Gangajal on him as offering to lingam.

Shiva shares the lovable bond of affection and great care with his devotees.

The people who have true reverence for him, he never let them down anywhere or in front of anyone.

He works in a mystic way to take care the protection of his devotees.

5 Shiva is a family man

Shiva lives on mount Kailash with his spouse goddess Parvati and his two son's Ganesha and Kartikeya.

Shiva is known as ideal Husband and Shiva's love for goddess Parvati is true and immortal.

Shiva parvati Courtesy - Devon k Dev Mahadev

Understanding Shiva as an ideal husband or true lover is like understanding the beautiful definition of true love which knows no boundaries & limits.

Devotees of Shiva can easily understand how to fulfil the responsibility of a father and loving husband.

Shiva loves his family and devotee collectively. There were many incidents on the Vedas and Puranas where Shiva presented himself as a great family man.

6 Shiva believes in gender equality


Shiva is not just deeply in love his spouse; he gives equal respect to Goddess Parvati who is Vamangi to Shiva.

Goddess Laxmi sits on the feet side of Lord Vishnu Whereas Goddess Parvati sit's on the left side of Shiva just next to him.

Before making any decision Shiva always consults Goddess Parvati for her consent.

7 The Innocence of Shiva is admirable

Baba Bhootnath never tricked anyone. Many times demon meditated upon his name and received immense strength from him which they used against Shiva.

Instead of knowing that demons will use his power against him. Shiva never rejected their boon. How can someone be so great?

He always kept his words and delivered whatever demons asked from him in boon whenever their austerity get's successful. Shiva never turned off from his words.

8 Lord Shiva is Super powerful

Mahadev Shiva is super powerful. The weight of his trident is so heavy that only Shiva and Adishakti can lift it or hold it.

When Shivs get angry he could destroy the entire cosmos by his anger. At that moment no one has the dare to face him.

Shiva's anger always worked for benefit of humanity and nature.

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Lankapati Ravana was one of the greatest devotees of Shiva.

Once upon a time when great demon king Ravana tried to lift the Kailash Parvat which made Shiva angry.

Taking note of that Shiva put his toe to Kailash ground to suppress Ravana hands beneath Kailash for Seven days.

It made Ravana feel immense pain. He was a Vedic scholar.

He created shiva tandav stotra for pleasing Lord Shiva.

Shiva get's pleased with his reverence and presented strength beyond his limits. Shiva also gifted the Chandrahass glaive to him.

Such cosmic power later made Ravana arrogant. After winning all three Lokas, Ravana atrocities crossed his limits.

The Seventh Avatar of Lord Vishnu Shri Rama Killed Ravana and freed the world from his atrocities. Such is the glory of Ram Naam.

After giving Moksha to Ravana, Shri Rama worshipped upon Shiva to get over the sin of killing a brahmin and Vedic scholar.

9 Lord of wisdom and skill

Shiva is not just compassionate or powerful he is also the creator of various war arts and skills.

Shiva taught the first martial art form Kalaripayattu or Kalari to the warrior sage Parashuram.

This way martial art came into existence further spread from Kerala, India to the world.

Time to time various disciples of sages learned and mastered the art form.

Shiva took Natraj Avatar when the demon of memory Apasmar provoked Shiva.

His Natraj avatar is one of the famous manifestations of the Dancing Shiva.

10 Shiva is the paradigm of greatest lover and sacrifier.

Lord Shiva has an extraordinary love story. His love story is the finest exemplification of true love. He made supreme sacrifices in his love story to get his true love.

A god who even got ready to become human for his love.

Shiva's love is truly pure and divine. He waited too long for his spouse without thinking of any other lady.

It is the reason every young girl who knows about Lord Shiva virtues want a husband like him.

qualities of Shiva as best husband Courtesy - Devon k Dev Mahadev


There are so many qualities which shiva owns. Each Quality of Lord Shiva has a hidden message for the world.

These characteristics of Lord Shiva has the ability to make this world a better place.

Thanks for giving your valuable time to read the post.

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We will be thankful to you. Lastly,

Keep smiling, take care of the people around you and stay blessed.

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