Shiva reminds Nandi about his Vairagya.

Nandi - Shiva talks about his vairagya Read the Shiva and Nandi story Courtesy - Isha Foundation Sadhguru

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Nandi has a special bonding with Shiva. In this Shiva story, Nandi talks about Sati with Shiva and Shiva reminds Nandi about his Vairagya.

As defined in previous post Nandi returns from the Daksha palace with the bag of Lotuses on his shoulder. He brings all the lotuses with him in mount Kailash from Daksha Palace. On his way toward Mount Kailash, he meets with some of the Ghost and spirits of Shiva. Nandi tells them that he has brought something special for Lord Shiva.

Nandi tells them today he got a chance to bless with goddess Sati blessing. Nandi asks them where Shiva is sitting one of the Ghost tell Nandi that Shiva is in penance.

shiva gans

Nandi takes the way toward Shiva and after reaching near Shiva he gives salutation to Lord Shiva. Nandi sees that Shiva is sitting on the posture of Yogasan performing penance and his matted locks are flying beyond his shoulder.

Nandi tells to Shiva Nandi: “I saw divine mother today, my lord. Yes, my lord. The divine mother! As gentle a form, as I had imagined. And see my lord, what I brought from there. See, my lords see! Open your eyes, my lord.”

Shiva slowly – slowly opens his eyes and looks at Nandi.

nandi shows lotus to shiva

Nandi was holding two lotus flowers on each hand for showing it to Shiva. Nandi tells to Shiva

Nandi: “Since sage Narad spoke of goddess Sati, since then I’ve been yearning for a glimpse of her. When I reached there, I saw that goddess Sati had written your name on the petals of 100k lotuses since past nine days.

I couldn’t resist longer. I thought it was imperative that you see these flowers. That’s why I brought them, my lord. See them, my lord, this is proof of Sati's love and devotion towards you.”

shiva Nandi

Shiva replies to Nandi

Shiva: “Take these petals away from here. Despite living with me on the Kailash for so long, you have not been freed from materialistic world.”

Nandi falls at Shiva's feet and asks for an apology. He says

Nandi: “Forgive me, my lord, forgive me. I wasted your time; I was so idiot to have been so happy over such a small issue.”

Nandi picks flower bag and turns around to walk out. Shiva Calls his name and Nandi stop there and Turns toward Shiva.

shiva speaks to gans

Shiva says to Nandi

Shiva: “My intention isn’t to cause you grief. You are very dear to me. But it is very necessary for you to understand that I’ve broken all bonds with the world. Rules, Ritual, and procedures, I am free from worldly bonds. I spend my most of the time in the penance. I use to live in high mountains, sometimes in dense forests, sometimes on cremations grounds. I never realize how much time passes by. I wrap myself whatever I find. Nandi I cannot give up my dispassion for marriage.

Nandi if I cannot give up my vairagya (dispassion). Then it won’t be right to bond somebody with my rigorous life. What I intended to explain is this. Think about this! The mere mention of women caused so much debate. Then behold the sight once she arrives. What you did was for my welfare, I am pleased about it. Now go and take rest, you came from the distant place.”

shiva gans and nandi

Nandi puts all flowers in the water fall and decides to take a walk on the Mount of Kailash, in between two ghosts appear in front of him. One of them was Gan (Ghost) and another one was an apparition. Both see Nandi roaming free in Kailasha mount.

In delectation mode one of them asks Nandi

Ghost: “You appear to be very sad today; what is the matter with you Nandi?”

Nandi angrily replies them

Nandi: “As if you are unaware of it? Why are you so pretentious?”

Gan: “Despite the Lord's repeated warnings, you keep going back, harping the same old story, bring home the Goddess - Bring home the Goddess. What’s the use?”

Nandi Shouts on them and tells them

Nandi: “Have you ever worried about the Lord? You are always lost, always intoxicated. In order to relieve him of miseries like you, I wish that Goddess Sati comes to reside here at the earliest.”

Apparition tells to Ghost that he started off again. Ghost replies to both.

Ghost: “Lord Shiva doesn’t need any goddess. Get this thing in your mind.”

Nandi tells them that he knows whatever he is doing is right for Lord Shiva. He tells them

Nandi: “if the Lord doesn’t understand me then it is fine, but I also know somewhere my Lord is aware of his solitude.”

Both Gan and apparition laugh on Nandi.

Apparition tell to Nandi Apparition: “You will remain a bull forever Nandi! You don’t understand anything straight forward. That’s why we flogged your clans and made them work on fields.”

Nandi gets emotional and says

Nandi: “yes I am a bull, and I am not wise like you but I have a heart which both of you lack and that’s why I can sense my Lord Shiva agony.”

shiva meditating

On the other side, Sati takes a walk with her sisters in the state. She tells her sister that Shiva and his devotees have no importance in her life and she is completely free from Shiva thoughts. Everyone get delighted that Sati is not being attracted by Shiva.

Sati sees the water fall and decides to explore it but her sisters insist her to return back. Sati refuses their request to return back, she tells them that she wants to spend some quality time alone near the waterfall and witness the mother nature beauty.

On Mount Kailash Shiva was meditating suddenly a water tide comes from the waterfall and touches his feet. Shiva opens his eyes and sees a Lotus flower on his feet. It was one of the 100k same lotus flowers in which Shiva name was written by Sati. Whereas other lotuses flow away in the water fall and reach in the stream where Sati was standing.

Sati observes the same lotus flower in which Shiva name was written by her. Both Shiva and Sati pick their respective lotus flower and sees it. While Observing flower Shiva takes Sati name and Sati takes Shiva name.

shiva picks flower

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